November Newsletter

Udana Vayu

The last form of our subtle energy, the hardest one to explain in Western terms, is your expressive breath. It is a feeling centred in your head, face and neck. A calm but gentle buzz maybe...I call it Mind Yoga and the postures or Asana are lovely and relaxing. Often with your head down. Child, bridge, down dog, cat, cow, dolphin - maybe, forward bends.

A lot of the breathing exercises involve your voice and throat. We will practice Ocean Breath, chanting OM and bee breathing this month. An Eastern approach to meditation.

In Western terminology the asana (positions) and pranayama (breathing techniques) improve blood flow to your brain, in Eastern Philosophy they change your mind and help you slow down your busy thoughts and begin to understand what you need to be happy and fulfilled.

To listen to the wisdom of your heart.

We are all the same, we all need the same things in life . To be connected to our body, mind & spirit (heart). Supportive relationships. To feel loved. To feel connected to nature. To live in the moment.

Put that in one simple Sanskrit word - YOGA . On your mat and in your every day life.

Namaste Julie.          

Almost forgot the favourite meditation on our last class of the month.

Abhyanga - yoga massage of the face & neck with one of my essential oil blends.


The classes have been closed to new students since we came back in June.

It is lovely to welcome new students again and I am taking bookings for all classes.

Classes are capped at 12


BUY A 10 WEEK PASS - Cost $130 or $100 concessions.

Guarantee your place in class for 10 weeks.

*I will be increasing prices after Christmas to catch up with other yoga in the area

2021 Prices. Casual $20/$15 or 5 Class Pass $85/$70 or 10 class pass $150/$130

Pay by Direct Debit. I can text you my details or pay cash


Starting Monday 9th you can book in with me in class by paying in advance for the following week. No refund if you can’t make it.


I’ll text if places are available on Sunday afternoon and will book you in as texts come through. At the moment it is only the Gentle Class that casuals may not be able to get into. 


FREE YOGA - come in 15 minutes early and put your feet up.

* Chat and catch up with friends & neighbours or close your eyes and focus inwards.


1/Gentle/Relax Class - GENTLE

2/Power is in Your Hands- INTERMEDIATE

3/Saraswati Wisdom - ADVANCED

4/Yoga Nidra Meditation- GENTLE


New Class/Workshop in 2021 - My Place

Yoga & Ayurveda - 4 week Workshop & Yoga Class

Yoga is part of Ayurveda a holistic system of health and wellbeing.

As well as the physical exercises learn how to use this system of health for yourself and family.

Learn about food, herbs, spices, essential oils, self massage, crystals, colour, singing bowls and lifestyle changes.

Learn which types of yoga and meditation you need.

Collect herbs from my garden, try teas, make your own massage oil blend. (Included in cost)

30 minutes teaching Ayurveda.

30 minutes gentle yoga.

30 minutes meditation.

Workshops begin 3rd February at my house and garden. 9.30 - 11 am

Only 5 spaces - Deposit $50 to book your place.     Cost for 4 weeks is $160