Empire Bay Yoga and Meditation


Thank you to everyone who came along to yoga at Empire Bay Hall on 20/01/20 and helped to raise $400 for WIRES. WIRES rescue and care for the animals, birds and reptiles affected by the fires and drought.

                               EMPIRE BAY YOGA AND MEDITATION CLASS TIMES 

 MONDAY - Empire Bay Progress Hall 


Gentle Yoga & Relaxation    8.15 - 9.15 am 

Morning Yoga                            9.30 - 10.30 am 

Evening Yoga                             6.00 - 7.00 pm 

No Bookings Needed.

It is always lovely to welcome new students ❤

New student 4 week pass is $50

After the 4 weeks you can pay a casual fee or buy a 10 week pass.


My classes change with the seasons - Cooling and calming Hatha, Yin and Moon flows, slow breathing and a physical focus on asana or yoga postures that turn your focus inwards and calm your nervous system. Step away from your busy life, rest and rejuvanate. 

Our yoga class focus on Monday 24/02/20

Our last class in February is a Yang/Yin New Moon Flow Class perfect because the new moon in Sydney is 02.38 am on the day. A new moon happens around once a month and is an opportunity to start something new. In class we focus on being healthy in body and mind and pick up on our yoga and meditation again trying to practice more often. The gentle moon flow is simple to learn. We will be exploring the deeper sequence in the regular Hatha Classes. It can be practiced any time for 10 to 30 minutes a day to strengthen your back, core and whole body. The affirmation which is part of the sequence is wonderful to create positive change. "I listen to my inner wisdom, I follow my heart, I am supported."

But don't forget the Yin, I DESERVE TO REST. Spend some time learning and practicing Viloma Breathing to reset your nervous system. Then move into YOUR favourite relaxation asana or rest in Savasana in silence. I hope in this class to give you the confidence to practice at home.  


I have been asked by students who wish to practice more often or can't make Mondays to video my classes and meditations.
The Heart of Yoga is now available online. See Online classes for free meditations and sequences. Buy a yearly subsription for $120

Class 2 is a Sacral Chakra Class 

Class 8 is a 30 minute New Moon Flow Class and has just been uploaded

Individual Classes are $20     


Step into an authentic yoga class at Empire Bay Hall where the focus is much more than the physical practice and the classes are adapted to suit every body. In a nurturing, supportive way.

 Phone or Text Julie 0438228372

I have mats, blankets and other equipment.

The Community Hall has recently had ducted air-conditioning and heating installed, a new verandah and a fresh coat of paint and makes a perfect, spacious yoga studio.

Becoming part of our community yoga classes you will also help support Mariah aged 11. I pay a monthly fee from Yoga Classes to The Smith Family. This is for school clothes and help with learning so that she can have a bright future.   

If you have been thinking of starting yoga put on some comfy clothing and join us at the Hall.

Kind Words 

Hi Julie, just wanting to thank you for the lower back class and home practice sheet. The poses are perfect for my back issues and I can feel it healing and getting stronger each time I practice. I even do the standing twist in the shower!

Have a great day. Julie T

"It is true every yoga teacher brings their own unique gifts and wisdom to their classes - and you most certainly have been an inspiration even after 30 odd years of random yoga practice."

Fionna ❤❤❤ Namaste

"The yoga was amazing, calming and restorative."

Thank You, Lovely Lady. Rosie  ❤ 

"I learn't alot about myself and my body during your yoga sessions "

Thank You again. Laura😀

"You do an amazing job of making everyone feel at home"

I'll see you at Yoga!! Maree xxx

"A gentle nurturing approach to yoga that allows so much space for learning new things."

xx Charlotte 


Phone Julie 0438 228 372.
New students always welcome. No need to book. Come along to any class that interests you.

Certificate 200 Hours Byron Yoga - Hatha

Certificate 100 Hours My Health Yoga - Yin

Certificate 50 Hours -  Rainbow Kids Yoga

Diploma in Ayurvedic Herbology, Herbal Medicine, Food Therapy.


 If you would like to learn a little more about me see - Yoga and Health

  • Empire Bay Hall

Mind Yoga is our focus in March. Yoga positions and breathing techniques that calm your mind.

Connect to your inner wisdom.
Learn an important breathing technique in yoga known as Nadi Shodhana. It balances, calms and soothes your nervous system, improves concentration and focus, regulates body temperature and improves sleep.
Turn off the mind chatter and find deep wisdom within.
Have you ever chanted Om?
Join me at the end of this mediation and feel the vibration from my voice, your voice and my singing bowl calm your mind.

Strong yet gentle, uplifting and relaxing.

8. Aug, 2017

I have just completed my 100 hour Yin Teacher Training.

I loved the course. It was very interesting and inspiring and has given me some wonderful ideas to bring into class, focusing on yoga and its benefits for the mind and emotional well being. I received a lovely email with my certificate.
" We are very happy and humbled to have been a part of your journey. You are an exceptional teacher and student and we know that you’ll continue to shine your light in the world with your wisdom and devotion to your Yoga path."

23. Jun, 2019

I have completed my 50 Hour Rainbow Kids Teacher Training

Kids yoga is a lot of fun. Yoga means connection and yoga for families involves a lot of partner yoga and games for all ages. Ending with relaxation. Family yoga builds strong connections, become strong and healthy physically and mentally.
If you would like me to teach a class for your family or group. Contact me, I'd love too! I am available some mornings and evenings. I wrote a class for teacher training called Strong Women which was for Mums and teenage daughters. There is also a children's meditation in my online book Bird Song which you may like to practice with your kids. Week 44. The World of Magic