Strong Body & Mind - The Base Chakra

The focus is yoga & meditation for the Earth Element 

For stress, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, insomnia, headaches.

For strength in the physical body and a healthy spine.

If you sit quietly watch and listen in this special place and even better share a picnic, on a winters day. You will hear the whales call and watch them play as they come in very close to the cliff tops.

Bird Song - My Online Book

Is being published at the moment! 

When you start the course, practice Week One of Bird Song. Click on the link below to access it 

Bird Song

There are 52 Weeks in the book which gradually draw you deeper into the heart of yoga and ayurveda. During the first 8 weeks of my book, practice the yoga classes which are suitable for you and teaching meditations in this section.

Learn and feel how the Earth Energy helps you become stronger and steady.

Later in the course you will fill in a constitution chart and discover the balance of the 5 energies in your body and how they effect you physically and mentally.

The earth provides you with strong foundations for everything you do in life. Don't skip to the next section for at least 2 months.

Week 1 to 8 compliments the first section of the yoga & ayurveda course.

The first 2 months you will learn about the Earth Element, through yoga, meditation, lifestyle, food and more.

-In these 2 months you will learn to cook 3 vegetarian meals

-Learn 3 simple meditation

-Make a wish or if you need to be logical set a resolve or an intention.

Sankalpa is a resolve, to be selected with careful consideration and mentally repeated three times at the beginning and end of Yoga Nidra (relaxation practice). It can also be repeated just before sleep and upon waking, or at other times when the mind is calm and quiet.

Practice Yoga Nidra FREE YOGA CLASSES


Inner Wisdom - Healthy Lifestyle

The course begins when you have bought yourself a diary or journal.

Make a timetable or jot down some healthy routines.

Start after the New Moon and before the Full Moon.

There is no better time keeper.

Start to feel in rhythm with nature.


Include things that you'd like to learn more about and how long you wish to spend on them.

Yoga, meditation, self massage, something creative or walking, whatever you are interested in

Don't jump in the deep end. Don't give yourself too many commitments

Set up a special if tiny space in your house for your practice, collect things from walking in nature.


The day you begin your yoga or meditation class begin Week 1 of Bird Song

Write the date in your diary and maybe after practicing a class or meditation write a little about your feelings, hopes and dreams.

Links to yoga classes for the Earth Element

Yoga Classes for this section include:

The yoga classes in this section help strengthen your whole body, particularly your lower spine, legs and feet. They are slow as you get to know the postures and correct alignment.

There are 5 free yoga classes.

If all you practice is chair yoga, yoga nidra and the meditations...good. You don't have to be able to practice all the classes before moving on. 

The meditations, breathing exercises and yoga asana help promote emotional stability.


Before starting any of the other yoga classes, practice my

1/Foundations of Yoga - Bandha Video. Found here FREE YOGA CLASSES

2/ Try chair yoga no matter how experienced you are. The class is below

3/ Gentle/Relaxation Class    FREE YOGA CLASSES

* Practice this class until you feel, confident, comfortable, strong and supported.

If you have experience go ahead and try the classes below. Add more depth and detail with the 6 workshops.


4/Hatha Alignment Workshop - Beginners onwards. The Heart of Yoga

5/ Kali Time - Intermediate Class. Strong Women

There are 6 special workshops & yoga classes in this section for students being guided through the course.

I send the links through gradually to you over the 8 weeks via Email and will happily answer any questions. Book in with me if you wish for guidance there are only a couple of spaces.

Send me an Email

1/ Touching the Earth Mudra Workshop and breathing exercises for inner strength

2/ Love your feet. Hatha Class

3/ Strong Spine . Hatha Class

4/ Yin Yoga & Yogic Healing Workshop with Marma Therapy for the feet.

5/ EARTH ENERGY = Strong Foundations.

6/ Ganesha Mudra - Strength & Stability - Practice a visual meditation - The Earth Yantra

5 yoga postures for insomnia

 See June 2017 Newsletter

Links to meditations for this section

Yoga Nidra Meditation

Meditations for this section include:

Yoga Nidra - The Heart of Yoga

The meditations below are found here

Free Meditations

Red Stone Meditation

Three Wise Women

Ganesha Mudra

Seven Stones is below

Practice as little or as often as you have time for.

10 minutes per day is better than 1 hour per week.

Write in your journal how much time you'd like to commit to the course.

Something like 10 minutes meditation before bed.

3 yoga classes a week beginning with chair yoga for a week.

Use the next New Moon to begin again if you forget or get caught up in other things.


All is well❤

Click the link to find a beautiful treatment for headaches

See December 2017 Newsletter

Things to learn that will help you later.

Do you understand any of what is written below?

Practice the Earth Yantra Meditation if you haven't already it will teach you alot.

Do a little research, my classes and meditations should help you to see the connections which will guide you later to put together your own treatment plans.

What yoga asana are good for the Base Chakra?

Where is Mulha Bandha?  FREE YOGA CLASSES

Why is it important to feel grounded and supported?

Kapha Dosha is a combination of The Earth & Water Element

What foods are good for Kapha and why?

If kapha becomes out of balance what sort of diseases & emotional problems might occur?

Why is The Earth Element good for Stress & Anxiety?

The chant or seed mantra is LAM -

Meditative Mind have a lovely guided meditation with chanting on YouTube.

(Root Chakra Meditation. Healing Camp)

The colour is RED

The musical note is Low C

The area of your spine is the BASE 

Essential Oil - Vetiver & Orange

Going deeper. Massage feet *Zoom Workshop. Earth Yantra *Zoom Workshop. Hand Gestures/Mudra *Zoom Workshop

Coffee can increase anxiety it is a stimulant

Be careful with coffee, avoid it if possible if you suffer with anxiety.

More information June 2017

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Is wonderful for balancing Kapha Dosha - Earth & Water

The Fragrent Heavens by Valerie Warwood give essential oils more heart.

See my June 2017 Newsletter.

Using spices as medicine - The three aromatics

Ayurveda and many other cultures have been using herbs & spices as medicine for thousands of years. Special combinations are used to enhance the therapeutic benefits.

Find out about the health benefits of bay, cinnamon & cardemon and how to make a delicious warming soup that improves digestion here JUNE 2018

For everyone who sits in a chair!

Support via Email or Zoom

Online Payments

Fill in a health questionaire and I will advise and send you specific classes & 10 minute routines and meditations

I will send you links via email to the Zoom workshops and yoga classes and when you have learn't your individual constitution in section 3 of the course, we can make up a treatment plan together, with herbs, food, yoga, meditation and more.

I encourage you to ask me questions and get in touch when ever you have a question via email.

Zoom one on one yoga or meditation sessions especially for you can be organised Cost $120




A 10 minute meditation for inner strength and an introduction to the earth element

Ready to move on?

Buy yourself something Red. 

A crystal, a scarf, clothing, something lovely that reminds you that you have completed the first section.

Use the comment section and send me an email, maybe some details of how you went and I'll guide you through the next section and send appropriate classes, sequences and meditations.

* I am practicing my own course and have found that I like to buy my gift as soon as I see something that feels right. I bought a beautiful pair of Rhodonite crystal earings a week after I started this section. They are bold and eye catching and wearing them has helped me stay focused.

You'll learn more details about the healing benefits of crystals below and throughout the course.


Section 2 - Flexible & Flowing

Crystal Healing

Can a crystal change your mind ?

Find out a little more in January 2021 Newsletter

I was distracted one day by a lovely picture of some Rhodonite earings on an ad for Healing Rocks Website. At the time I was focusing on the Base Chakra. Click. Click. And I had my gift for myself ready for when I finished this section. But when they arrived I decided that it was better to put them on and wear them to help me keep my focus on the Base Chakra. To remind me that I am strong and growing stronger. They are bigger and bolder than any earings I have worn for a long time. I knew they were connected to physical & emotional strength, they are a red/pink and therefore also for the heart. 

Today 7 months later. I found myself picking up THE BOOK OF STONES by Simmons & Ashian and reading about Rhodonite. I am planning a class for the Base Chakra at the hall. 

"Rhodonite aids in perceiving where one's talents lie, and in using those talents for the highest good of all. It is a stone of learning and development - encouraging one to expand or perfect one's skills so those skills can help others"

Affirmation - I call forth my hidden talents and abilities, and I use them lovingly for the benefit of all.

There's a lot more and it is all encouraging and positive and seems to me to be a reminder that I am on the right path. Reading this touched something deep and knowing within myself. Not just a message or teaching for me but a message for you, reading this.

So ladies are your crystals just for show?

What positive messages are they sending you?

Some might close their eyes and see how they feel. But I also love to pick up a book and learn more.

A teacher & a student ❤


My Journal - September 2021

I feel a little sad today, surprisingly so

It is time to learn more

I have spent 2 months focusing on the Earth and really feel her in my bones.

I feel the connection between us.

The comfort, strength & power.


I watch the sunrise through the trees

I realise...I am not leaving but adding another layer.

I love the water, to watch the moon, to practice feminine, flowing yoga.

I dust off my Sacred Earth CDs and feel my spirits lifting.


Julie Ivison 

2021 was not an easy year but there is always magic.

If you are out in nature, sit still and watch.


Ralph shares his garden with us

"Tiddalik is a small mischievous and very thirsty frog who appears in one of Australia's best known Creation Stories. It's the story of a frog whose greed results in all of the water in the creeks, lakes and rivers being depleted, resulting in the other animals working together to see it returned."

I think it's time we worked together.

Yoga is not just about ourselves, it is our connection with life.

Our connection with the environment.

Who out there will step up, if not us?

Don't despair, look to the future, plant trees, nurture and grow.

Create beauty   Powerful You!

Donations appreciated