Strong Body & Mind - The Earth Element


Gentle Yoga & Relaxation Class

Yoga is an Ancient Sanskrit word meaning connection or union. 

In the course we begin with the connection back to your body & back to nature.

You see and feel your body becoming stronger and you feel yourself relaxing.

You become aware of your breath, your busy thoughts and your ever changing emotions. 



Inner Wisdom - Healthy Lifestyle

The yoga asana in this section help strengthen your whole body, particularly your lower spine, legs and feet.

The meditations, breathing exercises and yoga asana help promote emotional stability.

You will be encouraged to begin a diary or journal.

To make a timetable, to start some healthy routines.

You will learn how to cook some lovely, healthy vegetarian meals.

Buy a plant. 

Connect with nature.

The Earth Is the South.(Australia) The cold winds, the shade, the strong, cool energy.

Set up a space in your house for your practice, collect things from walking in nature.

Once you feel grounded, stable and secure it's time to learn more.


Support via Email or Zoom

This first section of yoga classes are taught with a focus on your body and are similar to a slow moving exercise class.

There are 10 yoga classes in this section from a 15 minute chair yoga sequence to intermediate and advanced classes.

There is a health questionaire to fill in and I will advise and send you specific classes & 10 minute routines and meditations

You'll recieve this section of the course via email as well as links to meditations and yoga classes. 

I encourage you to ask me questions and get in touch once a month via email.

Zoom one on one yoga or meditation sessions especially for you can be organised Cost $120




A 10 minute meditation for inner strength and an introduction to the earth element

Ready to move on?

Buy yourself something Red. 

A crystal, a scarf, clothing, something lovely that reminds you that you have completed the first section.

Use the comment section and send me an email, maybe some details of how you went and I'll guide you through the next section and send appropriate classes, sequences and meditations.

The next 6 sections are available only for a short time on my website.

I will send them to you via email when you join



Section 2 - Flexible & Flowing

My Journal - September 2021

I feel a little sad today, surprisingly so

It is time to learn more

I have spent 2 months focusing on the Earth and really feel her in my bones.

I feel the connection between us.

The comfort, strength & power.


I watch the sunrise through the trees

I realise...I am not leaving but adding another layer.

I love the water, to watch the moon, to practice feminine, flowing yoga.

I dust off my Sacred Earth CDs and feel my spirits lifting.


Julie Ivison