Monday 8.15 am
    Gentle/Relax Class

    Perfect for absolute beginners, students with injuries, students who want to learn the basics and enjoy a class that keeps the postures simple and accessible to everyone.
    Following Iyengar's guidelines the gentle yoga is slow and supportive.
    The second part of the class is focused on relaxation and meditation.

    Let's start at the very beginning.

    *Would you like to be
    strong, flexible, calm, relaxed, healthy, happy and confident?

    *Are you concerned yoga will be too difficult?

    *Enrol for the gentle yoga and relaxation class.

    *The class teaches you how to safely build a strong core, a flexible spine and how to use the breath to relax your body.
    Yoga terminology is introduced as well as Pranayama or breathing exercises.

    *No sitting postures, no kneeling, very gentle back bends.


    Be ready after 10 weeks to join a regular class with confidence. Or continue in this class. Some of my most experienced students come along to this class regularly. All the postures can be adapted, Some students sit in a chair, everyone can practise.

    *You may begin the class anytime and pay as you go but this class is carefully structured to gradually introduce the important principles of yoga.


    Monday 9.30 & 6 pm
    Hatha Class

    The General Class is suitable for beginners to experienced.

    All classes have a focus and as a guideline we practice 50 minutes Traditional Hatha Yoga. Which will increase your health, fitness, strength and flexibility. Followed by 10 minutes relaxation, learning to relax the body and the mind.

    Classes are casual and friendly and students have a wide range of experience

    This class is suitable for beginners and I always demonstrate the gentle variation of each posture first. If you have an injury or are an absolute beginner you may want to start in the gentle yoga class. If you are unsure which class will suit you give me a call.

    Are guided from the beginners posture into more advanced asana's as they continue to deepen their practice.


    Meditation Class
    Tuesday - Friday
    8.30 - 9.30 am
    Begins 1/05/19
    Ends 31/05/19

    Come along to any of the meditation classes.
    Due to the small number of people (only 4) classes must be booked and paid for in advance.
    The cost of a class is $15
    Begins on Wednesday 1/05/19 and ends on Friday 31/05/19

    Mindfulness means maintaining a moment- by- moment awareness of our thoughts and feelings.
    Explore my yoga students favourite meditations this month including self massage with essential oils, singing bowl meditation, pranayama - breathing exercises and the Powerful and Deeply Relaxing Yoga Nidra.
    Classes are small and friendly with a maximum of 4 people.
    Choose to sit on a yoga mat, a chair or lay down.
    *At least one class will be held on a secluded rock platform overlooking the ocean at Putty beach. This is weather dependent and free!
    Due to the small number of students the classes must be paid for in advance
    Paid by direct deposit before class - please text me for details and bookings 0438228372. You may change the day but no refund is given.