Gentle Yoga Class

This 1 hour yoga class was written especially to help prevent respiratory problems.
To help improve lymphatic drainage
To help improve circulation
To help improve immune system function.
But to achieve all these things and more it was written as a gentle class that is enjoyable to practice.
It was written to improve feelings of well being and counter stress.
The face and neck massage meditation with Marma Therapy is a powerful practice in itself.
"The uses of Marma therapy are almost unlimited for health care and form a corner stone of classical Ayurvedic medicine." Atreya Smith

Learn to Relax.............

This is a 15 minute Gentle Chair yoga sequence that is the beginning of The Rewind Yoga for Breast Cancer Class.
BUT it is a sequence for ANYONE who is tired, exhausted, suffering from any illness or spends too many hours sitting in an office chair
Yoga is not specific for one illness, it is not about illness at all.
It encourages energy and health.
It brings about a feeling of well being no matter what you are going through in your life.
I hope you enjoy it and find moments of peace and joy.

Yoga for the Immune System

Yoga is amazing to help support the immune system.

Gentle flow yoga with a focus on lymphatic drainage helps the body cleanse and clear away dead cells and toxins.

The impact of stress on your immune system is huge and the slow breathing and meditations help you to relax and recover.

I could write several pages on how yoga can help but why not try a class for yourself and see how your feel?

If you are sick and tired then practice the chair yoga sequence or yoga nidra.

Check with your Doctor before practicing The Tree of Life which was written especially to improve lymphatic drainage and stress levels.

Check with your Doctor before practicing The Heart of Yoga. It is specific for breast cancer.



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Strengthen Your Core

Learn how to engage the muscles in your pelvic floor all the way up to your neck as you practice the standing asana.

These 3 Bandha or energy seals strengthen your core & anyone with a back or neck problem can benefit so much from learning when and how to use them.

This is 5 minute video is a very gentle introduction on what they are, where they are and how to gently engage them.

In my yoga classes you will learn how and when to use Bandha as you practice asana. They intensify with pranayama or breathing exercises.

Combining these locks may ultimately yield dramatic results. These practices must be integrated into the entire complement of yoga disciplines and philosophy before they can have their effect. Our initial aim is to foster awareness and internal control, and this alone is said to have many benefits. These include:

strengthen the muscles in your core, pelvic floor & neck

improving digestion and elimination

stimulating energy

cleansing energy channels

toning the visceral organs

improving overall functioning of the alimentary canal

preparing the mind for meditation

improving concentration

These classes are not a replacement for face to face yoga classes but extra classes to encourage you to practice at home as well.

It is important that before practicing an online class you have experience with a yoga teacher.

The more you practice the more benefit.

Enjoy them.


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Mental Strength & Relaxation

Yoga Nidra is one of the deepest and most effective forms of relaxation. It is practiced laying down. Initially it is used to remove the exhaustion of modern living, giving you energy and bringing more peace and joy into your life. You may fall asleep as you practice. Over time you become more aware of your body and how to relax, you can focus and slow down your breath. You can let go of pain. Yoga Nidra helps to develop powerful internal awareness and great mental strength. You have the rest of your life to practice, growing stronger and wiser. Take your time, enjoy each moment.

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