Wisdom & Intuition


..."the common eye sees only the outside of things, and judges by that, but the seeing eye pierces through and reads the heart and soul..."

Mark Twain

A life - changing experience

We have two eyes that look at the outside world.

But we have a Third Eye, in yoga teachings, it sits in the middle of your brow.

Your "mind's eye" looking inwards at how you feel.

Don't be afraid of how you feel, learn from your feelings, your emotions.

Sit with them in meditation.

Study them.

You have the tools.

Practice yoga, meditation, massage, go for a walk, cry your heart out, howl your grief.

You're only human after all.


You will feel negative emotions.

You will feel pain.

You will suffer.

You will die one day & who knows when that will be.

Don't run away from the hard parts of life, learn from them.

Live your life well my friend


"No matter your circumstances, inside of you is "bliss" It feels like everything and nothing. It  tingles and hums. It is life itself, it is not caught up in dramas. It flows through you and every living thing, connects you to the whole. You can't push yourself there, you must relax, surrender, breathe."

Julie Ivison

I hope you have a deeper understanding now of what you need to change in your life to make it more joyful.

Live your life to the full

Links for Teaching Meditations

Moon Flower - Ancient Healing

Three Wise Women Free Meditations

The Bell *Guided students.

Purple Stone  Free Meditations

Links for the yoga classes in this section

Yoga Classes for this section

1/ Prana & Health - Everyone   Strong Women

* Enjoy using your essential oils, they'll add so much more to your practice. 

2/ Colours of The Rainbow - Everyone *Guided students only

3/ The Wisdom of Yoga - Everyone *Guided students only

Yoga is a meditation.

Bird Song

Week 40 - 48 of Bird Song

If you don't like my recipes, try your own, use your own wisdom.

The system is guiding me & you.

We will go in different directions but we are on the same path.

Rainbow Teachings



Mind & Emotions: Looking at things from a different perspective.

Finding the healer within



Third Eye Chakra

Musical Note A

Nadi Shodhana


Singing Bowls

Are used for sound healing

Google Dr Gaynor and learn how he uses them as part of his treatment for cancer to complement conventional treatments.

Learn about sound vibration or better still feel it.

You can buy a singing bowl, you can sing, you can chant, you can play a musical instrument

You can do anything you want too.

Section 7 - Balanced & Whole

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