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The Garden of Eden   2020


Tree's killed, vegetation cleared and poisoned.

I have seen it all.

A new neighbour, more trees gone.

The destruction continues year after year.

Old timer snakes are captured.

Out of the garden of Eden!

The fairy wrens, the finches, the lizards, the whipbirds.

The natives.

Nowhere to hide. No home.


The kookaburras and cockatoos are going crazy,


This time it's fire danger.

Lets get rid of all trees!

The chainsaw sings at my place and my neighbour waters the wasteland and smiles.


Anger does nothing but hurt,

This is my lesson,

I look to the future.

I plant little trees.

Swamp mahogony, paperbark, tuckaroo.

I have done my research.

And my power lies in nurturing.

I am part of this beautiful place. 

We will grow and mature.

This power is in each of us.

To give to nature, is to give to ourselves.

Women you are the Garden of Eden.

Julie Ivison


"Even if I knew tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree."

Martin Luther


My place & their place.

January 2022

Ralph shares his pool with us.

They are returning!

I would never have been motivated to do more planting out in the reserve if the tree's had not been cleared. For the first time in 5 years fairy wrens have come into the reserve and into my garden. The dragons have taken up residence, there's at least 8 species of native bees, golden dragonflies, red dragonflies, noisy frogs, possum & python....the whole place is blooming.

We can help create magic.

A green tree snake on the veranda