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I recieved an email regarding the incorrectness of a Mudra described in my newsletter.

"Kali mudra and ksepana mudra are thesame. What is your source for the ring finger version ofKali mudra."

 MY REPLY                                   

Thank You for taking the time to read my newsletters.
You will find over time as you read yoga articles that many things are not the same. It is an ancient practice which has been passed down by many students and teachers of yoga.
I like to follow my heart in these matters and am open to more than one source of information.
I use Mudras for Modern Life by Swami Saradananda for my work with Mudras. It is a beautiful book with so much information, meditations and knowledge and has added much more depth to my classes and my own practice.
KALI MUDRA “By interlinking fingers and thumb, each element supports the strengthening of the earth energy in your upward-directed ring fingers. This leads to an experience of groundedness and security and makes you more open to intuitive wisdom”
I also love David Frawleys books and I know from reading some of his work that his knowledge of mudras is different with different fingers representing different energies.
I do not think that either of them are wrong. 
The newsletters are my experience and learning from many different books which then flow into my yoga classes, newsletters and books.
I try only to tap into my intuitive wisdom.

Namaste Julie

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