Calm & Peace


Mind Yoga

Most of us need more calm and peace.

Need more space for relaxation.

We keep our minds busy with books, technology, planning, the past.

Our minds want entertainment or should I say distraction?

Our bodies want exercise, fresh air, nourishing food. But we sit & sit...

This section of classes is especially helpful for calming your mind.

The asana focus more on the neck & shoulders.

Many of them are cooling but also energising as the head down postures encourage blood flow to your brain.

Is it time to change your mind?


Yoga Classes in this section

1/ Cool & Calm - Beginner/Intermediate

2/ Start to make up your own massage oil blends.

I'll send you my list for the various sections.

Why is the blend for this section Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Chamomile?


Go back over some of the classes you enjoy. Ask yourself why you enjoy practicing them?

Start to notice how the asana effect how you feel.

Which are your favourites?

Can you practice a few of them throughout your day or in bed?

Why are the classes in this section good for speech?

Why would singing help a sore neck or thyroid problem?

Have you tried chanting or Bhakti Yoga ?

Can you see the connections, the patterns ? 

Bird Song

Work your way through

Weeks 33 - 40 of Bird Song 

Then send me an email ❤

You don't have to answer the questions.

This is not a test. You can't fail, you can only learn more about yourself.

I can guide you on how to make up your own special oil blend.

We will be practicing more self massage & marma therapy in the next section.

Rainbow Teachings




Throat Chakra

Musical Note G

Jalandhara Bhanda

Udana Vayu

Ham pronounced Hummmmmmmmmmm

Meditative Mind have some lovely chants you can join in with on YouTube

Chanting is a quick & easy way to calm your nervous system by extending the exhale. Feel the vibration flow through you and know that it is much more than this simple Western explanation. Each Chakra has it's own chant or Seed Mantra. Explore them all in this sound section.

Silence & Sound

Teaching Meditations

1/Akasha Mudra - Silence of the Void Gesture

2/Turquoise Stone Meditation

Ready to Learn More

6-Wisdom & Intuition