The Fire Element - Nourishment. Willpower. Focus.


Practice TRATAK MEDITATION as often as you like during this period.


for 5 to 20 minutes.

It is lovely to practice in a bath, my special essential oil blend for this section is lemongrass & perhaps gingergrass and/or cinnamon.

My affirmation  

Stand or sit and take your arms out to the sides with your thumbs pointing upwards. Take a lovely deep breath in and repeat these words with power and conviction. I am ready to transform, to change in anyway I need to, to live a beautiful, joyous life.

Mix 3 drops of each with a little milk for a bath or add to your diffuser.

It is also a beautiful blend for Marma Massage.

TRATAK is a powerful practice. It stimulates the pineal gland and the production of melatonin, regulating hormones and sleep.

It purifies the eyes, tear ducts and sinuses.

It is a psychic cleanser.

It promotes concentration and enhances the fire within you

Full of Energy - Solar Plexus Chakra

I call forth clarity of vision, radiance of light & sovereignty of self.

A quote from Women Most Wild by Danielle Dulsky

Yoga for Digestion & Core Strength.

This is where the ego comes in..the need to keep competing, to keep pushing.

From being very little we have been taught the wrong things, to try hard, to be the best, to be perfect. This creates a feeling of separateness, feeling alone & never good enough.

We should have been taught to share, support, encourage, help and always "play" together.

And as for the dream of a flat, taut belly. Women shouldn't have a flat belly.

When you feel good, you eat properly, you nourish yourself with food and more.

Moon Flower for the Solar Plexus has a beautiful yellow centre.

Moon Flower for the Solar Plexus has a beautiful yellow centre.

You feel comfortable in your own skin, your own body.

There are several detox & cleanse days to try if you wish. * Guided students only.

Be sensible and enjoy "treats" if your not ready for a detox see Food Therapy 

Learn your individual energies first.

Then you can use food as your medicine.

I will recommend a Herbal Tea for you once you know your dosha * Guided students only

Ayurvedic Workshop * Guided students only

I once went to a class where the yoga teacher sadly lamented she couldn't practice Sun Salutations anymore. 

She used to practice more than a hundred per day! She had to have a hip replacement.

Stop pushing & start relaxing!

Sun Salutations in my opinion are practiced too quickly and strongly in most classes. You don't get the chance to breathe properly let alone get into correct alignment before the next strong asana. Why am I mentioning them here? Because they are heating and part of this section. The solar plexus is your inner sun where warmth is generated through digestion & metabolism. The colour is yellow like the sun, its all simple really. I have adapted and slowed down the sun salutations in my classes to create a feeling of warmth & balance

But don't forget to rest and digest.

Sun Salutations when practiced with careful alignment and breath focus are beneficial for depression but they should be part of a balanced practice.

Link to find your individual constitution or dosha


I explain and talk you through the assessment so you can see how your disease tendencies and emotions are connected to the elements.

What are your dis ease tendencies?

Can you link them to an element that is low or high.

Colds for example are a kapha disease, water in the nose, lungs, sinuses.

Skin problems such as acne or eczema are hot and inflammed a pitta imbalance.

Insomnia and anxiety are Vata too much air or movement in your mind.

Send me an email and I'll guide you to sections in the course and recommend specific, yoga, meditation, life style, mudra, mantra, massage, diet and herbs.

You can still have a disease not connected to your dosha, for example you have a Pitta constitution but have caught a cold. Usually this means that the fire element will help you get over it more quickly without it becoming chronic bronchitis. 

There are more details in my Ayurvedic Workshop. Guided students only.

Links to yoga classes for the Fire Element

1/ Bhanda in the Mountain. Everyone  


2/ Full of Energy. Beginner to Intermediate The Heart of Yoga

3/ Flow/Yin Class. Beginner to Intermediate The Heart of Yoga

By now you have practiced quite a few different yoga classes and meditations. You have practiced Hatha and alignment. Flow Yoga. Yin Yoga. Restorative Yoga. Yoga Nidra and many meditations.

I think it is beneficial to keep balanced and go back to the previous classes now.

Restore your energy levels and improve flexibility through your whole spine with Relax. Relax..Relax...

Restore your energy levels and improve flexibility through your whole spine with Relax. Relax..Relax...

Spend time recovering your flexibility and especially keep practicing


Relax. Relax..Relax...The Heart of Yoga 

Yoga Nidra The Heart of Yoga

We have been led to believe, building strength will help us with injuries and pain, it will.. but firstly we need to release stiffness & tension. Regaining flexibility, gently holding in stillness and deep breathing, help us let go. Let go of pain, tight muscles and in yoga teachings, allows Prana to flow back into an area. Prana is healing energy, that you begin to feel as warmth, tingling,'s subtle but once your mind can focus become so much more aware of your body.

Links to the Teaching Meditations

Golden Stone Meditation will balance the fire within you. Free Meditations

It also teaches Samana Vayu or nourishing breath, to improve digestion and core strength all you need do is learn to breathe properly again.

Live in Beauty is another lovely meditation too. Yogic Healing

Bird Song

Practice the next 8 Weeks of Bird Song

Week 17 to 24

It's has lots of delicious, healthy meals. Learn to grow your own sprouts. Practice a nourishing meditation by awakening your senses and more.

This 2 months go back and explore the other classes.

Make sure you understand how to breathe properly as you practice.

Look carefully at the classes and my breathing.

As you breathe in your belly moves outwards

As you breathe out your belly moves inwards.

Make this happen as you practice the bridge in particular and the standing asana.

Find out more about the fire element

What disease tendencies to look out for:

Emotions such as anger, irritablity are fiery in nature..learn how to cool down.

Treatments include diet, specific meditations, mudra, essential oils, yoga & lifestyle advise.

Indigestion - A pitta complaint

In Ayurveda healthy digestion is essential for the health of your whole body. 

There is a lot of information in this Newsletter on how to improve the health of your digestive system  February 2018

The Rainbow Teachings




Physical focus: Is the core, middle back,  improve function of abdominal organs such as digestion, liver, kidneys.

Mental focus: Helps with anger & irritability.

Note E


North (Australia)

Uddiyana Bhanda

Samana Vayu   August 2020

Ready to move on to the next section?

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I practiced Full of Energy when I started this section and it made me feel hot and tired. I should have known better as it is summer here now. I went back to the Earth & Water classes and am still enjoying them. It may seem strange but I really enjoy practicing my own classes. It feels like my subconcious mind has come to life and I didn't realise how much wisdom is in there. It bubbles to the surface when I quiten my mind and teach. One day I hope to be able to access and feel it every moment of my life. Modern life keeps getting in the way!

My favourite walk in The Blue Mountains.
June 2021

This morning all I wanted to do was practice my Heart Flow Class. I woke up with a lot of negtative thought. I wrote this class for a friend with breast cancer. I gave it to her as a gift but she hasn't practiced, another lesson for me to learn. People have to be ready or interested but I have benefited...I feel so good now, another friend and yoga student practices this class often and tells me how beautiful it is.

Without making the decision. I have moved to the next section. The Heart Chakra.

My favourite walk in The Blue Mountains.
June 2021

07/01/22 Whilst practicing this section on my Solar Plexus Chakra, I made the decision to upload all my work, my videos, onto my website for anyone to practice, a gift which has made me feel like I am contributing to a great change that is happening in the world. It took time, focus, determination and willpower to make them and this course. Often there was a part of me niggling, why are you doing this? But I wanted to share with you more of what yoga really is. It all connected and evolved as my normal routines stopped due to government restrictions I had time to finish the video's. The zoom workshops & classes were special classes I recorded when I was teaching on Zoom. 

Its taken confidence to put them out so anyone can see. I share them with my heart open and hope you share and learn and grow confident. Everyone of us has special gifts to share but also, not everyone will appreciate or love your work, art, gifts.

A healing circle - Changing direction

A new day - The Air Element

Turn to the East

Watch the sun rise through a window or sitting in nature. It doesn't matter.

Or watch the clouds & sky lighten...feel the morning..fresh and welcoming...a new day.

Notice how the morning has a different feel to it than any other time of day.

The birds sing you good morning.

Midday - The Fire Element

Turn to the North (South in England)

Energy is at it highest, do you need to add a bit of sunshine to your day?

Decide and do it before the day ends.

Sunset - The Water Element

The magic & mystery of a setting sun or the sky darkening.

A cup of chamomile tea.

A breath of fresh air.

The Earth Element

The dark side, the shade, the cool winds.


Night noises, dark.

Strengthen and ground you.

Sleep well. 

Four directions...all have a different feel.

Explore the rooms of your home. Which has sunrise & warmth. A morning place. 

Where does the cool southerly breeze flow best on a hot summers day?

Explore your garden.

Your neighbourhood.

The beaches and natural places.

Follow the sun..the moon...know the best times to visit, feel, absorb, watch, experience, smell, listen......through the seasons and the years.

Sunrise & sunset is when you witness magic
Sunrise & sunset is when you witness magic
Kincumber Sunrise
Kincumber Sunrise
Sprouts as well as being highly nutritious are good for Pitta because they are cooling and cleansing. They are excellent for skin problems and allergies.

Sprouts as well as being highly nutritious are good for Pitta because they are cooling and cleansing. They are excellent for skin problems and allergies.