Cost same as Yoga Class

MEDITATION                                       10.30 - 11.00 am

Cost $10

For those in my yoga groups cost is $7 or $5 if practicing yoga first.

Free Workshop  Ayurvdic Medicine   10.30 - 11.00 am

Friday 24th April. Please write your name on my list if you are coming along.

I will teach you a little about Ayurvedic Medicine and health. During this workshop you will find out your individual constitution. Relating to the 5 energies space, air, fire, water and earth. I will also teach you the Ayurvedic face and neck massage and how to make up an oil specific for your dosha.

What does this mean ? Come along and find out !

Ayurvedic Medicine dates back thousands of years. Yoga and Meditation are an important part of healing as well as herbs and food.

*If I have enough people who would like to learn more after this class. I will run another 3 classes. Cost $60 1st, 8th,15th May  10.30 - 11.30 am

The Power Of Herbs

Last newsletter I gave you a recipe for a detox tea. I should have mentioned that herbs are powerful plants. If you are taking herbs for a particular illness then usually they need to be taken 3 x daily. But you need to be cautious and Liquorice is a good example. It can inhibit the absorption of calcium and increase blood pressure if taken in large quantities. If you have osteoporosis or high blood pressure avoid liquorice.

Drink 1 cup of Herbal Tea for health and 3 to treat a particular symptom. ( Under the guidance of a Herbalist or Naturopath.)

A is for Adjustment.

If you would like me to adjust your positioning in class put an A next to your name in the signing in book.

Food Not Drink

We should drink FILTERED water 5 - 7 glasses per day.

Maybe some Herbal Tea, maybe some freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juices. Fresh meaning you have just squeezed it, otherwise it quickly loses it's vitamins and minerals. All other juice should be avoided. Orange juice from a carton for example is highly acidic, rots your teeth and plays havoc with your digestive system.

Avoid ALL canned and bottled drinks. Despite what they say on the label they are nasty, full of chemicals or sugar or both.

I could write so much about milk and it's a bit controversial. One quote stands out.

"Milk is for baby cows, they aren't too bright and they need to put on beef. " It is so over processed now and can contain antibiotics given to the cows to stop mastitis. Buy organic, I buy Pauls non-homogenised full fat milk from Coles. It still has the cream on top. Avoid milk that is ultrapasturised like Coles Organic Brand and drink full cream which as I mentioned in previous newsletters is needed to absorbs the calcium etc. The best dairy is food that has been fermented such as full fat Greek or Natural Yoghurt which is full of probiotics, calcium and protein.

Maybe 2 cups of tea a day. It prevents the absorption of iron and should be drunk between meals. I can't give up alcohol or coffee. One organic coffee per day and 3 - 4 glasses of wine per week..............but if you can avoid both.

Mulha Bandha-Root Lock

I know I talk about these locks alot mainly to keep you safe in your yoga practice but there is more to the locks than safety. Mulha Bandha is the drawing up of the 3 sets of muscles in the perineum. They are the muscles around the anus, the genitals and the perineum. Which with practice you begin to become aware of seperately. I never go into so much detail especially if it's your first yoga class! Drawing your belly button towards your spine is really part of the second lock.

* Correct use of the Bandhas enhances your yoga practice by generating prana and gathering heat in the system, this helps protect the spine, regulates blood pressure and heart rate and assists in developing power, strength and inner focus as cultivating spiritual development and ability to withstand stress* Byron Yoga.

I now have an unpaid editor. Thanks Paul.

Amendment - Back to Butter      Cooking on high heat use ghee or lard

                                              Cooking on medium heat use butter or coconut oil.

                                              Cooking with low heat use extra virgin olive oil

                                              Cold use only faxseed, walnut, sesame oil.


Have a lovely holiday

Namaste         Julie