April 2017


CLASSES RUN THROUGH SCHOOL HOLS  except Good Friday and Easter Monday 

Saturday Waterfront cancelled.

  • If you feel like your yoga postures are not improving and you are not becoming more flexible. You need to come along to the yin/restorative/flexibility class and learn how to relax and let go, especially good for those with injuries or stiffness in joints. This class is great to do along side your regular class and will improve your practice in leaps and bounds. It is safe for absolute beginners to advance. In yoga philosophy everyone over 50 should practice this class to stay flexible and your practice should gradually change as you age to have more yin/restorative postures.

 Keep Safe In Your Yoga Practice

Many of the postures I can safely practice now would have caused me a serious injury 14 years ago when I started yoga ! In class there will always be a posture or maybe lots of postures that may cause you injury and we are all different. If we ruled out these for each individual, all we would have left would be the mountain……...

KEEP SAFE. Always move into a posture slowly and carefully being aware of how your body is feeling.

YOU SHOULD NEVER FEEL PAIN IN JOINTS. Move out of the posture immediately.

YOU SHOULD NEVER FEEL TENSION INCREASING. This will cause your muscles to become tense  and will result in you becoming stiffer. You should feel a gentle stretch and as you become more aware you might be able to relax individual muscles which will allow you to sink deeper . The yin/restorative class is excellent to teach this.

Never push or force your body into a particular shape. There are always ways to adapt. During class it may be difficult to ask questions but make sure that you talk to me afterwards about any posture you are unsure about.

A Yoga Routine for Vata imbalance.

This is a class for those with yoga experience. The gentle class is a well balanced class but is especially good for Vata as is the Yin/flexibility class.

Yoga postures have different health benefits both physical and mental. This is a routine for stress , anxiety, Insomnia, lack of concentration, physical pain, arthritis, dry conditions such as constipation, dry skin. We are now into Autumn and the change in the weather can increase these symptoms. If you look on my desk I usually have the Ayurvedic weather report…….. Vata sign  at the moment with all its accompanying attributes. We all love to talk about the weather now you can include Eastern Philosophy !!!


For those of you who are interested in learning more about Ayurveda have a look at my earlier newsletters. Yoga is a part of this holistic ancient Indian system of health and longevity. I have been writing these newsletters for 2 1/2 years and they are all on my website www.learningcircleyoga.com

VATA ROUTINE  I recommend you attend class all month before following the routine. Take your time move slowly and gently with awareness this is not an easy routine. The breath is VERY important. Royal Breath and if you feel comfortable add ocean breath on the exhale.

*5 minutes legs up the wall

*5 minutes kneeling or practicing Virasana use a block or 3 if necessary.

*Cat warm up

*Child extended arms

*Cobra-Restorative crocodile-Locust-restorative crocodile.

*Slow gentle salute to the sun-will be going over in class.


*Forward bend with blocks

*Coming forward in rod use a strap or long belt, sit on a blanket.


*Twist lying down

*Long Savasana 5 minutes minimum to 20 minutes.

Food Therapy - Minestrone Soup

Food is as important to our health as exercise. In Ayurveda  food is vegetarian and I have already including one of the special meals kitcharis in a previous newsletter. In the West we have access to many foods and I can use my knowledge of Ayurveda and my own favourite recipes. We should be eating less raw, cold foods such as salad as the weather cools.  For this season food should be moist, oily and cooked with lots of sweet nourishing root vegetables. Thursdays I arrive home late after class and it is too late for me to eat. I want to eat a light meal before my classes. Minestrone soup is easy, quick, warming , nourishing and a great way to use up excess veggies and everyone in the family loves it - including my dogs.

Fry 1 chopped onion in butter (don’t skimp on butter) until caramelised.

Collect 3 bay leafs from the garden and hurry back before onions burn!

Add Bay Leaf , pre cooked beans of choice or tin of beans (organic ,well rinsed) Carrots, beetroot, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, potatoes, kale, broccoli whatever...but root veggies are particular nourishing and 1 tin of organic tomatoes (or 1 kilo of fresh tomatoes). Add filtered water a couple of inches above veggies. But it is up to you how soupy or stewy you prefer it. Add at least 1 teaspoon of sea salt - no additives.

Grate lots of  parmesan and butter lots of lovely  wholemeal sourdough and enjoy. Rosie ate more for breakfast. Dave and I ate more for lunch the next day and the dogs ate bones. I will have to make more!

Be happy, for this moment is your life.  OMAR KHAYAM               Namaste   Julie