My wish is for yoga to be available to everyone

My online classes have been carefully planned. Not only will you learn how to practice yoga and meditation but you will gradually learn more about Ayurveda and this wonderful holistic system of health and wellbeing.

These classes are not mean't to replace face to face classes with a teacher but to add more depth and detail to your yoga practice and encourage you to practice at home as well as in a class.

Please have lessons with a yoga teacher before practicing my classes and learn how to adapt to suite your level of experience and health.

Some of the classes are very gentle, others are for intermediate and advanced students.

Everyone practicing these classes will learn how to bring Yoga and Ayurveda into their daily lives.

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Learning Circles Yoga

Wishing You Health and Happiness.


Online series available

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This 8 class series begins with your feet and ends with your mind!

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Transform your life with yoga wisdom.

Click here to view Strong Women  7 classes

Unique yoga classes with self massage, mudra workshops, learn a little about the Goddess Saraswati and kali. 

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