Flexible & Flowing - The Water Element

The Sacral Chakra

Spend more of your life in beautiful places. If you can't visit them, create them.

Plant a tree, grow herbs on a windowsill, dig a small pond.


Yin & Restorative Yoga

We need to grow stronger...slowly.. but most of us also need to regain flexibility by learning to be still and relax.

Practicing Yin & Restorative yoga makes you more flexible. I am living proof. I was getting stiffer over the years and had a sore back and hip when I first started yoga. I have learnt... and it wasn't easy, to hold an asana and relax.

My mind would want me to keep moving.

What next? How much longer? Whats the point? This is boring...The chatter dissolved with my breath and peace and softening finally joined me as I practiced.. I realised I am not my thoughts. 

Find presence, poise and grace in the gentle asana first.

These positions are practiced sitting or lying down mainly and are held for much longer periods of time.

Yin Yoga asana are held for 2 to 3 minutes. This gives your muscles and mind the opportunity to relax and let go and as this happens over time you move deeper into the posture.

Restorative yoga is more gentle and nurturing and can be held for even longer usually with supports such as pillows.

They help free your body and mind from injury, pain, suffering. Both mental and physical

Link to yin & restorative class

1/Relax. Relax..Relax.. is a simple, gentle, restorative class which is practiced laying on your back. 

It is incredibly important for the health of your whole spine and nervous system

It is a gift to yourself, practice it often.

The Heart of Yoga

2/Saraswati Wisdom is an intermediate to advanced class.

I usually adapt a class I am practicing at home but this time I don't

Notice frustration if you can't practice some of the postures in this class, accept and adapt.

Emotions surface with the water classes in particular and like life they are not always "feel good."

Acknowlege them, watch them, breathe and release them. 

Strong Women

Flow Yoga

Flow yoga is beautiful to practice, very feminine and graceful.

Instead of holding the asana we move with the breath.

If you can't relax, if you can't sit still. Then flow........

Add specific mudra, add music or mantra and yoga becomes a spiritual practice.

It raises your spirit...hard to describe but easier to feel.

Quite a few of my flow classes have been choreographed by me as I practiced at home, whilst listening to Sacred Earth.

I loved practcing them so much I wanted to share them with you.

The more you know your routine the quicker your mind will settle.

Make sure you know the postures well before flowing.

I am sitting in lotus but you might be sitting in a chair or cross legged.

It doesn't matter.

Links to two flow yoga classes

1/The Moon Flow Class is a favourite of many of my students. Strong Women

The first 10 minutes is standing and can be practiced by everyone with care.

Take your time to learn Shakti Mudra before you begin - Essence of feminine power hand gesture. If it is too challenging for your fingers place the tips of your fingers together and practice Hakini or Prayer. A student told me Shakti Mudra was too difficult for her, so we adapted. Thanks for your feedback Vickiā¤

*At the bottom of this page, you will find Moon Work a fortnightly guide to help bring you back insync with the feminine cycle of the moon. Time to look up at the sky, enjoy the dark, the yin, the cool & calm.

Recommended Books. I found them both in the local library and then bought them.

Lunar Abundance by Izzy Spencer

Moonology by Yasmin Bowland

Both are wonderful guides to inspire you to live a beautiful and happy life.

2/ Sacral Chakra Class is beginner/intermediate and also lovely to practice.

The Heart of Yoga


The beautiful & gentle Tree of Life flow class which ends with a face and neck massage.

A restorative yin flow class which ends with the Water Yantra teaching meditation.

Yogic Healing Class - The place of the Moon, increasing ojas the nectar of life.


Link to the teaching meditation - Orange Stone.

This meditation encourages you to create a beautiful life.

It is one of the chakra or rainbow teachings

One of my students gave up her job after practicing it in class.

I was a little shocked when she told me.

She then struggled with what to replace a job she didn't enjoy with and also not earning "her keep"

She has now started her own charity to help underprivilaged women in our society and realises her true value is not how much money she earns.

Free Meditations

Oranges & Orange Essential Oil

An important healing fruit and oil for Kapha Dosha

It also has a special energy July 2017 Newsletter

Bird Song

Spend at least 2 months on this section of yoga classes & meditations as you work your way through Weeks 9 - 16 of  Bird Song 

My body & mind began to change quickly when I started my Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

I was once average health & flexibility, getting a bit stiffer through the years.

Now I am incredibly flexible...it happened through learning to relax & let go.

Learning to be still.

Learning Ocean Breath.

Dropping into my favourite restorative yoga positions any time of the day, in bed before sleep and sometimes at night when waking with a hot flush.....

Once you learn all this, yoga becomes an essential part of your life.

Now you don't need to be told what to aim for.

You start to feel the changes and you become more intuitive as you practice.

You may make up your own class. Be your own Guru. 

This is the missing part of many yoga classes, the feminine.

The Rainbow Teachings

Saraswati Wisdom


Bringing it all together.

Water - Learn a little more in my Newsletter.

March 2021


Sacral Chakra


Physical focus is the lower spine, pelvis & hips.

Good for balancing emotions such as guilt, grief, depression, feeling down.

Musical Note D

Uddiyana Bandha

Apana Vayu

The Moon

The West


Ayurvedic Treatment for colds & flus  August 2018

Food Therapy Oranges/Yoga for Winter July 2017

Easy Chai for colds & flu  August 2019





Moon Work. What do you think?

Can following the Moon guide you to a better life?

My newest qualification - I am now a Certified Moonologer with Yasmin Boland and it has taken my practice to a much deeper level which I wish to share with you

Full Moon in Pisces on September 10th

The mist maker

Following the Moon 

The full moon reflects the suns light back down onto earth.

It is said to reflect our emotions.

It is said to intensify them.

This can be a good thing.

Positive emotions will be enhanced but negative emotions also.

Breathe and look carefully.

Use your negative emotions as teachers.

What needs to change in your life?

Pisces is a sensitive, watery sign.

Tears are the best medicine and help you let go, to forgive, to learn from the experience and grow stronger. Researchers have established that crying releases oxytocin and endogenous opioids, also known as endorphins. These feel-good chemicals help ease both physical and emotional pain.

Energetically once you release something, you have space for renewal.

Dream on...wait till the New Moon to begin to make plans.

Learning to forgive is not easy.... I always get a lot of positive feedback when I teach this meditation...taught to me during Yin Teacher Training Thank You Carrie-Ann Fields.
The Forgiveness Meditation is Class 7 of my Strong Women Series
Strong Women

New Moon in Libra - The heart of yoga - Sept 26th

Lotus flower in my garden.

Libra is an air sign. 

The science of Yoga & Ayurveda revolves around an understanding of the 5 elements.

Earth. Water. Fire. Air & Space.

The Air Element is connected to your hands, touch, your heart, your chest & shoulders.

When you are closed off, you hunch over and bend your head down and many of us do this without realising when looking at technology.

This posture causes stress & anxiety

To stay balanced practice this special yoga class which begins with the Lotus Mudra & Teachings. The Heart of Yoga

I hope it opens your heart as it was intended too 

Now you are ready to sit and write down what you really want from life.

What are your heart felt wishes?

You have planted a seed...

Full Moon in Aries

Smoke & Ashes

Monday 10th October 7.54 am

Aries is the beginning of the Zodiac cycle, a fire sign and in Australia spring is the start of the seasonal cycle.

It’s a good time to “spring” into or start something. You may find you are already feeling its effects and have more motivation and plans for the coming months.

But this is the Full Moon Cycle which means it is time to let something go, to nurture, to look inwards. Fire is all about change or transformation…wood to smoke. The energies are very supportive as this Full Moon is harmonising with the planets Venus, Saturn and Mars. What needs to change?

After the Full Moon our yoga practice should be more Yin & Restorative Yoga.

1/Three yoga asana for nourishment and self nurturing.

Sphynx - Sitting Twist - Child

Try this beautiful class everyone loved at my Patonga Yoga Retreats

2/Relax. Relax..Relax...The Heart of Yoga

3/Practice the lovely Shanka Mudra which alleviates problems caused by too much "heat" in the body. Cooling and calming.

4/ Chant RAM

5/ Practice Samana Vayu  or nourishing breath  See Yellow Stone Meditation Free Meditations

6/ Light a candle and practice Tratak – a powerful yet simple meditation. “Energetically it works as a powerful psychic cleanser for the third eye chakra. It stimulates the pineal gland producing melatonin which helps regulate sleep patterns” From the cleansing Power of Yoga by Swami Saradananda who I am honoured to have as my yoga mentor.

Full Moon in Aries will happen every spring and is a great time to "gently" cleanse and detox your body. The fire element is connected to digestion and nourishment, for more information see October Newsletter

Set up your own special sanctuary October Newsletter 2022

The shadow emotion of the fire element is shame. Think about it as you watch the flame, what memories surface? Allow them and when you are ready blow the flame out. Watch anger, rage, irritability, frustration. Study them within you, notice what makes you react, flare up, judge.

You are learning you are not your emotions. You have the strength to sit with them, experience them and know they will pass.

Have a beautiful Full Moon in Aries...go out and watch her slowly, gracefully, light up your evening. Water the seeds of your positive emotions often.

Crystal - Sunset Aura

Shiny, bright, artificial. The outside image of our time.

But hold her lovingly to the light and you are drawn inwards.

So much depth, beauty and cloudy skies.


Each ending has a new beginning. I move inwards and feel my inner beauty, preparing myself, enjoying this moment. 

Sit, swim, watch. Light and colour always changing.

Eagle Point

"Moon"thly cycles

Summer visitor's

Behind the waterfall

Ready to learn more? 

Section 3 - Full Of Energy

My Journal December 2021

Moon Flow

Learning how to create and practice feminine and beautiful yoga classes has made yoga so much more of a spiritual practice for me. I have been practicing at home and adding some of them to my classes for years. It is deeply rewarding when someone tells me how much they enjoy the moon flow that I created or face massage. 

So I was looking forward to practicing, flowing yoga with music again and I love Yin & Restorative Yoga but suprisingly, practicing this section was really tough. Things happened and things from the past resurfaced and I cried a lot! 

But it was good, good to acknowledge, to forgive, to cry.

I also had a lot of guilt which travel restrictions brought up ...my Mum is in England, struggling and isolated. 

I am ready to move to the next section. I feel stronger now. I had to leave and live a different sort of life for my own spirit and well-being. I have learn't so much about myself. Most importantly I have forgiven myself and know that I made the right decision.

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