Flexible & Flowing



The second section of yoga classes and meditations encourage flexibility.

Yin & Restorative Yoga

These positions are practiced sitting or lying down mainly and are held for much longer periods of time.

Yin Yoga asana are held for 2 to 3 minutes. This gives your muscles the opportunity to relax and let go and as this happens over time you move deeper into the posture.

The restorative yoga is more gentle and nurturing.

1/RELAX.RELAX..RELAX... Everyone

This class is simple but incredibly important for the health of your spine & nervous system.


Flow Yoga

Lovely gentle movements that coordinate with your breath. I often have yoga music such as Sacred Earth playing as we flow.

2/Moon Flow...Gentle to Advanced

Learn about the moons cycles and how they will help you to flourish.

The moon cycle is the feminine cycle.

Wonderful inspiring books to read:

Lunar Abundance by Izzy Spencer (I found this book in the library & then bought it.)

Moonology & Moonology Diary by Yasmin Boland


 February 2020  




Other Classes & Sequences

3/The Tree of Life - Gentle

For the nervous, respiratory, lymphatic & immune system.

4/Saraswati Wisdom - Intermediate to Advanced.

Create and live life to the full.

5/Shakti Mudra 

6/Hakini Mudra with Apana Vayu

Bird Song

Spend at least 2 months on this section of yoga classes & meditations as you work your way through Weeks 9 - 16 of Bird Song

My body & mind began to change quickly when I started my Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

I was once average health & flexibility, getting a bit stiffer through the years.

Now I am incredibly flexible...it happened through learning to relax & let go.

Learning to be still.

Learning Ocean Breath.

Dropping into my favourite restorative yoga positions any time of the day, in bed before sleep and sometimes at night when waking with a hot flush.....

Once you learn all this, yoga becomes an essential part of your life.

Now you don't need to be told what to aim for.

You start to feel the changes and you become more intuitive as you practice.

You may make up your own class. Be your own Guru. 

This is the missing part of many yoga classes, the feminine.

The Rainbow Teachings

Saraswati Wisdom


Bringing it all together.

Water - Learn a little more in my Newsletter.

March 2021


Sacral Chakra


Physical focus is the lower spine, pelvis & hips.

Good for balancing emotions such as guilt, grief, depression, feeling down.

Musical Note D

Uddiyana Bandha

Apana Vayu

The Moon

The West


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Teaching Meditation

Colour Meditations

Orange Stone



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