The Heart of Yoga


How you feel

By now you may have realised that the parts of your body with illness or disease are connected to one of the sections. 

If you have breast cancer for example then this section is specific for you.

We are moving up your body to your heart, your thoracic spine, your chest, breasts, arms & hands.

You feel with your hands, you feel with your heart and these classes are lovely to practice, very gentle and full of positive messages.

The power of Mudras, the hand positions of yoga is not to be underestimated for changing your mind. Positive mind training.

However the forgiveness meditation is very difficult to practice but can change your life.

I must mention Louise Hays book "You Can Heal your Life."

I recommend reading it throughout the next couple of months.

Change how you feel, don't be a victim of your past experiences.

Yoga Classes

1/ Power is in your hands - Everyone.

2/ Heart Flow - Beginner onwards 

Short Yoga Sequences

1/ Chin Mudra

2/ Padma Mudra

Mudra Workshop & Yoga Class.

Power is in Your Hands

Mudra Workshop & Yoga Class

Learn about the 5 energies of yoga and how to use them in your life.

Each is represented by a finger.

The Mudras of yoga, the hands gestures add so much to your yoga & meditation practice.

Practice the gestures in a chair - Everyone

Or learn specific asana to enhance them and follow me through a Beginner to Advanced Yoga Class

Bird Song

Practice week 25 to 32 of Bird Song

You are going a bit deeper now, making changes in your life.

Spend more and more time out in the beautiful green of our natural world.


The Rainbow Teachings



Air - May Newsletter

Yam pronounced Yummmmmmmmmm.


Musical Note F

Vyana Vayu 

Physical focus - Chest, lungs, thoracic spine, shoulders, arms & hands

Follow your heart, change your mind.

Helps with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, anger...

I think you would really enjoy and learn so much from the book Mudras for Modern Life by Swami Saradananda. It's chapters correspond to the 7 sections of my course. 



"to heal

you have to

get to the root

of the wound

and kiss is all the way up"

rupi kaur


Maybe the most important meditations?

1/ The forgiveness meditation

2/ Green Stone Meditation

3/ Padma Mudra yoga sequence


I hope that they will help you to reach your spirit, your heart.

To open your heart is to feel a love not connected to a person but deep within you.

A love for all of life.

Namaste Julie ( My heart greets your heart )


Ready to move on?

Section 5 - Calm & Peace