Yoga & Meditation Classes at Empire Bay Hall

❤ Come along as a casual - $15

New Student 4 Week Pass is $55 

Let me know your coming along  Send me an Email

Or text Julie 0438228372

Bird Song - Women's Circle at my place.

Thunderbolt Pose

Empire Bay Hall

Earth Yantra - A Visual Meditation

Positive. Inspiring. Motivating - Yoga & Meditation.

Class times on Mondays at Empire Bay Hall: 

8.15 am - Gentle Yoga.

9.30 am - Hatha Yoga. 

6 pm - Hatha Yoga.

***NEW EVENING CLASS begins in October

Following The Moon - Women's Yoga Circle

Gentle to Advanced


4 Week Workshop & Nurturing Yoga Class. Cost $120

Begins Wednesday 5th October at 5.15- 6.45 pm for 4 Wednesdays


Following the Moon - Women's Yoga Circle

"Everyday my relationship with myself grows stronger. I am aware of and accepting of my weaknesses and strengths and I am designing a wonderful future."

Yoga for Mind & Spirit
4 Week Workshop & Nurturing Yoga Class.
Lovely yin & restorative yoga.
Learn how to use the moon cycles to make plans or wishes come true, to practice gratitude, to forgive, to help you "deal" with your emotions. The asana and meditations enhance the learning, the wisdom of yoga. Practice 4 unique and special yoga classes.
Before practicing the class I will explain and teach you a little about the Moons energy at the time of the class. 
BYO Journal,
Receive a crystal and personal affirmation.
Learn how to create your own beautiful rituals.
Learn how to make your own essential oil blends.
You will also learn how to use your emotions as teachers that help you make changes and better choices. Our Full Moon in October is in Aries the fire element.  Practice lovely asana, mudra's, mantra, essential oils and other healing modalities to enhance and complement each other and balance this element. It is a class to rebalance emotions such as anger, irritability and impatience. We'll end with a candle meditation.
Close your eyes, breathe deeply and enjoy a beautiful, nurturing, relaxing and feminine yoga and meditation class.
For bookings & more information
Or contact Julie 0438228372 

Bird Song - Natural Swimming Pool

Bird Song Veggie garden

Bird Song - Fruit Garden

My classes

On Monday we practice Hatha, Flow, Yin & Restorative Yoga.

The classes gradually change with the seasons, a cold day and we will be moving and flowing practicing more heating, standing postures. A hot day will find us laying down and practicing more cooling, calming yin and restorative yoga.
Usually we manage to fit in a bit of everything! A gentle flow to warm up, then strengthening Hatha. Yin for flexibility and Restorative Yoga to deeply relax.
Following the Moon is a 4 Week Yin & Restorative Workshop & Class...the focus is yoga for the mind & spirit.
The classes are small and friendly.
Happy to answer any questions.

NEW - Women's Circle - Invitation to my place

Christmas nature wrapping workshop.

No yoga asana, the word yoga means connection. Connection to your community, to other women, to nature.......

First & Third Tuesday of the month 9.30 - 11.30 am

Over the last 20 years I have been creating my own sanctuary - a secret garden in suburbia with more than 50 fruit trees. Home to birds, bees & water dragons. Now it is time to share it.
Wander the garden, share a pot of tea or two. Each week there will be a 20 minute workshop on healthy living.
The last 10 minutes we will practice a silent meditation together.
A bit of peace and quiet goes a long way.
Bookings needed through my website or send me a text.

There's more to yoga than the physical positions. 

20 minute workshops:

October 4th workshop. How to use the moon cycles to create and plan a beautiful life.

October 18th workshop. Learn how to make essential oil blends for the mind and spirit and practice Marma Therapy or yogic massage of specific energy points on the face and hands

November 1st workshop. Coping with stress naturally. TFT. Yogic Breathing. Herbs and more.

November 15th workshop. Sound Healing with singing bowls and chants.

December. Sandra will be teaching us how to wrap Christmas presents using things found in nature and my garden. Paperbark, ginger leaves, berries. They are beautiful.

Bring a friend. Let me know your coming along. Send me an Email

Or text/phone Julie 0438228372 *Mobile phone is waterlogged please send me an email.


"The learning circle is a mechanism for organizing and honoring the collective wisdom of a group."


Small changes over time are lasting

Practice & time = Strength and flexibility

Turn to the East and wish yourself a lovely day

Follow your heart

The gift of yoga is the wisdom of it's teachings

Donations for Bird Song Women's Circle appreciated and transferred to WWF

Help secure 500 hectares of vital habitat in the Northern Rivers region, NSW –  Spotted gum in this area is being logged even after the bush fires. 

The conservation status of east coast koalas has recently been uplisted from Vulnerable to Endangered. Help protect the tree's, koala, the swift parrot and many other plants, birds, animals and insects. 

Thank You❤

Empire Bay Yoga pays a monthly donation to The Smith Family to support a teenager through school. 

My classes are adapted from Gentle to Advanced.

Beautiful Bouddi

Balanced & Whole

The aim of yoga is to improve and enhance the quality and beauty of life.

Holistic Health - Yogic Healing

Providing for your physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. 
Understanding that all these aspects affect your overall health.
200 hrs Byron Yoga - Hatha.
100 hrs My Health Yoga - Yin.
50 hrs Rainbow Kids Yoga.

Rewind Yoga for Breast Cancer Certificate.

Ayurvedic Herbology Diploma.

Diploma of Medical Herbalism. 

Diploma Food Therapy.

Thought Field Therapy.

NEW *Certificate of Moonology 




What is Moonology?

Connecting with natures months and cycles and using the knowledge for self-study of our own months and cycles. To help plan and change our lives, follow our hearts and create and live a beautiful life.

What has the moon got to do with yoga?


Become healthier in Body - asana, herbs, diet.

Mind - breathing exercise, mantra, yantra, mudra.

Spirit - feeling part of nature, part of everything, whole. (Following the moon cycles)

The health system of Yoga & Ayurveda is interconnected through an understanding of the elements of Earth. Water. Fire. Air. Space.

The Moon is part of the water element teachings. Connecting to the feminine energy.

For fortnightly Moon Work click here 2-Flexible & Flowing

The physical asana help us move out of our busy, overactive minds and experience/focus on our body and on our senses. This is the beginning of a journey inwards.

Yoga/Ayurveda Course

I hope to inspire you through the yoga teachings and wisdom to find happiness, contentment, beauty and peace and just as importantly to accept the "hard" times. Learn to "soften" and live a beautiful, rich and meaningful life.


October Newsletter

The benefits of practicing at home

Spring is a time for positive changes.

Making a special space in your home to practice yoga and meditation really does encourage you to spend time there and the more you practice the more you benefit, physically, mentally and spiritually.

If your mat is set up in a lovely spot with perhaps a candle, flowers, crystals. inspiring books, house plants and other things you love. You are drawn to your space more and more.

A place of privacy, rest, relaxation and nurturing in your own home is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Ask Bev..she has set up her own special space and inspired this section of the newsletter.

You can even practice my classes in your space for free.

Or even better start the Yoga & Ayurveda Course.

A women’s path to health & well -being can begin in your lovely space.

A Laptop is best, phones are small and tinny and you lose the good vibes.

Yoga for October

There has been so much rain….rain is obviously the water element and it may be a bit out of balance within you at the moment! Physically it can make you more prone to “wet” conditions such as colds, coughs and flu. Add the heat and the very humid conditions can cause oedema which will be noticed more in your ankles and hands but also bloating and more fluid around your heart. Fungal conditions increase and it is important to look after your skin, with skin brushing and special oil blends. See last Octobers 2021 Newsletter for more information on Gentle Cleansing practices for spring.

Mentally too much rain causes too much moaning!

You may have been feeling down, lethargic perhaps, even depression can increase

We focus on the weather so much because it effects us in many ways. Our holidays can be a wash out, we stay indoors mare than is good for us and studies have shown we cry more.

How do we stay balanced?

Practice a lot of gentle flow yoga. Online classes on my website recommended include: The Sacral Chakra Flow Class. The Tree of Life. The Heart Flow Class. The Moon Flow Class. They will really improve a lot of the above mentioned symptoms. All are excellent for the immune  system and lymphatic drainage helping with all the physical symptoms mentioned above. They are classes that leave you feeling joyful and loving.

In class this month we will practice asana and movement to help balance the Water Element. Which is also part of the Sacral chakra and Kapha Dosha. We will practice lots of lovely flowing movement choreographed by me to the beautiful music of Sacred Earth and listen to inspiring, joyful and beautiful teachings. Yoga can change your mind.

Keep singing in the rain and don’t forget your beautiful smile... Namaste Julie