July 2016


Choose a posture one you find easy or enjoy the most. The mountain or tree you can practice anywhere without a mat.

Or put on your favourite CD and sit crossed legged and listen.

My favourite at the moment is Viparita Karani / legs up the wall with a bolster and I have been demonstarting this in Class.

Bring yoga into your everyday life. Gradually you will start to add another posture or sit for a little longer practcing a lettle bit more over the months and years. It will become a part of your life and something that you look forward to and enjoy. You will become stronger, healthier, more flexible and calmer.



I love food, I love eating, cakes, cheeses, butter, sour dough bread. I never diet and my weight seems to be fairly stable. I never weigh myself and we have no scales in the house. The whole family is slim, maybe we were lucky with our genes but I believe it is more than that. We eat good food, mainly vegetarian, mainly home cooked. I buy as much organic food as possible and cook with wholegrains. If you come along to one of the retreats you will get to try some of the food I have been cooking for the last 30 years. If you would like some ideas on cooking delicious and healthy food. I recommend Eat Yourself Beautiful by Lee Holmes. Reading the book was like meeting someone who has been sharing my learning circle.



Salmon                               Coconut Oil                            Mussels

Soaked Almonds                   Tuna                                     Carrots

Flaxseed/Linseed                 Tomatoes                               Carob

Anchovies                            Berries                                  Chia Seed

Papaya                               Oysters                                  Eggs

Sweet Potatoes                    Kale                                      FILTERED WATER

Have a wonderful winter

Namaste  Julie