September Newsletter

Longer classes no extra charge, arrive 5 - 15 minutes early.

You can practice restorative yoga and put your legs up the wall or if you want to lose weight and increase heart rate and strength, 5 - 15 minutes sun salutations.

Ahimsa the first moral code of yoga

"Respect for all living things and avoidance of violence towards others." This is one of the many definitions I found on the internet. For me as your teacher it means I need to keep you safe in class and it is becoming more important now as some of you want to develop your practice and try more difficult asanas. We are not practicing only the gentle yoga postures. We are practicing some intermediate postures and I will continue to introduce more. I will always begin with a gentle variation and guide those of you who want to challange yourself further. It is human nature to listen to your ego and push yourself but you must practice ahimsa too, you should feel no pain and be able to breath and feel strong in the posture before moving on. This makes it harder for the beginners or those with injuries who must follow my guidance and listen to their bodies. Some of you have been practicing for a year and I am really noticing the improvement in posture and strength, remember every posture no matter how easy it may seem to you now has its benefits. When I started practicing stronger postures for my teacher training course I would wake up and hobble around every morning. I discovered when I went back to practicing ankle circles I could spring out of bed once again!

It is your yoga practice, I would like you to have the confidence to practice more gently or strongly depending on how you are feeling. Listen to your bodies, keep safe, enjoy  your yoga and grow stronger and healthier with every lesson.

Comfrey Ointment

Comfrey is a special herb, its old name was knit bone. Externally it can be used to help treat any sprain or fracture and helps with regeneration of tissue. (Always follow your Docters advice first.) I have used and recommended it to others so many times with amazing results. It is best to apply the ointment or cream 3 x daily. I use Greenridge and it can be purchased in most Health Food Stores.


I have been ordering ORGANIC fresh fruit and veggies online fro several months now. If something is certified organic it means the product, food or animal has not bean sprayed or fed chemicals which we then absorb into our bodies when we eat them or put them onto our skin. Organic products are good for us as well as being good for Australia. The chemicals are in our soil, wash into our rivers and seas and are slowly polluting this lovely country.

Organics2you is a small business operated from Bensville. The fruit and veggies are sourced as locally as possible and purchased at the organic market in Sydney and delivered the same day, Monday to your door. I spend around $55 a week and plan my meals around what I order, knowing I am helping a small local business as well as reducing the amount of toxins in my system and supporting enviromentally friendly practices in Australia. I am practicing ahimsa.

3 Day Detox/Smoothie Diet

You'll lose up to 3 lbs but this is more than a diet it will boost your energy and curb sugar cravings as well as give your digestive system time to rest. The diet is alkalising too, high acid diets are partly responsible for many of the modern diseases and alkalising your body gives your immune system a boost. You may feel a little tired the first day or two but you will soon be feeling full of life. Green juices smoothies are packed full of vital nutrients.

Slowly and surely is how to lose weight so maybe set aside 1 - 3 days a week after this to follow the diet. If you lose 1 lb a week that is 52 lbs a year. Don't set yourself unattainable goals. You can use a blender for this such as a bullet. You may need to add a little filtered water or upto 75mls of coconut milk or 3 dessetspoons of Greek full fat yoghurt. Make sure the yoghurt contains live cultures such as acidophlis. Always remember to drink at least 5 large glasses of filtered water per day.

Avoid coffee and if you go back to drinking it, 1 per day only. Headaches during your detox are ususlly due to coffee withdrawal. Everyone seems to be drinking more and more of the real expresso coffee. It is much stronger than the granules ( and tastes much better ) but theere are many good reasons to give it up or drink 1 cup per day. Coffee is a stimulant, it stimulates your nervouse system, quickens breathing, sometimes causes shaking, increases heartbeat and haaas the opposite effect to meditation and slow breathing techniques increasing anxiety. It is a diuretic and draws fluid from the body. Coffee usually comes with lots of milk and milk particularly homogenised has been linked to heart disease including skimmed milk. How many calories do you consume, coffee often comes with biscuits. Avoid skimmed milk, soy milk, decaf coffee. I haven't enough room on this newsletter to say why but google and learn. If you want a copy of the spring detox pick one up in class.


I love to get feed back good or bad, it's how I learn and improve my classes. Sometimes it's impossible to please everyone but I'll give it a try!

Namaste Julie