One on One

In the East yoga was taught one on one. In the West it is usually taught in groups. However there is so much extra you can add to your practice if we spent 30 minutes together one on one. My Radiography training has made me very aware of how to improve your yoga posture and when you are ready to deepen your practice. If you have an injury or are finding some of the postures difficult I can teach you how to adapt them to keep you safe but still gain the benefits.

I can write up and develop a special yoga routine you can practice at home focusing on:

- Strengthening your abdominal muscles.

- Overcoming chronic illness.

- Practicing yoga with a knee or shoulder injury.

I've ran out of space but there is so much. Yoga can give you back your health.

Cost  $60     30 minutes before or after usual classes.

        $40     for those with a 10 pass

Salute To The Sun

Sun salutation is a sequence of postures that build heat in the body and increase heart rate and strength. It is important to be familiar with each asana before moving on to the sun salutation sequence. One breath one posture to avoid injury.

If you are new to yoga it is best to practice the beginning of the sequence only and I will teach you this in class. If you are familiar with a sun salutation sequence (there are many variations) You can try the sequence on your own at this point in the routine.

Have confidence in yourself it doesn't matter if you get lost.

Towards the end of term or if we have a class with no new students I will go through the simplest sequence again.

You are welcome to come along early to class and practice with me.

Gotu Cola          A special Ayurvedic Herb

Gotu cola is a native Australian plant. It thrives in my garden.

It is the most important rejuvenative herb in Ayurvedic Medicine.

It revitalises the nerves and brain cells. It increases intelligence, longevity and memory and decreases senility and aging.

It strengthens the immune system.

It is a powerful detox herb and is included in my detox tea as it purifies the blood.

It is specific for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

It balances the dosha ( hoping to run an Ayurvedic Workshop leet me know if you are interested )

I add 7 leaves of the fresh herb to the smoothie I make every day.

Organic Veggies and Herbs

I now have a greenhouse and it has been amazing how quickly my herbs and veggies are growing. I have been growing some for the plant stall at the Empire Bay Fete which is on Saturday 17th October. They have shot up and some will need replanting before then. So I am going to bring them along to class and sell them 4 for $10 or $3 each. I will also pot up some gotu cola, if you want to grow your own. I will also bring along bunches of fresh organic basil, coriander, parsley, kale. I am hoping for an abundent harvest this year.

I guess if you are reading this you have already found my website and don,t need any reminders. Hope you are enjoying them.

Hello to Julie my sister-in-law who is reading them in England. Looking forward to seeing you in February.

Namaste   Julie