Walk the Goddess path with me.

When I rest keep walking.

Women, the earth needs you.

  • New Moon Flow

    30 Minute Flow Class
    The Next New Moon is the Winter Solstice 21st June
    New Moon to New Moon?
    Practice once a day for a month.
    Connect to the earth and her cycles.
    Become strong in body, mind and spirit.

  • kali Time

    A 1 hour Hatha Yoga Class for physical & emotional strength.

    Learn to look at difficult times in your life and see the opportunity to learn and grow stronger.

    Learn about the Goddess Kali. her Mudra & Mantra.

  • Saraswati Wisdom

    I practice yoga every day.

    My home practice depends on how I feel, the season and what is happening around me.
    From my home practice my inspiration for teaching flows.

    Listen to your body.
    Be your own Guru