Full of Energy


Yoga for Digestion & Core Strength.

This is where the ego comes in..the need to keep competing, to keep pushing.

From being very little we have been taught the wrong things, to try hard, to be the best, to be perfect. This creates a feeling of separateness, feeling alone & never good enough.

We should have been taught to share, support, encourage, help and even "play" together.

And as for the dream of a flat, taut belly. Women shouldn't have a flat belly.

I'll call this "The Happy Belly Yoga" section

It's not what you look like on the outside its how you "feel' on the inside.

When you feel good, you eat properly, you nourish yourself with food and more.

You have been strengthening your core all along. Gently does it.


I once went to a class where the yoga teacher sadly lamented she couldn't practice Sun Salutations anymore. 

She used to practice more than a hundred per day! She had to have a hip replacement.

Stop pushing & start relaxing!

Sun Salutations in my opinion are practiced too quickly and strongly in most classes. You don't get the chance to breathe properly let alone get into correct alignment before the next strong asana. Why am I mentioning them here? Because they are heating and part of this section. The solar plexus is your inner sun where warmth is generated through digestion & metabolism. The colour is yellow like the sun, its all simple really. I have adapted and slowed down the sun salutations in my classes to create a feeling of warmth & balance

But don't forget to rest and digest.

1/ Bhanda in the Mountain. Everyone

2/ Full of Energy. Beginner to Intermediate

3/ Flow/Yin Class. Beginner to Intermediate



Bird Song

Practice the next 8 Weeks of Bird Song

Week 17 to 24

It's has lots of delicious, healthy meals. Learn to grow your own sprouts. Practice a nourishing meditations by awakening your senses and more.

This 2 months go back and explore the other classes.

Make sure you understand how to breathe properly as you practice.

Look carefully at the classes and my breathing.

As you breathe in your belly moves outwards

As you breathe out your belly moves inwards.

Make this happen as you practice the bridge in particular and the standing asana.


Learn Your Individual Energies

There is no need to practice the Locust to have a strong core...I rarely do.

Its the breathing and the gentler postures and time, that have made my core strong.

When I practice this I often get a hot flush...Yellow is the fire element...I need cooling yoga.

What do you need?

3/ Ayurvedic Workshop.

We all have different energies becoming imbalanced within us 

Understand how these can become disease or emotional problems.

Thank goodness for Yin & Restorative Yoga to keep me cool and calm!


4/ Learn your individual constitution by listening to this video, you'll need a pen & paper. 

Email me and see if you can work out for yourself what type of yoga, food, herbs will keep you healthy and balanced

A bit of homework perhaps?

I'll get back to you ❤



The Rainbow Teachings


Fire  April Newsletter



Physical focus: Is the core, middle back,  improve function of abdominal organs such as digestion, liver, kidneys.

Mental focus: Helps with anger & irritability.

Note E


North (Australia)

Uddiyana Bhanda

Samana Vayu   August 2020

Teaching Meditations

Golden Stone Meditation will balance the fire within you. Colour Meditations

Live in Beauty is another lovely meditation too. 


Ready to move on:

Section 4- The Heart of Yoga