Giving back to Mother Earth.


Instead of putting up a pay wall to use the information in Bird Song I am inviting you to join a learning circle and donate $20

Fifty percent of all Bird Song Donations will be gifted on to the Rainforest Trust.

The Trusts major goal is the purchase of rainforest around the world in order to protect it from deforestation. To create wildlife corridors between reserves and protect endangered species. If indigenous tribes occupy the land their homes and way of life are protected too.

So far more then 8 million hectares have been protected around the world including Australia.

For more information see Rainforest Trust Australia.

Closer to home. The other fifty percent of your donation will be used by me to help improve my garden and to help build a yoga studio and facilities for retreats and workshops.

Thank You - Namaste

Bank Details  Julie Ivison

BSB 062 627

Account Number 10120840



Audrey (Middlesbrough, England - my Mum) $20

Jess (Central Coast) $20

Julie (London- my sister in law) $40

Joe (Central Coast - my son) $20

With your kind donation, we have purchased/protected about 66 acres of indigenous land in the amazon. Obviously it is not ours to own and why would we want to? It is a wonderful feeling to know that we can help protect our important and ancient forests of the world.

This donation was made on my 55th Birthday and what a wonderful way to celebrate!

I hope it is just the start.

Price per Acre:  $0.76. Key Species (Based on IUCN Red List): Black-faced Black Spider Monkey (EN), Giant Otter (EN), White-bellied Spider Monkey (EN).Habitat: 5 ecoregions of moist forest (Ucayali, Napo, Southwest Amazon, Iquitos Varzea and Solimoes Japurá)

Threats: Lack of land titles promotes the idea of “free land”, logging, mining, oil and gas extraction and colonization for agriculture.

Action: Help title land for 220 communities

Local Partner: CEDIA  Financial Need: $4,656,096. 

Total Carbon Storage (Mt Co2):1,135,860,000

Gift Information 
Payment ID: 54877313 
Payment Type: CREDIT 
Payment Date: 3/25/2019 1:03:30 AM EST 
Donation Amount: $50.00


Sandra (Central Coast) $20

Heavens here on Earth.


You can look to the stars and search for answers.

Look for God and life on different planets.

Have your faith in the ever after.

While each of us holds inside the map to the labyrinth.

And heaven's here on earth.


We are the spirit. The collective conscience.

We create the pain and the suffering and the beauty in this world.

In our faith in humankind. 

In our respect for what is earthly.

In our unfaltering belief in peace and love and understanding.