Yoga & Ayurveda Course - Guided

240.00 AUD

Welcome to my 1 year online Yoga & Ayurveda Course. For every women You may want to do the course without my guidance and therefore there is no need to answer the questions below. But if you would like me to guide you to classes & meditations in each section and send through little 5 - 10 minute clips from the classes that I think will help you then let me know a little about yourself in the comment section at check out. Your name: Age does matter, so your DOB 1/ Please let me know in a few lines your overall health and fitness. Don't miss out any important details such as you are in remission for cancer or going through treatments, this sounds silly but often happens in my yoga classes. I don't need to know the treatments or medications. They are between you and your health care practitioner. 2/Please let me know emotional problems too..such as anxiety, anger etc. What would you most like to focus on in the course ? A lot of people start with lower back problems for example and simply want to build core strength, a strong & flexible spine and meditations that help with pain & relaxation. Others are wanting to relieve anxiety. Others have practiced yoga for years and want to learn more about it. ZOOM face to face talks, yoga & meditation classes can be arranged. Cost $120 Yoga Teachers & Student Teachers the course will help you plan classes and teach you so much about the whole system. Yoga & Ayurveda. If you would like to come along to my face to face classes, get in touch. I would love to mentor students wanting to teach more than a physical asana focused class. Learn the interconnection between meditations, asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra, everything! Understand how simple yet powerful the "whole" practice is. Finally I hope you enjoy the course and get back to me every couple of months. *Let me know if I have permission to publish any comments. *NEVER DO ANYTHING THAT HURTS, NEVER PUSH YOURSELF. Practice to your bodies capabilities and it will gradually grow stronger, more flexible & healthier. Thank You for your payment Namaste Julie If you prefer to pay via Direct Debit. My account details are Julie Ivison BSB 062 627 Account Number 1012 0840

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20% of your payment will be donated to Half Cut - Money donated to Half Cut at the moment is helping buy blocks of rainforest in the Daintree allocated for development. Protected the land and animals that live there. Namaste Julie