Hi. I'm Julie

I'm a yoga teacher, herbalist, writer and women's wellness mentor.

Join me in person or online as I guide, encourage and support you in creating the life you have always dreamed of.

"The aim of yoga is to improve and enhance the quality and beauty of life."

Thunderbolt Pose
Thunderbolt Pose
Lotus Flower
Lotus Flower
Practice barefoot.
Practice barefoot.
Empire Bay Hall
Empire Bay Hall
Earth Yantra - A Visual Meditation
Earth Yantra - A Visual Meditation

Positive. Inspiring. Motivating.

Wishing you health and happiness in 2023

Classes return on Monday 9th January

Class times on Mondays at Empire Bay Hall:

8.15 am - Gentle Yoga.

9.30 am - Hatha Yoga. 

6 pm - Hatha Yoga.

New Student 4 week pass is $50

Casuals $20

Book & Pay for 2 to 4 classes in advance $15 per class. 

Buy a pass to ensure your place in class.

5 week pass $75

10 week pass $150

Let me know your coming along  Send me an Email

Or text Julie 0438228372 * I am having problems with my mobile phone. Please use the email 

Pay via webshop or in person

My yoga & meditation classes at Empire Bay Hall

I have been teaching at my lovely, local community hall for 8 years now.

We practice Hatha, Flow, Yin & Restorative Yoga.

The classes are feminine and nourishing.

They gradually change with the seasons, a cold day and we will be moving and flowing practicing more heating, standing postures. A hot day will find us laying down and practicing more cooling, calming yin and restorative yoga.

Usually we manage to fit in a bit of everything! A gentle flow to warm up, then strengthening Hatha. Yin for flexibility and Restorative Yoga to deeply relax.

As we settle into the longer holds of Yin and Restorative yoga we focus less on the alignment. I teach you the wisdom that is connected to the posture, hand gesture, essential oil, breathing technique we are using in class.

Positive, empowering and so much more than an exercise class.

Happy to answer any questions.

Resources for students: Home Practice 

Chakra balancing chant - Hari Om. Nam Lam. Mam Vam. Sim Ram. Ram Yam. Yam Hum. Hum Om. Shiva Om. Swaha

Cooling and calming yoga for summer and meditations specific for the Water Element -

Feminine and Flowing

Click here Strong Women & practice The Moon Flow & Saraswati Wisdom (Intermediate Class)

Click here Free Meditation & practice Orange Stone Meditation & Yoga Nidra

Small changes over time are lasting
Small changes over time are lasting
Practice & time = Strength and flexibility
Practice & time = Strength and flexibility
Turn to the East and wish yourself a lovely day
Turn to the East and wish yourself a lovely day
Follow your heart
Follow your heart
The gift of yoga is the wisdom of it's teachings
The gift of yoga is the wisdom of it's teachings

Empire Bay Yoga pays a monthly donation to The Smith Family to support a teenager through school.

Bird Song _ Women's Circle begins again 7th February

Join me at my place, a sanctuary garden with organic fruit trees, veggies, herbs and flowers for us, the birds, butterflies and bees to enjoy.

Time: 9.30 - 11.30 am at my house & garden in Bensville.

Bird Song Women's Circle is a monthly gathering.

No yoga asana, there's more to yoga than the physical positions. 

Yoga means connection or yoking together and is a tool to enhance the quality and beauty of life.

We'll begin with a wander around the garden; all the orange lilies are flowering. They are so easy to grow, you can pull them up and I am always happy for you to take cuttings etc.

I'll make a couple of pots of Herbal tea to share and then we will talk about sound healing, exploring and playing my 7 singing bowls.

Join me or listen as we practice some chants from around the world. "The physiological benefits of singing, and music more generally, have long been explored. Music making exercises the brain as well as the body, but singing is particularly beneficial for improving breathing, posture and muscle tension."

It's beautiful in the garden at the moment. The fresh water pool is warm and you may like to have a swim of find a sun lounger and relax.

Bookings needed through my website only at the moment. Cost $10   

Only 7 places - for bookings click here

March 7th - Using spices as medicine. Ayurvedic Workshop.

We'll find out everyone's health patterns, dosha or individual energies by filling in a constitution chart. Learn a little about food, herbs, spices, meditation and lifestyle advice for your "dosha."

Then we'll make up 3 spice teas, one will be specific for your "dosha" They are special decoctions taught to me during my Ayurvedic Herbology Diploma and taste absolutely delicious.


There are complimentary online yoga & meditation classes here on the website.

AND three complimentary Yoga and Ayurveda Courses here on my website.

The courses are designed to guide and mentor you through the classes using the traditional knowledge and teaching it in a feminine, modern way. 

Many of you will know a little about yoga and meditation.

But what is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is yoga's sister science, interwoven and never separate.

Its focus is more on the physical body with healing modalities such as herbs, diet and lifestyle advise.

Twenty years ago I stopped working in a hospital.

Four years later I stopped working in a healing centre.

I realised we all want someone else to "fix us" and the quicker the better.

The only person that can "fix" you, is you.

Your Therapist or Doctor can help with one small part of your whole, complex and beautiful self.

I started practicing yoga.

I stopped trying to "fix" others.

And I started healing myself.

Everything I teach helps me the most, every class, every meditation.

I close my eyes and speak from within.

Are you ready to begin your journey with me?

Yoga & Ayurveda are your tools.

The course is your guide.

Namaste (My heart greets your heart.)


I have a new website and I am just finding my way around it. It has a webshop and you can now pay via credit card, bank deposit, PayPal or in person.

Bird Song -The one year course is a gift to you, if you begin in January.

I plan to gradually start charging for my online classes. You will be able to download them in my webshop 

There will still be some key classes and meditations you can practice here on the website.

The crystal meditation course will remain here as a gift too.

The Three Sister Courses.

- A one week meditation course - Is it time to change your mind? Free Meditations

- A seven week yoga & meditation course - Heart to Heart. Yoga & Ayurveda Course

- A one year in-depth yoga & ayurveda course. Bird Song - Yoga & Ayurveda Course

*The classes for the one year course will be available free for a short time only.

There is also a paid option to be guided by me and mentored through the course.


Holistic Health -Yogic Healing

Providing for your physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. 

All these aspects affect your overall health.

200 hrs Byron Yoga - Hatha.

100 hrs My Health Yoga - Yin.

50 hrs Rainbow Kids Yoga.

Rewind Yoga for Breast Cancer Certificate.

Ayurvedic Herbology Diploma.

Diploma of Medical Herbalism. 

Diploma Food Therapy.

Thought Field Therapy.

NEW *Certificate of Moonology 


My classes are adapted from Gentle to Advanced.
My classes are adapted from Gentle to Advanced.
Beautiful Bouddi
Beautiful Bouddi
Balanced & Whole
Balanced & Whole

January Newsletter

I hope this year brings much joy.

Joy comes from learning and doing things, that make you happy, content, and strong, that nourish you and then incorporating them into your everyday life. Your life should never be stagnant; your life should keep flowing and changing. Fresh and full of vitality. The photograph was taken in my garden on New Years Eve. It adds to my words don't you think?

I am studying a new course at the moment which I love so much because it is helping me interconnect the Eastern teachings with my Celtic roots, learning about the bee goddesses. I'll teach you some of the beautiful meditations this year. There are 8 energy centres in this tradition and they are seen as roses. I have studied the rose of the heart. We still use some of the teachings don't we? Roses are the gift we give to those closest to us. They represent our deepest love. There are many similarities to the Eastern teachings but roses always give me a strong connection to my childhood and mean even more to me than the beautiful lotus. Ancient women’s teachings run through every culture.

I have also studied the rose of the brow and the rose of the belly and am looking forward to learning more….                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Soft, gentle, love, nectar, honey, grace, sovereignity of self, tending the interior garden, the garden of the mind. Humming, the figure 8, the pause, darkness, breath. The words are already blending and soothing their way into my teaching meditations and my mind and I feel so much more at peace and at home in Australia again.

Gradually, slowly, over the years, I have recorded some of my classes and written three courses on my website as well as a book, Bird Song which will be in print by spring. I have started another book, Love Song which goes deeper, a call to all women to learn to heal from the inside out, through meditation practices and wisdom lectures and to learn to heal from the outside in, through looking after the earth and our own bodies. We are not separate. Feeling yoga, union with of all of life.


Yoga is a practice of transformation, of powerful change and affects you physically and emotionally.

My classes are feminine and nurturing. They encourage  you to connect (yoga) to the feminine power within you.

Yoga is certainly not a quick fix, it’s physical practices help keep you strong and stable as you slowly change. I love my home yoga practice, I wake up each morning and look forward to spending time in my special space, my sacred space.

Do you want to stay a caterpillar forever?

Money Matters

I have been working on myself. On my need to keep giving things freely. I find it hard to ask for money. Most of my online classes and the three courses are free on my website. I am devaluing myself and the courses, which I know are life changing. Which I know are, unique and special. I have never had the confidence and strength to write this before. I don't like aggressive marketing, your last chance, only 3 days left and so on but.

My website provider is no longer and they have changed my site to a new provider, to a business site. I need to think of my work as a business, because if I under value it, so does everyone else and I want the courses to help you and empower you to create beauty. It has been difficult navigating the new technology…I loved simplesite but I now have a webshop and can sell downloads of my classes.

If you have been thinking of starting the courses, now is the time. Because after January you will have to buy many of the classes which are part of the Bird Song course. 

I realised there are 3 courses on the website, interlinked but also separate. That's how it keeps evolving, the work is there and then I see how I can weave it together, very easily to add something more.

The Three Sister Courses.

- A one week crystal meditation course - Is it time to change your mind?

- A seven week yoga & meditation course - Heart to Heart.

- A one year in-depth yoga & ayurveda course - Bird Song

*The classes for the one year course will be available free for January only, so make sure you save them. 

There is also a paid option to be guided by me and mentored through the course.

I hope you will join me. You already know how important yoga is to your wellbeing but imagine the changes if you practice more often?

What is Karma?

I visited my local library for the first time in 3 years and came out with 7 books. All of them teachings on life.

I’ll tell you about one of them called Karma by Sadhguru.

We have misunderstood karma in the west I think. It’s quite simple

“The way I am right now is of my making. The way I am tomorrow is of my making

This is karma the most dynamic way to exist." Tell me what are you making?

There are other types of karma…it is a very detailed book but also a funny and entertaining book.

Sadhguru explains it this way.

“Today if a little child walks before us without even basic nourishment in their body, this is our collective karma. It is our doing. As a society, a generation, we have not done what we needed to do to nourish that child. It is not our child but it is our karma. Every time we look at a malnourished child, we feel a little pain within us. We cannot escape it. This is our karma.

The unemployed, the homeless, the violence in our society, the emotionally unstable, the deforestation, the poisoning of our water, this is our collective karma. What will you do, how will you change things?

Will you be a butterfly?

That’s the name of a yoga posture of course but means so much more, don't you think?

Namaste Julie

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Amazing news about your book Julie, am so excited to see Bird Song in print. Signed copy obviously! 🙏🏻💚

Thank you for your kindness in sharing. I'd love to participate in the online learning

Morning Julie, would you have a spot in today’s 9.30 for a casual? Josephine

Hi Julie 😊,
Can I please go on the waitlist for Monday 8.15am class ?

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