Strong Body - Strong Mind


Let's start at the beginning....

Gentle Yoga & Relaxation Class

Yoga is an Ancient Sanskrit word meaning connection or union. 

It is not an exercise class; it is a system to encourage the flow of Prana or energy and much more.

Illness & disease are a blockage in Prana.

Over time as your mind quietens you will start to feel this energy but first of all we will start with the foundations of the practice, the asana or positions. 

This first section of yoga classes are taught with a focus on your body and are similar to a slow moving exercise class.

Your mind is kept busy as you feel into your body and learn to adjust to suit your body's capabilities.

Ahimsa - The first ethical code of yoga

No pain!  Avoid any positions that hurt!

The meditations help promote emotional stability.



There are many styles of yoga.

You will be practicing Hatha, Yin, Restorative & Flow Yoga.

This section of classes are slow moving and focus on the physical practice, careful alignment and building strength in your whole body but particularly your lower spine & hips.

Learn the foundation asana or yoga positions and how to adapt them.

* I spent 10 years practicing the Hatha Alignment Workshop & Yoga Nidra. Take your time!

It's a journey, not a race, a circle with no ending.

I began yoga for physical reasons, a stiff hip and lower spine.

Little did I know that I would go on to become a yoga teacher at age 50     

Make sure you feel strong and comfortable before you move on to the next section and then it will be easy to move deeper, stay longer and learn more about your mind as well as your body.

Classes in this section:

1/ Introduction to Yoga - Yoga postures for everyone

2/ Chair Yoga - Yoga postures for everyone

3/ Gentle/Relaxation Class - Beginner to Advanced Yoga Postures

4/ Hatha Alignment Workshop - Beginner to Advanced 

5/ Kali Time - Intermediate to Advanced 

6/ Ganesha Mudra - Everyone

7/ Hakini Mudra - Everyone


Bird Song

Take at least 2 months to practice the yoga & meditations in this section.

At the same time practice Week 1 to 8 of Bird Song my Online Book which has been planned to teach you more about Yoga & Ayurveda.

Diet, herbs, lifestyle changes compliment the yoga & meditation classes as you practice.

Bird Song


The Rainbow Teachings

Hatha Alignment Workshop

You may not know or understand the meaning and significance of the words below.

One day you will see the connections, you will understand the system and you will know exactly what yoga, meditation, herbs, diet or lifestyle changes you need to stay healthy & balanced.


Earth - February 2021 Newsletter


Base Chakra

Special physical focus -Lower Spine, Hips, Pelvic Floor, Feet, Legs, Arms, Core

Good for balancing emotions such as fear, stress, anxiety, insomnia and feeling overwhelmed. 

Musical Note Low C - More Details  July 2018 Newsletter

Prana Vayu - Energising Breath. More details  July 2020 Newsletter

The book I use is The Power of The Breath by Swami Saradananda. I recommend buying a copy although I first found it in the library. It is full of breathing exercises and lovely images. It's chapters correspond to the first 5 sections of my course.

Mulha Bandha


South in Australia


The Newsletters will help you understand a little and guide you to inspiring books with so much more detail.

Newsletters that will help you to learn more about this section.

Ahimsa August 2020 

Mindfulness May 2020

Easy Chai/Three Mudras/Ahimsa August 2019

Music Therapy/ Fruit for Winter /Essential Oils for Winter August 2018

Winter Detox - Ask me to email this one to you. June 2015 Newsletter

I have taken many of the newsletters off my website as I ran out of website pages.

Comfrey is a special herb for healing of the physical body...fractures, sprains etc

Ask me for this one. September 2015



Teaching Meditation

1/Yoga Nidra       Free Meditations    Practice at least 3 times per week...forever?

2/Red Stone   Colour Meditations

3/7 Stones Meditation

4/Three Wise Women

Ready to move on?

Buy yourself something Red.

A crystal, a scarf, clothing, something lovely that reminds you that you have completed the first section.

Use the comment section and send me an email, maybe some details of how you went and I'll guide you through the next section and send appropriate classes, sequence and meditations.

The next 6 sections are available only for a short time on my website.

I will send them to you via email when you join



Section 2 - Flexible & Flowing