A Women's Path to Health & Wellbeing

This is no ordinary flower.

This is Murnong a flower that grows at my place.

The roots of the plant were an important staple food for the people who lived here before me.

Ancient systems of health & wellbeing.

This Course is dedicated to all the indigenous peoples across the earth. May their wisdom never be forgotten.
Thank You


A 1 year course or a life time of learning.

Yoga when used in combination with Ayurveda is an Ancient yet scientific approach to health and so much more than an exercise class.

It starts in your feet and changes your mind........

Safe & gentle. 










This is a practical course.

There is no test, you cannot fail. You can only develop more skills on nurturing yourself. Study is yoga, meditation, gardening, walking, painting, knitting, reading, whatever you love doing. Time is not important. Just 20 minutes per day. How many hours is that a year?


- 20  Online Yoga Classes.

Hatha. Yin. Flow & Restorative Yoga.

- Many 5 to 15 minute sequences.

- More than 30 Meditations.

- Modern Vegetarian Recipes.

- Special Herbs.

- Lifestyle Advice.

- Aromatherapy.

- Self Massage.

- Marma Therapy.

- Mind Mudras.

- Positive Mind Training.

- Crystals & Colour.  

There are 7 sections each taking around 8 weeks.

* Answer the questions on your current health and reasons for joining at checkout and I will guide you to appropriate online classes and meditations for each of the 7 sections.

Over the course I will help you to gradually make changes to your diet and life style based on your own individual constitution and health. I will also recommend herbal teas and special  Ayurvedic treatments and herbs.

I have a Diploma in Medical Herbalism, Diploma in Ayurvedic Herbology, Diploma in Food Therapy.

A Certificate 200 hours Hatha Yoga, 100 hours Yin Yoga, 50 hours Children's Yoga and 6 years of teaching yoga at my local community hall.

I am also a Radiographer with an in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology. 



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Each section should take a minimum of 8 weeks to complete. 

A journey into understanding your unique self and gradually becoming healthier.

After each section send me an email, please comment & share how you feel or ask questions and I will get back to you ❤

Then buy yourself a gift.

You will know what you need.

 Follow the Ancient system. 

There are lots of inspiring and wonderful books to read as well as my newsletters if you want to learn more on a particular subject.

But we'll start with your body.

Section 1-Strong Body & Mind


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