Empire Bay Hall

Class focus beginning 20th November.

Gentle Class. Monday/Thursday.

A gentle, flowing class for the hips and knees. Learn a 5 minutes chair yoga routine for the office and how to adapt your practice to stay safe or move deeper into the hip opening asana. Class ends with a 5 minute massage of the hands using specific marma/acupressure points on the thumb to energise the body and relax the mind using a specially prepared essential oil blend.  

Monday Morning/Evening Class.

A strong and flexible spine, including a specific posture for sciatica. Encourage the flow of energy/prana through the spine using the breath and bandha (core) Class ends with a 20 minute meditation focused on opening the energy centres in the spine (chakra) and how to use the philosophy behind them to change your life along positive lines. 

Friday Class.

Follow your heart. This class is excellent for depression, lack of motivation, stress and anxiety. Put simply it makes you feel good... The postures focus on strength and flexibility in the chest, upper spine, shoulders and arms. Class ends with music and restorative asana. Did you know that specific instruments and the note f are a part of Ayurvedic teaching for health of the chest, shoulder, neck and arms ? 

Ph: Julie 0438 228 372. New students always welcome, no need to book. Come along to any class that interests you.

                            CLASS TIMES 

MONDAY       Empire Bay Hall

Gentle Yoga & Relaxation                           8.15 - 9.15 am

Morning Yoga                                                  9.30 - 10.30 am

Evening Yoga                                                   6.00 - 7.00 pm


Gentle Yoga & Relaxation                      6.00 - 7.00 pm     


Morning Yoga                                              9.30 - 10.30 am

 Cost of Classes:

Drop In  Cost $15             Concessions   $12

Buy a 10 class pass anytime

This pass expires after 10 weeks and can be used in any class.

Cost  $110         Concessions   $90             

Teenagers $10

  • Gentle Yoga for strength and relaxation.

    Perfect for absolute beginners, students with injuries, students who want to learn the basics and enjoy a class that keeps the postures simple and accessible to everyone.

    Let's start at the very beginning.

    *Would you like to be
    strong, flexible, calm, relaxed, healthy, happy and confident?

    *Are you concerned yoga will be too difficult?

    *Enrol for the gentle yoga and relaxation class. The best place for every person new to yoga to start.

    *The class teaches you how to safely build a strong core, a flexible spine and how to use the breath to relax your body.
    Yoga terminology is introduced as well as Pranayama or breathing exercises.

    *No sitting postures, no kneeling, very gentle back bends.


    *This is a special class. I have been to many enjoyable and rewarding yoga classes but none start at the very beginning.

    Be ready after 10 weeks to join a regular class with confidence. Or continue in this class. Some of my most experienced students come along to this class regularly. All the postures can be adapted, Some students sit in a chair, everyone can practise.

    *You may begin the class anytime and pay as you go but this class is carefully structured to gradually introduce the important principles of yoga.

  • Morning & Evening Hatha Yoga Classes

    The General Class is suitable for beginners to experienced.

    All classes have a focus and as a guideline we practice 50 minutes Traditional Hatha Yoga. Which will increase your health, fitness, strength and flexibility. Followed by 10 minutes relaxation, learning to relax the body and the mind.

    Classes are casual and friendly and students have a wide range of experience

    This class is suitable for beginners and I always demonstrate the gentle variation of each posture first. If you have an injury or are an absolute beginner you may want to start in the gentle yoga class. If you are unsure which class will suit you give me a call.

    Are guided from the beginners posture into more advanced asana's as they continue to deepen their practice.

  • MIND YOGA-All classes

    "Yoga is the golden key which unlocks the door to peace, tranquility and joy"
    Yoga is a powerful learning tool to promote physical and mental well being.
    Of course my classes teach yoga postures for the physical body but in every class. I am including something interesting, connected to Ayurveda and emotional well being.
    I have spent many years studying and reading and I am including many different and interesting Ayurvedic and Yoga techniques and practices and bringing together all that I have learnt to create an enjoyable, interesting, relaxing and energising class.

    *Explore Pranayama & Meditation, Prana & Chi.

    *Explore essential oils and their effects on your mind. Learn how to make your own special fragrances.

    *Learn about the Chakras and how to use the philosophy behind them to change your life along positive lines.

    *Explore sound and music.

    *Learn Abhyanga - self massage of the face, neck and hands. Including the use of Marma points which are Ayurvedic massage and acupressure points in the body.

    *Learn how to adapt your practise to prevent depression and anxiety.

12. Nov, 2017

Class focus beginning 13th November

Week beginning 13th November.

Gentle Class. Monday/Thursday. Yoga for Lymphatic Drainage. Learn a Ayurvedic Acupressure point for lymphatic drainage in the chest.

Monday Morning/Evening Class. A relaxing yin/restorative class with a focus on headaches. All postures are laying down, gentle and held for 2 1/2 minutes or longer. Class finishes with a 20 minute guided meditation, warm face towel is placed on the brow with specific essential oils for treating headaches.

Friday Class. Focus is on the hip joints, developing flexibility and adapting your yoga practice if needed. Learn a little about the liver, gallbladder and kidney meridians which are being stimulated in hip postures and the connected emotions of anger, frustration, irritability and fear. Learn how to use the breath to relax and let go....

4. Nov, 2017

Class focus beginning Monday 6th

8.15 - 9.15 am Gentle/Relax Class

30 minutes standing asana
Physical focus is postures for the upper body including carpal tunnel. Ahimsa. Stop pushing learn to relax and let go...
30 minutes laying down asana.
Explore music and mantra (heart chakra) in restorative/yin postures.

9.30 - 10.30 am Morning Yoga
Yin/Yang.Relaxation/Strength. Physical focus is strength, power.
The importance of Mula Bandha, pelvic floor (base chakra)

6 - 7 pm
Same as 9.30 - 10.30 am Class

Thursday 6 - 7 pm Gentle/Relax Class
Same focus as
8.15 - 9.15 am Gentle/Relax Class Monday but with different asana or postures.

Friday 9.30 - 10.30 am
Perfect Balance. Strength, stability, focus. Using supports, in this case the wall or blocks where necessary learn flying warrior. Learn the 5 energies of Ayurveda/Yoga and how to adapt your practice for well being.

29. Oct, 2017

Class focus beginning Monday 30th

Monday Gentle/Relax Class 8.15 - 9.15 am

The class physical focus is alignment. Thirty minutes standing postures. Followed by thirty minutes Yoga Nidra . A wonderful laying down meditation teaching relaxation of body and mind.

Monday Morning Yoga 9.30 - 10.30 am

The class focus is yoga postures for stress, anxiety and insomnia and includes alignment and breathing techniques.
Learn an Ayurvedic acupressure point for letting go of stress. These are known as Marma Points.

Monday Evening Yoga 6 - 7 pm

Same as morning class

Thursday Gentle/Relax Class 6 - 7 pm

Focus on alignment and adjustment. Thirty minutes Hatha Yoga
Followed by a Louise Hay meditation on forgiveness and self love.

Friday Morning 9.30 - 10.30 am

Flow class linking together yoga postures safely. This class is good for Kapha and depression.
Last 20 minutes sitting practicing Abhyanga - self massage of the face and neck using sesame oil.

8. Aug, 2017

I have just completed my 100 hour Yin Teacher Training.

I loved the course. It was very interesting and inspiring and has given me some wonderful ideas to bring into class, focusing on yoga and its benefits for the mind and emotional well being. I received a lovely email with my certificate.
" We are very happy and humbled to have been a part of your journey. You are an exceptional teacher and student and we know that you’ll continue to shine your light in the world with your wisdom and devotion to your Yoga path."

Reviews for my yoga & relaxation retreats in Patonga`

3. May, 2017

April Yoga Retreat Reviews 2017

Thanks Julie-such a rejuvenating time for me, the food, the environment and the yoga. I will be definitely telling my friends about this and I hope it continues as I'd love to come a few times a year. Namaste Clara

Thanks for a lovely retreat. Really relaxing - nice balance of yoga, nice food and space. Ready to tackle the world again. Om Shanti Sharon

A lovely and relaxing yoga retreat! Gorgeous location immersed in all the best of nature- the sea, the hills and peaceful quaint town;and all supported by the soothing yoga and meditation sessions. I'd love to come a few times a year. A couple of days felt like 10. The perfect mini-break. Thank you Julie and Dave for your hospitality. I look forward to seeing you next time, Tanya.

26. Feb, 2017

February Retreat reviews 2017

Thanks again for a relaxing mid week. Came home with great ideas, resolutions and reminders of the benefits of a calm and mindful life. Thanks to chef Dave and thank you both for inspiring me with your gorgeous food. Was so nice to meet you. Fond Regards Lynne
Dear Julie and Dave,
Thank you so much for this very special time. I felt soooo well looked after & nurtured which was priceless.
Many Thanks Alice
I immersed myself in the yoga retreat feeling grounded, balanced and calm and the location was so relaxing with a stunning view of the beach. The home cooked meals were heart warming and delicious and I came away a different person.

25. Oct, 2016

October Yoga Retreat Reviews 2016

I had another wonderful time running my Yoga Retreat at Patonga and have 3 more in 2017.

An amazing, healthy and calming birthday present to myself. Don't know where to begin....Julie is a fabulous host and yoga teacher, very calm and friendly. The house is so beautiful, open and airy. I loved the comfy bed upstairs and restful nights sleep listening to the waves. This retreat with luxury accommodation, healthy veggo meals, 3 yoga classes per day along with workshops in a gorgeous coastal town is second to none. Very well priced. I will be back.
Namaste Maria

Thank you for such a nurturing yoga retreat! The accommodation is perfect; everything from the comfy beds, the amazing view to the beautiful energy in the yoga room! The meals were delicious and so lovingly prepared. The practice you offered was wonderful and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to attend. Keeping these retreats running is a very special gift that you share!!!
Thanks again Denise xxx

Thanks Julie for a wonderful retreat. One hour is good for me for a class time and your gentle manner and helpfulness really appreciated. The Patonga House is ideal and we had some good sunrise walks each morning. The whistling kites were a great welcome in the high trees, later we saw their nests.
Susan xx

Dear Julie
Thank you for a great retreat. Good food and company a gentle nurturing approach to yoga that also allows so much space for learning new things. The sesame oil self massage was a great experience and savasana on a bolster was also a revelation. I hope we can come again.
xx Charlotte.

Dear Julie
Thank you so much for a lovely relaxing retreat.
This time has given me an opportunity to reconnect with yoga and myself. I would love to come back again to continue the journey.
Thanks again Emily

Thank you Julie for a beautiful retreat.
It was perfect.
Delicious nourishing food (Thank you Rosie and Dave.)
The yoga was amazing calming and restorative.
The venue was awesome. A beautiful place.
You are such a beautiful person and I enjoyed the whole experience. It was what I needed - to take time out in a safe, supportive, nurturing environment.
Thank you, Lovely Lady Rosie