Christmas Holiday   

 Last Class     Monday   21/12/15            Begins again  Monday     4/01/16

I am holidaying at home as I usually do over Christmas and New Year enjoying the lovely Central Coast. Yoga will be running through school holidays.

The Best Yoga Student

Best is not a word to use in yoga.

We must let go of our egos and turn our focus inwards to how our body feels.

The student ignoring pain or with shaky arms or legs is not practicing yoga.

The student sitting in a a chair whilst others are sitting cross legged on the floor is practicing yoga.

The shaky student is wanting to be strong.

The student in the chair is strong.

The shaky student is not enjoying their yoga practice and may injure themselves or give up.

The sitting student has an inner strength and will slowly become strong and flexible in body and mind.

Paw Paw Power

Or papaya "is one of the best all round healing foods"   Laugh with Health  Manfre Kosch.

It contains many enzymes which help aid digestion for example papain aids the digestion of protein.The enzyme carpain is good for your heart keeping it strong. Fibrin is vital for blood clotting. Chymopapain heals burns and inflammation. ( particularly irritable bowel, crohn's disease, ulcers.)

Beta Carotene the flavonoid present in orange foods is a potent cancer fighter and anti oxidant.

Beta crytoxanthin may help the healing of lung and colon cancer.

It also contains vitamin A and C.

It is a lovely oily easy to digest food perfect for convalescing, babies and the elderly.

If you suffer from constipation add up to a quarter of a paw paw daily to your diet.

You can buy paw paw ointment and it is still my favourite first aid treatment. I use it for dry lips, dry skin, grazes. (It cleans, dries and protects.)

Unfortunately the brand I liked is no longer manufactured. I use the ointment in the red container although it contains petrochemicals. It is still much more effective than the other organic products which have far too many other ingrdients and not pure paw paw.

Making Your Own Ayurvedic Oil

It's simple I have used Western Essential Oils and knowing the herbs Ayurvedic Energy have combined them with Virgin Organic Coconut Oil to make a lovely smelling therapeutic oil with many uses.

 I have given you the recipe for the Pitta Oil. Pitta is mainly fire and a little water. You are more likely to have a Pitta in balance in summer when it's hot especially if your individual constitution is Pitta too.

The pitta oil is therefore cooling and calming, cooling and calming to the body and mind. If you are feeling hot and bothered, angey or irritable gentle sooth into your hands/face/feet.

Heat aand inflammation are soothed by the oil. Any skin complaints that are red, inflammed,itchy can be relieved by this oil. Any illness that ends with itis e.g. colitis, sinusitis, cystitis, gently rub into the skin over the effected area. It helps to relieve headaches and any neck tension. The essential oil is quickly absorbed into your skin and into your body.

To make it more soothing, cooling and effective keep it in the fridge.


This oil can be used to repel insects and sooth insect bites. it is antibacterial and antifungal.

30mls Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

10 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

I can make one up for you Cost $9

They come in a little glass jar.

You may chose this oil at the Ayurvedic Christmas Party.



Namaste    Julie