It was lovely to start yoga classes again.

I have been a bit busy and have not had time to write a July Newsletter so sorry but back on track now.


It has been cold and dry, it was -2 degrees on our varandah on Thursday! I have been going in early to put the heaters on so it is not too cold when we start classes. What has this got to do with skin ? Cold, dry and heaters add up to dry skin and Ayurvedic teaches us the skin should be kept moist . It is out protective barrier from the outside world.

There are many skin products used today that are highly toxic and so expensive.

Our simplest moisturiser is free.... water. We need to keep hydrated and drink at least 5 glasses of filtered water per day.

The skin is an organ of the body and anything you put on it is absorbed into the body.

I use an organic hand made soap to wash and a loofah to remove rough or hard skin. To moisturise I use organic coconut oil ( I often mix this with essential oils - more on these another newsletter ) But my latest discover works even better on dry skin and that is Hemp Cream.  "Made in Hemp"  is a wonderful shop in Long Jetty which makes it's own Organic Hemp Creams and Soap. I had eczema on my leg, it was itchy and horrible. Sun and sea helped clear it up but when it started to itch again it was Winter, so I smothered the area in Hemp Hand Cream. It is also good for psoriasis and any dry skin condition. I now have the Face Cream, Hand Cream and  Body Butter ............

I use tea tree to disinfect cuts ( some people are allergic ) and paw paw ointment to heal wounds, grazes etc. Sulpher Soap from Bonnal Rd, Erina , Health Food Store is great for anyone suffering from spotty skin or acne.

Feed your skin on the inside with healthy nutritious food. Especially organic fruit and veggies. Three excellant foods for skin are papaya, zuccini, virgin coconut oil. If you have dry skin add more good oils to your diet. If you have oily skin avoid fatty processed food.


Let food be your medicine.

Almonds. They must be soaked for at least 6 hours and then rinsed. Particularly good for alkalising the body. High in protein, omega 6 essential fatty acids, monunsaturated fat, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, biotin and dietry fibre. eat them instead of rubbish snacks such as biscuits. I use them in pesto instead of pine nuts. Once soaked they must be kept in the fridge in water and eaten with in a few days.

Seaweed. Seaweed contains many trace nutrients which are otherwise absent from our diet including iodine essential for healthy thyroid function. I add it to soups and stews. I also use the thin crispy seaweed on salads.

Berries. High in the potent anti oxidents lycopene and anthocyanins. They help fight cancer, protect the skin from sun damage, reduce cholesterol and improve the circulation, eye sight and bowel health.

Kale and Cabbage. Excellant source of the 2 clensing minerals sulpher and chlorine which help cleanse the blood, improve liver function, reduce excess weight. High in chlorophyll, vitamin u and bromine which improves glandular function vital during menopause. Add to stews but for the most benefit eat raw. Make your own coleslaw or a veggie juice. A juice I enjoy, a handful of kale, an apple, I eat the pulp as well and add 2 tablespoons of yoghurt.

Yoghurt. High in protein and calcium with a lot less lactose than milk. The main benefit is bowel health, make sure you buy full fat, no sugar with acidophilus the good bacteria. Blueberries can kill bad bacteria such as giardia so for a healthy bowel flora and lovely snack eat blueberries and natural Greek yoghurt every day.


As you may already know some yoga postures make you feel strong whilst others help calm your mind and relax your body. Restorative poses are specific for relaxing your body and mind.They should be held for at least 5minutes and props are used to support your body so you can really relax into the asana. Legs up the wall is one of these postures, the wall is your support. I enjoy these asanas as mucha s a good massage and the health benefits are amazing. "Massage is forced relaxation. coming from exteranl manipulation. Yoga is extension - extension giving freedom for the body to relax" B.K.S. Iyengar.

I am going to run a ladies RELAX/RESTORATIVE class once a month on a Sunday, starting in September and depending on availability of the hall from 4 - 5 pm. To feel the benefits each posture should be held for at least 5 minutes, music will be playing and candles burning. Because I need to use props and want to spend some time getting you comfortable in each asana, places will be limited and you will need to book and pay in advance.

Namaste Julie