Easter Holidays

I am going camping the first week of Easter.

No classes 3,6,10 April

Classes start Monday 13th April

Free Workshop    Growing Your Own Medicine

This is a workshop I always enjoy teaching. I will focus on herbs that grow easily in my garden in Bensville. Teach you how to make them into teas or lotions and how you can use them to improve your health. Some are indigenous to Australia like lemon myrtle ( I will bring in a tea to try ) and Gotu Cola which is a special Ayurvedic Herb. I will have cuttings and runners that you can take home.

Meditation or Workshop

Instead of Developing Your Practice Workshops at the end of the month. I am going to teach a 30 minute instead of 15 minute Yoga Nidra Meditation in all 3 classes.

Friday 27th  arch       9.30 am - 10.45 am

Monday 30th March   9.30 am - 10.45 am

                                 6 pm - 7.15 pm

No extra charge. If you need to leave earlier thats fine.


Food Therapy

An easy way to improve your diet increase you fibre ( soluble fibre reduces cholesterol ) and improve your weight and health..

Eat wholemeal bread ( not multigrain the bits haven't been processed properly and get caught in your intestines ) wholemeal pasta, brown rice - try well rinsed quinoa instead of paste or rice. Have oats for breakfast.

Wholemeal or wholegrain is more filling and still contains the goodness of the grain.

East Meets West

Did you know yoga is an important part of Ayurvedic Medicine?

Ayurvedic Medicine is the traditional medicine of India and is still practiced today. The person is treated not the disease. Yoga and Meditation although an important part of Ayurvedic Medicine are used along side diet, herbs , detoxification, massage, astrology ( I know nothing about astrology ) to rebalance health.

A lovely way to introduce you to Ayurvedic Medicine is a simple Ayurvedic Face and Neck Massage. This is calming and relaxing, helps improve circulation, relax muscles and is an enjoyable routine to practice before your shower. If you would like to learn the technique ask me and I will teach you at the end of class.

Detox tea and The Wonders Of Liquorice

The role of detoxification to clear disease states is an important part of Ayurvedic Medicine.

Enemas and purging are used in the East but a more gentle Western approach would be to drink a Detox Tea. I am going to make up a range of therapeutic teas and have them available for you to purchase if you wish. My detox tea includes Dandelion, Gotu Cola and Liqorice. In Western Medicine we learn Liquorice is a very special herb with many health benefits. It is anti inflammatory, demulcent and support the body under stress and fatigue. I could keep going !

My Ayurvedic Text gives liquorice this wonderful discription and helps you see the difference between Ayurvedic Medicine and Western herbalism  " It is a restorative and rejuvanative food. Calms the mind and nourishes the spirit. It nourishes the brain and increases cranial and cerebrospinal fluid promoting contentment and harmony. It improves vision, voice, hair and complexion and gives strength."

Wow I need to drink it more often !

Not recommended if you suffer from high blood pressure or osteoprosis.

I bought the herbs from Gary in Woy Woy. Equal parts of each if you wish to make it yourself. I will begin selling it $9 this month.

Yoga Homework

Relax and stand side on in front of the mirror. Now engage your 3 bandhas. Practice as often as you remember.

Its lovely to see all the new faces