Yoga & Ayurveda Course


A Women's Path to Health & Well-being.

An Ancient Path for Modern Women

Women's Business

"We have been taught to suppress our feminine nature.
Yet its restlessness stirs within us, ever stronger.
Our bodies and hearts follow the moons cycle.
Respond to the suns seasons.
Our emotions flow and change.
This is our true nature.
Let us form a circle.
Grow stronger.
Let us honour ourselves and the earth.
Let us practice together.
Let us learn from the past.
Let us move forward.
The knowledge is within us already.
Let us light its flame.
Strong women every one of us."

Julie Ivison


What you will learn over the year

This is no ordinary flower.

This is Murnong a flower that grows at my place.

The roots of the plant were an important staple food for the people who lived here before me.

Ancient systems of health & well-being.

This Course is dedicated to all the indigenous peoples across the earth. May their wisdom never be forgotten.
Thank You

This is a practical course.

In the course I have focused on bringing in the nourishing feminine practices. Simple through to advanced yoga, including Hatha, Flow, Yin & Restorative Yoga, self- massage, crystal meditations, essential oils, the beautiful hand gestures, all interconnected with breathwork or maybe breath relaxation is a better word!

There are a couple of gentle cleansing days if you wish (guided students only) to practice in the middle of the course. You'll gradually start eating more natural foods and learn how to use herbs and spices to improve digestion and health.

This is the surface layer, the teaching meditations and yoga classes will encourage you to gradually move deeper and discover what gives you joy in life. The teachings are practical and inspiring, giving you the time, to really think and then make plans and all the time the physical practice is making you stronger and more flexible.

It is not an exaggeration to say you will be helping change the world by changing your life.

"The greatest gift you can offer your family and friends, is your happiness."

There is no test, you cannot fail. You will find out your individual dosha. You'll have a deep understanding of the word dosha and energy because understanding your dosha means you understand how to keep your health or energy in balance.  

By the end of the course you will know what classes, meditations, food, herbs, crystal etc. To use/practice to stay balanced or become healthier throughout your life. This will keep changing as you change.

You will develop more skills on nurturing yourself.

The course encourages you to study yourself. Your needs, love's. good & bad habits. Learn what you need to add to your life to feel fulfilled, content and calm and just as important what your need to let go of.

I recommend books to read as you progress but there is a lot of knowledge in the classes, my online book and my newsletters. Follow the links as you go.

The course should take at least a year and includes:


- 20  Online Yoga Classes.

Hatha. Yin. Flow & Restorative Yoga.

- Many 5 to 15 minute sequences.

- More than 30 Meditations.

- Modern Vegetarian Recipes.

- Special Herbs.

- Lifestyle Advice.

- Aromatherapy.

- Self Massage.

- Marma Therapy. Learn more November 2017 Newsletter

- Mind Mudras.

- Positive Mind Training.

- Crystals & Colour.  

There are 7 sections each taking around 8 weeks.

 If you wish to gain more from the course I recommend guidance. There are special workshops and yoga classes, meditations etc


A journey into understanding your unique self and gradually becoming healthier and more joyful.

There is only a recommended time frame, a minimum of 1 year...the longer the better.

Learn to act now in the present moment and make things happen.

Section 1-Strong Body & Mind


To Begin The Free Course

Herbs & Flowers from my garden

-You will need a journal or diary.

-Begin Week One of my Online book

Bird Song

-Begin section one of the course. 

There are 7 sections and each section should take at least 8 weeks.

If you wish to be guided through the course Cost is $240

*The course is structured around:

The seven chakras.

"Which are the fundamentals of yoga. A science that empowers human beings to blossom to their ultimate potential." Sadhguru

A more modern description that gets to the heart of what yoga is.


The aim of yoga is to improve and enhance the quality and beauty of life.


Zoom One on One Class or Consultation at any time is also $120

Come along to my monthly learning circles the first Tuesday of every month.

Send me an Email 

I hope I have answered your questions about the course below.

Bird Song

My online book Bird Song guides you through the course

It is being published at the moment! 

When you start the course, practice Week One of Bird Song.

Click on the link below to access it 

Bird Song

There are 52 Weeks in the book. A simple learning calender to help keep you aware of the weeks and gradually draw you deeper into the heart of yoga.


Learn how to add more healthy vegetarian meals to your diet

Ayurveda recommends a vegetarian diet.

I encourage you to cook & eat more vegetarian food. These are family favourites and are my simple, tasty and nutritious recipes.

Take your time, you do not need to become a vegetarian or vegan overnight.

Like all of yoga, diet is about balance and time and how you feel.


Becoming stronger - First Section. Base Chakra

In the first 2 months you will learn about the Earth Element, through yoga, meditation, herbs, essential oils, self-massage, crystals, lifestyle, food, yantra and more.

Recommended time at least 8 weeks

Learn yoga & meditation for a strong body and mind.

Click here  1-Strong Body & Mind

Later in the course you will fill in a constitution chart and discover the balance of the 5 energies in your body and how they effect you physically and mentally. This is your dosha or constitution.

The earth provides you with strong foundations for everything you do in life.

Don't skip to the next section for at least 2 months.

Week 1 to 8 of Bird Song compliments section 1 of the yoga & ayurveda course.

1-Strong Body & Mind

Week 9 to 16 of Bird Song compliments the second section and on it goes through the year until:

The 7th section which ends with Week 52 of Bird Song


Follow the slow track, keep it simple first time around?




Gradually read through the section on each element as you practice your classes. 

The classes & meditations are not just exercises, they are full of yoga teachings and wisdom.

Section 1 - The Base Chakra


Spend at least 8 weeks on each section. 

1/Use Bird Song as your time keeper & guide for the first 8 weeks  Bird Song

2/Practice the Gentle Yoga Class at least once a week for the first 8 weeks FREE YOGA CLASSES

3/Practice Yoga Nidra at least once a week for the first 8 weeks - The Heart of Yoga

4/Practice Red Stone once a week - Free Meditations

Section 2 - The Sacral Chakra


Week 9 - 16  of Bird Song

1/ Gentle Moon Flow at least once a week  Strong Women

2/ Relax. Relax.. Relax... at least once a week The Heart of Yoga

3/ Practice Orange Stone teaching meditation once a week Free Meditations

Section 3 - The Solar Plexus Chakra


Week 17 - 24 of  Bird Song Week 12 +

1/ Practice Full of Energy at least once a week The Heart of Yoga

Or go back to any of the other classes

2/Practice golden stone meditation at least once a week Free Meditations

Section 4 - The Heart Chakra


Week 25 - 32 of  Bird Song 22+

1/ Practice the beautiful Heart Flow Class The Heart of Yoga

Or go back to any of the other classes

2/ Practice Green Stone Meditation Free Meditations

Section 5 - The Throat Chakra


Week 33 - 40 of Bird Song 32 +

1/ Practice Cool & Calm The Heart of Yoga

or go back to any of the other classes

2/ Practice sitting in silence for 5 to 20 minutes

3/ Practice turquoise stone meditation.

Section 6

 WISDOM & INTUITION  - The Third Eye Chakra

Week 41 - 48 of Bird Song 32 +

1/Practice Prana & Health Strong Women

and go back to any of the other classes

2/Practice Purple Stone Meditation

Section 7 

BALANCED & WHOLE - The Crown Chakra

Week 49 - 52 of Bird Song 42+

1/ Practice Yoga Nidra 3 times a week The Heart of Yoga and any class that you are drawn to.

Guidance recommended next year. Keep on growing, keep on learning.

Namaste Julie

An example of a Yoga & Ayurveda Treatment Plan

Newsletter April 2019

About me

The course is the "yoga" of everything I have learnt and experienced in my life.

It gradually and slowly evolved without me really trying. I enjoyed and felt driven to write, teach, learn and share. It all came together over the years here on the website.

I have a Diploma in Medical Herbalism, Diploma in Ayurvedic Herbology, Diploma in Food Therapy. Certificate of Moonology

A Certificate 200 hours Hatha Yoga, 100 hours Yin Yoga, 50 hours Children's Yoga and 7 years of teaching yoga at my local community hall. I have run retreats and workshops and love being part of a community of like minded women


I am also a Radiographer with an in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

20 % of your payment is donated to WWF. To help in protecting wildlife corridors in NSW

Share your experiences

Julie W - 31/10/2021


In the beginning I was organising a timetable and ‘doing’ the classes & meditations, I found that once I chose a class and repeated it rather than mixing them daily the connection came. Feet rooted in standing postures, body heavy and pulled into the earth in laying postures, tingling….
Has felt like I’m wrapped in a warm cosy blanket, slowed down a bit and calmer.


02.02.2022 20:18

Rachel Sovereign

Thank you for your kindness in sharing. I'd love to participate in the online learning