June Newsletter

I am going to England for a months holiday.

Last class Friday 19th June. Begins again Monday 20th July.

Make sure I have your mobile phone number if you would like me to text when I get back.

I am enjoying teaching so much and will miss you all but it will be lovely to see my family.

Class Times                              Monday                                 Friday

Wellness Yoga                       8.15 - 9.15 am

Morning Yoga                       9.30 - 10.30 am                    9.30 - 10.30 am

Evening Yoga                        6.00 - 7.00 pm


A lot of people suffer from insomnia at various times in their life and as a Herbalist I was often asked to make up a formula. This tea contains hops and passion flower and is sedative which means it makes you feel relaxed and a bit dull/sleepy and is not recommended to take during the day but just before bed. If insomnia is due to anxiety then drink the calming tea during the day.

Another easy tea to take before bed is an Ayurvedic formula. Hot milk with a teaspoon of nutmeg.

Ayurvedic Medicine teaches the use of many spices as powerful medicine. Nutmeg is not recommended to be taken for long periods as it can dull the senses too.

Spoil yourself. Before bed have a hot bath with a couple of drops of lavender and relax. Then drink your tea and lay down and meditate using a CD if you prefer.I often wake in the night, after years of practicing meditation I can often relax my body and enjoy meditating until I have quietened my mind. It doesn't upset me any more to wake in the night. Sometimes I imagine the alarm going off and having to get up and this helps me enjoy lying in my lovely warm bed, relaxed and awake but not having to go anywhere.


Ayurvedic Medicine teaches us that we should eat with the seasons. Not just seasonal food such as oranges in winter but in cold weather we should be eating warming foods. It makes sense to me that in summer, salads and light meals are good but in winter soups and broths should be on the menu.

Here is a winter detox day you might like to try.

Drinks. At least 5 glasses of filtered water plus Herbal Teas.

1 cup of lemon tea with honey, add ginger and chilli if you feel cold.

Porridge made from organic oats or quinoa. (Gluten free no oats.)Add 2 stewed apples these are lovely mixed with chinese five spice. Honey and milk or yoghurt. (Dairy free no milk or yoghurt.)

A fresh juice with orange or pineapple or both.

Morning tea. Banana, make it special, add 1/3 of a papaya, squeeze on fresh lime juice plus mint from the garden. Enjoy a cup of detox tea.

Lunch. A 2 egg omelette. Being winter sweet root vegetables are best. Fry 1/2 onion till soft add 1 grated carrot, 1 grated beetroot or any other veggies from the fridge. Then add eggs. Sqeeze lemon or lime juice on top.

Afternoon tea. Fruit of choice. I love stewed rubarb with 5 spice and honey. Enjoy a cup of detox tea.

Dinner (Serves 4) Veggie chilli with guacamole and brown rice.(I add some organic corn chips and melted cheese and its one of my families favourite meals but not when detoxing) Fry onion and a small chilli till charamalised. Add beans, about 2 cups, I use adzuki cos they cook quickly. I soak them over night with lemon juice. This is acidic and breaks down the acids and enzymes which prevent you absorbing their nutrients properly.(All beans should be soaked this way before eating and then rinsed well.Beans in cans are nutritionally poor.) Add salt to taste, 1 can of organic tomatoes, veggies of choice, use as many colours as possible.Carrot and beetroot are delicious but sweet potatoe, pumkin, kale or broccoli are good too. Add beans and simmer until beans are cooked, about 1 hour. You may need to use a little more water or veggie stock if becoming too dry.

Guacamole. Mash 1 ripe avocado and lemon juice and a clove of garlic.

Last cup of detox tea.



A heating, strengthening posture.

Strengthens the legs and arms, tones the abdo muscles, gently works towards opening the hips, builds stamina.

Caution neck issues=look straight ahead.

Knee issues=do not bend the knee so far or keep straight.

You know if you are practicing properly if you feel strong in this pose.If you are feeling tired then drop your arms and focus on your legs.

Breath is really important, focus on the in breath, drawing in strength and vitality.

Thankyou all for coming to my yoga classes and thankyou for all the lovely comments.

Namaste           Julie