Week 42. The Wise One

My heart Chakra singing bowl.


Have you ever wished for a special person to guide you through life's ups and downs?

Someone wise, compassionate and loving.

Someone who listens quietly, is soft and warm.

An Ancient Teacher whose wisdom is forever expanding as your world grows and changes.

That is what Yoga is to me, when I practice yoga I listen to the wise one, I listen to my heart.

I am a Warrior, strong and determined.

I am a tree, standing tall, firm and solid.

I am the ocean, flowing with my breath.

I am free from stiffness and pain.

My yoga practice whispers to me, words of wisdom, words from books, words from teachers, words from friends.

Always inspiring, always loving, always learning.

As I practice, I feel guided, I listen and learn.

I know only positive thoughts come from my heart and inner voice.

Teach others, share your knowledge, follow the Ancient teachings, change them for your Modern World.

We need to be more feminine, we need more yin, we need to slow life down, we need more tha.

We need a balance. 

A yoga class must have a heart. chakras, mudras, music, colour, essential oils, touch through self massage, singing bowls and more.

A yoga class is not an exercise class, a place to show your moves, no uniform here, wear lovely comfortable clothes.

We are all wise

We are all connected.

Step into the circle.

Online classes 

Week 43. I am

Third Eye Chakra -Inner Wisdom Singing Bowl

For each short positive statement breathe in the feeling of the word and as you breathe out absorb it into every cell of your body.

If emotions well up, tears perhaps, allow them, shed them and let them go.

Add something special, a singing bowl for example and strike it before each whole breath but the meditation is powerful on it's own.

I am calm.

I am light.

I am strong.

I feel fresh.

I feel light.

I feel open.

I am warm.

I am gentle.

I am kind

I am passionate.

I am understanding.

I am determined.

I feel courage.

I flow through life.

I love myself.

I am compassionate.

I let things go.

I forgive myself.

I forgive others.

I have so much in life to be grateful for.

I am whole. 

Week 44. The World of Magic.

This is a meditation I wrote for my Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training. 

Please share it with your family, friends and of course any children in your life.

You are a teacher too!

This is how it goes but you can change it if you like. I am not teaching children as I planned, I am slowing things down a bit, not so many commitments just flowing, writing and planning online classes and workshops. 


All you need do is find a comfortable laying down position and close your eyes.

In a moment you will hear the sound of a magic singing bowl (you can sing or use another musical instrument)

It will ring 3 times

When it is quiet place your hands on your tummy and count your breath.

Count silently with me slowly to 10

Now lay your hands down beside you and I will place a magic wand in your left hand.

*Gently touch each child's hand (maybe have a bit of glitter that you can sprinkle in their palm) 

Feel your wand, it is soft and warm and tingling in your hand. It is golden and silver and all the colours of the rainbow. At the top of your wand is a golden ball and from the golden ball sparkles of light are flowing all around you.

Red for strength.

Orange for happiness.

Yellow because your special.

Green is the love that is in your heart.

Blue is kindness.

The colours are creating magic.

Purple helps you choose a wish. Think about what your wish might be and trust that it will happen.

(The next part is taken from the Magical Unicorn Cards by Doreen Virtue. These are wonderful and supportive for children each has an inspiring message)

"Ask for your hearts desires - they'll come to you at the perfect time in the perfect way. You don't need to know how your wishes will happen...all you need do is make a wish. Your inner voice may tell you when to take action to make the wish come true."

Now the light is violet, a beautiful sparkling light with silvers and golds. It is time to make your wish.

As the magic singing bowl rings imagine raising your wand above your head, see it swirl and swoop and repeat your wish silently to yourself.

The bowl will ring 3 times. Repeat your wish 3 times.

Now we are going to slowly come back to the real world.

I am going to count backwards from 10 to 1

Start to gently move your fingers and toes, you can stretch and yawn.

When you are ready turn onto your side and curl up.

There is magic in our real world too.

What about rainbows? Sun sets? A perfect Blue Sky?

Whenever the sky fills with special colours it is time to make wishes.

Slowly come up to sitting and place your left hand on your heart and your right on top of your left.

Feel your breath, feel your heart, enjoy making your wishes come true.

Giving is receiving. This meditation is for you the adult too, children can bring magic back into your life and remind you to live in the moment, to play and have fun. Make your own wishes.


Week 45. Bee Breathing

A tiny sugarbag bee loves my geranium flowers


18th December 2019

A beautiful morning and I am in my garden checking in on my veggies. A very loud buzz and my heart jumps. The first Teddy Bear Bee of the year. Big and fuzzy. They are solitary creatures.

A higher drone, a Blue Banded Bee. They've been back a while, they travel alone and zip around avoiding me.

I'm not a hundred percent sure but I think I saw a Carpenter Bee, large and metallic blue flying from the Trombolino Flower.

Tiny Stingless Bees pollinate my cucumber. I know where their nest is, my children showed me it in the bush.

Of course we have honey bees...they are feral just like me, they travel in groups and I love them too. They have adapted, made Australia home.

But somehow it is the unique and very special indigenous bees I love the best.

They evolved with this landscape

They speak of the Ancestors.

A Red Dragon Fly flicks past.

A Butcherbird sings.

They are our teachers. We need to listen.

There is a lovely breathing technique called Bee Breathing or Brahmari Pranayama that has many, many health benefits. Here are just a few, it is calming, it really does give you a buzz, it lowers blood pressure.

Hum gently to make a bee sound on the exhale. make it soft and as long as you can, experiment with the pitch or note, draw your belly in towards your spine as you buzz.. Practice for just a few minutes to begin with but build up to 15 minutes and then notice how amazing you feel.

Alternatively hum a song or sing your heart out!

Week 46. Gado- Gado


After 29 years we returned to Bali in January for a holiday.

It was hectic and full of life. Ugly, dirty, clean and beautiful. Yin and Yang.

We don't normally have luxury holidays but we stayed somewhere really special in the Rainforest close to Ubud. Ubud was noisy, full of traffic and sadly for me had lost its heart to tourism of which I was one!

But only 5 minutes away we were in the most beautiful place. It was so lovely, to not have to think of what to cook, no house work or dishes. To wander up to the restaurant and choose and enjoy the most delicious meals, looking out over the mountains. To meditate, sit by the pool, to have no responsibilities, to slow down..........

One of my favourite meals while we were in Bali, Gado - Gado...delicious and easy.

When I returned I dragged out the tatty but loved, Moosewood Cookbook and this is mainly their recipe.

In a saucepan add a cup of chopped onions, 2 cloves of crushed garlic, a bay leaf and a teaspoon of grated ginger, fry in butter or virgin coconut oil till soft.

Then add 1 cup of organic peanut butter, a tablespoon of raw honey, a small chilli, the juice of 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar and a dash of tamari.

Simmer for 20 minutes.

While it simmers.

Boil some organic rice 

Boil some eggs, fry some tofu, chop up or slice veggies such as carrots, celery and cucumber. Add home made sprouts or whatever you like.

All of the ingredients were in my garden or fridge, waiting for me to remember this once favourite meal.

I eat it and memories of my holiday come back to me.

I appreciate what I have and how lucky I am as I load the dishwasher.