Strong Women-Yoga & Meditation Series

  • Class 1

    New Moon Flow
    30 Minute Flow Class
    Connect to the earth and her cycles.
    Become strong in body, mind and spirit.

  • Class 2

    Kali Time
    1 Hour Hatha Class
    Learn to look at difficult times in your life and see the opportunity to learn and grow stronger.

  • Class 3

    Saraswati Wisdom
    1 Hour Hatha Class
    Listen to your body.
    Be your own Guru

Strong Women-Yoga & Meditation Series

Green Tara protects human beings from the eight inner fears i.e he fears of pride, ignorance, anger, jealousy, wrong views, attachment, miserliness, and deluded doubts.

The mantra of Green Tara


Green Tara is the most famous female Buddha in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon. She is also known as ‘Mother of all Buddhas’ and is regarded as the female manifestation of active compassion.

Green Tara stretches out her right foot and is, therefore, ready to step down and help all who call out for her or recite her mantra. She reaches out to grant all wishes and there are many stories of people that were saved from difficulties or fears when calling her name.

Being one of the most revered deities of Tibetan Buddhism, Tara is often seen as one of the first emancipated women.

The story goes she was a very devoted girl who used to pray for hours and making extensive offerings to the Buddhas. But when other, male, practitioners noticed her capacity they told her this was all useless unless she would pray for the next incarnation in a male body, as this would be the only way to reach enlightenment. But Green Tara had a deep insight that ‘female’ or ‘male’ are just labels we put on things and therefore she made the following adamantine vow:

Until Samsara is empty, I shall work for the benefit of all sentient beings in a woman’s body.

Thus she did, she became one of the first enlightened women.

Walk the Goddess path with me.

When I rest

keep walking.

Women, the earth needs you.

"to heal 

you have to

get to the root

of the wound

and kiss it all the way up"

From the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

  • Class 4

    Power is in your hands.
    1 Hour Ayurvedic Mudra Workshop & Yoga Class
    Learn how to use the hand gestures of yoga to boost your health.
    Enhance your yoga
    Deepen your meditation

  • Class 5

    Prana and Health
    Prana is your energising breath.
    This is a wonderful, relaxing and gentle yoga class.
    It includes a hand massage meditation and yoga postures to help you let go of tension and draw in prana or life force.
    Thinking of this energy as oxygen is only the beginning of understanding what it really is.

  • Class 6

    The Healer Within
    1 Hour Yin Yoga with Marma Massage.
    Marma points are yoga acupressure areas in the body. One of my yoga students favourite classes. For Jeanette who asked me to video this class a while ago.


A poem by rupi kaur


they convinced me

i only had a few good years left

before i was replaced by a girl younger than me

as though men yield power with age

but women grow into irrelevance

they can keep their lies

for i have just gotton started

i feel as though i just left the womb

my twenties are the warm-up

for what i am really about to do

wait till you see me in my thirties

now that will be a proper introduction

to the nasty. wild. women in me.

how can i leave before the party's started

rehearsals begin at forty

i ripen with age

i do not come with an expiry date

and now

the main event

curtains up at fifty

let's begin the show

- timeless