September 2016

4 Week Workshop

Natural Treatments for stress and anxiety. Begins Saturday 10th September.

See workshops for more details.

October Retreat 18th - 20th

I had a wonderful time at the August Retreat. The house was amazing with its new deck overlooking the water, unfortunately we didn't get to use it. Heavy rain kept us warm and cosy inside by the wood burning stove. I had some lovely feedback and am looking forward to the18th October. There are still a couple of rooms available. Cost $389 for a Queen or King Room.


Most people in our Western Society believe Yoga is a physical exercise like any other but it is so much more than an exercise routine. It is part of an ancient system of health known as Ayurveda which means the science of life. Ayurvea teaches through yoga, meditation, diet, lifestyle and much more, health in body and mind and how to promote wellbeing and longevity.

The asanas or exercises which we practice create health, strength and flexibility in the body but they are only a small part of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Yoga itself has 8 limbs.

Yama's  - Moral codes

Niyamas  - Restraint

ASANAS  - Art and science of body exercise

Pranayama  - Breath regulation

Pratyahara  - Sensory withdrawal

Dharana  - Concentration.

Dhyana  - Single Pointed Focus

Samadhi - Feelings of bliss, pure consciousness.

I try to bring these 8 limbs into my yoga classes and will be talking about them in my next  few newsletters.

Did you realise that the Gentle Yoga and Relaxation Class is actually the most advanced class ?

 It is a much more holistic class teaching more of the 8 limbs of yoga and not focusing mainly on the asanas.

Food Therapy

I studied Food Therapy with Denis Stewart. Instead of focusing on Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates and breaking food down into equations and nutritional Information. We focused on specific foods to treat disease. Denis a wonderful Herbalist and Teacher,  taught us how to use real food to address health problems. I often cringe when I walk into a Health Food Store and there is very little food and lots of nasty supplements, tablets and capsules. I recommend the Health Food Store at Bonnal Road, Erina. I wander the ailes and always come home with something new to try. I will include some of my Food Therapy notes in the next few newsletters let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to focus on.

Cholesterol lowering food.

The best way to get cholesterol out of your body is through your bowels. You need to eat food with lots of fibre. Don’t be persuaded by advertising to eat those nasty processed cereals and avoid bran. Bran is very abrasive on the digestive system it is best to eat wholemeal. The best cereal is oats. The gelatinous texture of  porridge is actually soluble fibre which absorbs water and helps bind bile and cholesterol in the intestines and promote excretion. Pectin in apples is another excellent source of soluble fibre. Fruit and Vegetables are an excellent source of natural fibre and I have seen a study that found simply eating a carrot a day can reduce cholesterol.

Bitter foods should be added to your diet. These are chologogues and stimulates the biliary process  and production of bile. Bile is produced in the liver and stored in the Gall Bladder. Bile salts act as emulsifiers keeping cholesterol in bile in solution and not absorbed into the blood stream. Endives, dandelion (tea) lemon juice, artichoke and olive oil although the last is not bitter.

Excessive calories found in sugar, white bread, pastry and other processed foods

cause the liver to produce fewer bile salts and thus increase cholesterol levels in the blood.

Ayurveda and Conventional Medicine

Studying with Denis at Southern Cross Herbal School a part of the course was Ayurvedic Herbology.

This was a bit “airy fairy” for my science based Radiography background. Still the course was held at Ourimbah University which impressed and so trying to be more open minded I went along.

I listened and thought - this all seems to make perfect sense to me. Why isn’t our health care system more like this ? Why do we x-ray and find disease and treat with chemicals? Why don’t patients get more lifestyle advise, Herbal Medicine and Natural Treatments first and invasive therapy second.

Open your minds to the airy fairy and the alternative. Modern Medicine can be a life saver but there is a lot of damage done to us through the improper use of drugs. Cholesterol lowering medication for example. Your Doctor is not responsible for your health, you are. Joining a yoga class is one large step on the path to health.                              

  Namaste Julie