Crystal Meditation

The crystal is a Carnelian
My life is filled with the things I love doing.
I take action with confidence & power to make it so.
This is the second colour of the ancient rainbow teachings. The Sacral Chakra, your sacred self.
What makes you happy?
This is my personal favourite meditation to teach as it empowers you to make the very best of your life.

As your breath slows and your mind quietens your hear your inner voice, your inner wisdom and you listen and learn.
Slowly... or maybe not so slowly you begin to change your life.
You may start a course or give up a well paid job or take up bush-walking.
You realise that how much you earn is not as important as how you spend your precious time and that there is a big difference between abundance and wealth.

Heart to Heart Yoga and Meditation
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The Wisdom of Yoga- 30 minute yoga class

This is a class written for 2020 a year we will all remember.
It is a class to practice when ever you need to feel your inner strength.
It is a class which brings you into the present moment.
Focus on your body and calm your mind with this lovely practice.
Learn Ganesha Mudra
"The gesture builds self-confidence and courage, instils in you the courage and willpower to face difficult situations and foster compassion and respect for others. Physically Ganesha Mudra has a powerful effect on the veins and bronchial tubes, encouraging them to open.
Ganesha is a favourite Indian deity, with many admirers in the West, too. He represents, the energy that removes problems that get in your way. This is relatively easy for him to do, since he is the one who puts obstacles there in the first place. His goal in doing that is to make us physically, mentally and emotionally stronger"
Mudras for modern life by Swami Saradananda
I hope at the end of the class you will realise, that every moment is precious, every moment is perfect.
We never know what the future holds for us and those we love. But when we focus on our breath and gentle movement, when we practice yoga, we move inwards and find strength and peace.
We can handle anything in our lives, we have to.
Be calm & appreciate every moment.
Don't be afraid. Live your life to the full.
Namaste Julie

Padma Mudra - Heart Flow Class

I chose Padma Mudra to begin my Heart Flow Class.
This is the beginning of Class 4 of my online series The Heart of Yoga
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Add depth & detail, sparkle & shine to your yoga practice.
A change of Heart ?
"When you practice this gesture your hands mimic the blossoming of the lotus flower and the opening of the heart chakra. As the lotus grows out of the mud but is unsullied by it, so you can live in the world but not be effected by negativity.
Padma Mudra stimulates emotional cleansing and can help you to find unconditional love, goodwill and heart - felt communication. it is useful for loneliness and grief, and whenever you feel drained, exploited or misunderstood. it opens you up to inspiration and rebalances the energy of the heart chakra. "
From the wonderful book Mudras for modern life by Swami Saradananda

Yoga Nidra is one of the deepest and most effective forms of relaxation. It is practiced laying down. Initially it is used to remove the exhaustion of modern living, giving you energy and bringing more peace and joy into your life. You may fall asleep as you practice. Over time you become more aware of your body and how to relax, you can focus and slow down your breath. You can let go of pain. Yoga Nidra helps to develop powerful internal awareness and great mental strength. You have the rest of your life to practice, growing stronger and wiser. Take your time, enjoy each moment.

10 Minute Crystal Meditation

15 Minute Rewind Class for Breast Cancer

A 15 minute sequence which begins with gentle breath awareness and chair yoga.
I have recently completed the Rewind Yoga for Breast Cancer Certificate.
I was taught to teach this class and I share the beginning with you

Yoga Teachers, Doctors and Psychologists joined forces and carefully planned this class to share the numerous benefits of yoga.
To help recover strength and movement.
To help improve stress, anxiety and depression.
To help improve sleep
*Always check with your Doctor before practicing an online yoga class.

"The YMEDICA Center was founded to establish Yoga as a standard healthcare tactic. Our strategy is based around collaboration, advocacy, awareness and resource."
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Namaste Julie

These classes are not a replacement for face to face yoga classes but extra classes to encourage you to practice at home as well.

It is important that before practicing an online class you have experience with a yoga teacher.

The more you practice the more benefit.

Enjoy them.


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