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Gentle/Relax Yoga Class       8.15 - 9.15 am  

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Online Classes

My online classes have been carefully planned. Not only will you learn how to practice yoga and meditation but you will gradually learn more about Ayurveda. Yoga is part of Ayurveda a holistic system of health and well being.

Some of the classes are very gentle, others are for intermediate students. Everyone practicing these classes will learn how to bring Yoga and Ayurveda into their daily lives.

Be happy, healthy and wise.



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It is a modern approach to Ayurveda with vegetarian recipes, meditations, herbal medicine and much more.

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Diploma in Ayurvedic Herbology, Herbal Medicine, Food Therapy.


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Image is from the book The Power of Your Breath and demonstrates Samana Vayu - Nourishing Breath

Class focus for August

31. Jul, 2020

August Newsletter

Prana Vayu or Energising Breath

Last month we focused on yoga postures and breathing techniques to improve posture, strengthen your diaphragm and breathe in deeply and effectively. A beautiful flow class, a moving meditation. I hope you have the confidence to practice the gentle sun salutation and flow routines at home.
A reminder of last months meditations that you can start to bring into your life when you need them.
Sun Breathing - For warmth & energy
Nadi Shodhana - For balance, calm & focus
Counting back wards from 4-1 (or longer) with the inhale & exhale for anger and frustration.
Letting go breath 1:2 ratio. Inhale 2 exhale 4 or Inhale 3 Exhale 6 lengthen more if it feels good.
(My favourite) Pranic Healing - Hand Massage.
Last week I filmed a lovely gentle class. All postures are sitting and laying down. Flowing movements, time to focus on bringing in prana using your hands. It ends with the hand massage meditation.
Prana, Health & Healing - Cost $20

Yoga Asana for August

This month our focus is yoga asana that are warming and strengthening. They improve flexibility in your lower back, strengthen your core and improve digestion.
In yoga this is the area of the body where we produce heat, our inner sun our solar plexus chakra. These postures and flow sequences help to counter lethargy and the coldness of Winter. They improve metabolism and what is known in yoga and Ayurveda as digestive fire which is essential for health.
I have an online class which teaches some of the yoga asana and breathing techniques.
Full Of Energy is the name of the class.
Cost $20 or Join Heart to heart Yoga & Meditation and have access to all my classes. $120

Samana Vayu - Nourishing Breath

After drawing in oxygen and prana energy our second form of subtle energy known as Samana or your nourishing breath begins it’s work - extracting oxygen to transport to your cells but it also helps subtly nourish you in many ways, nutrients from food, ideas from words.
To nourish yourself with not only oxygen and food but to be aware of your environment to take it in or often in our modern world to switch it off to simply breathe. Even better step outside and absorb the natural world. The warmth of the sun, the cooling breeze, the smells, the sound of birds.
This is a warming, centring and balancing energy. The area of your body is your belly. After eating slowly and tasting every mouthful of food, it is highly recommended that you sit (kneeling is the recommended position) but all you need do is sit up straight in a chair or lay down and bend your knees and focus on your belly. Breathing gently for about 5 to 10 minutes. Feel your belly gentle rise drawing in Samana energy and as your breathe out draw your belly in a little and image it as a vortex of energy flowing deep into your core. You will soon feel or hear gentle gurgling as your body has time to rest and digest. If you rush your food and then get up quickly or slouch in your chair or feel anxious your Samana Breath cannot function properly. Your body may warn you with cramps, constipation and many other symptoms. Nothing is so powerful for your digestive system than Samana Breath.

You can achieve anything with fire in your belly and a warm heart.

Speaking of warmth and sunshine. August has a touch of spring in it. Flowers like Jasmine and Freesia fill the air with their lovely fragrance, the days are lengthening and my mulberry tree has already leaves and fruit developing.
Jasmine is an important herb in other cultures it is not just a sweet smelling vine. The tea is uplifting and great for coughs and colds, one of natures medicines flowering when we need it after winter.

Jasmine Essential Oil

For the Heart, it is usually only available diluted in jojoba oil and is expensive but worth it.
Jojoba oil protects and nourishes your skin add Jasmine and you have something feminine and special. It is a natural skin toner and moisturizer in one
Add a few drops to your hair to make it shine. Especially good for dry hair.
It can be used for Abhyanga, self massage. It soothes and protects your skin.
It is lovely in a bath. Emotionally it is uplifting & relaxing and most importantly encourages feelings of self love, self esteem and healing from emotional trauma.
Treat yourself pick some flowers and put them in a vase or buy the oil. Namaste Julie

Hand Massage Meditation with Essential Oils

From my new class Prana and Health
Nothing can feel as good as a self hand massage, known as Abhyanga in Yoga.
When you connect this with your breathing it slows down your thoughts allowing you to let go of negative emotions.
To feel the lovely sensations as you bring prana into your hands and heart. Add some gentle movements in your arms and chest.
Massage with my powerful and simple to make essential oil blend or a natural oil of your choice.
This is one of my yoga students favourite meditations.
Enjoy it.

Benefits of Abhyanga:
Increases feelings of well being
Calms the nervous system.
Healthy skin
Rejuvenating - anti- ageing
Improves muscle tone and vitality of the body tissues.
Helps joint mobility.
Improves circulation and aids drainage in the lymphatic system
Assists in elimination of impurities.
Stimulates the heart & lungs