March 2017


 I am looking forward to running more yoga classes and hope they help those of you who  work or attend uni to find a time that will suit you each week.

 I am also increasing prices, take a look at the back of my little brochure. Prices will stay the same for all students who started before 1st March and the 10 week pass will continue at the same price. Thank you for your commitment and support without you I could not teach.

I have bought a lovely journal and I am hoping you will write something in there for me to keep. Hearing how yoga has benefitted you will encourage new students to come along to class and with your permission I will start to put them onto my website. Let me know if your writing is for only me to read. Any comments good or bad will help me become a better teacher.


Vata        Air and Space

That was a very hot summer and I hope you enjoyed your calming, cooling postures as we adapted the classes to suit the very hot weather. Today is February 20th and it was only 11 degrees on our veranda this morning and it feels sooo good. This time of year the weather is changeable and this affects us. Routines begin to change. It is 12 o clock and I am planning to walk Jasper, normally I would be starting to feel hot and lethargic by now. I have cleaned out my daughters bedroom and found 3 bags of rubbish. I have organised new classes. So far the change in the season has been positive.  Symptoms that are associated with Vata imbalance may include stress, anxiety, insomnia, busy mind, easily fatigued, nerve disorders, back pain, arthritis, flatulence, constipation, circulation problems, and dry skin.

Our Yoga Practice will begin to change too - Yoga for Autumn

Air and space are always moving and to balance this we need to create stillness in our lives. Yoga Nidra and any form of meditation is excellent at this time of year. The yin/restorative class is also wonderful. With the use of supports such as blankets, postures are held from 3 - 10 minutes allowing the body and mind to deeply relax. It is the best form of yoga to improve flexibility and as the muscles relax it begins to gently stimulate and encourage the flow of Prana in our joints. The Gentle class and Hatha classes include a balance of strengthening and relaxation postures. In Autumn we will be practicing stability and balance and begin slow and simple sun salutations and a few kundalini Vinyasa. If you have no idea what I am talking about. I will teach you a little about the different forms of yoga and terminology.

Food for Autumn

It is time to adapt what we eat as the season changes. In the cooler mornings instead of fruit and yoghurt. I have been having a bowl of porridge maybe with a chopped banana, maybe with sultanas and usually with some organic raw honey and a splash of milk.

On the cooler days I have been turning on the oven and getting back to veggie casseroles, cannelloni and lasagne. After yoga on Monday I came home to my first bowl of minestrone with thick  slices of wholemeal sourdough and lots of butter. The soup had beetroot and carrots and kale and is simple, easy to make and delicious. I was hoping for left overs the next day but second serves meant it was all eaten!

Wonderful You

A yoga teacher is always calm and peaceful and has a wonderful (Sorry my new favourite word is wonderful) life. Her children and family are always happy, healthy and loving. I used to think this way until I became a Yoga teacher and made friends with other Yoga teachers. The truth is we are all the same, no one is perfect, we all have self doubt, fear, difficult relationships. I don’t spend my life meditating and eating only healthy food. I belong to your world, fast paced, busy. Maybe if I lived in a convent or ashram I might be able to achieve these things but I don’t want too. I want to enjoy this life and all its good and bad.

But I have something special to help me when times get tough. I have my yoga practice and I have found inner strength and connection. At any time I can roll out my yoga mat or choose a meditation CD and step away into peace and groundedness, strength and stability. I can come back into my life with a calmer outlook which may last all day or only last 5 minutes, dependent on what is going on around me! The more I practice the easier it is to find this place and so I encourage you to buy a mat and practice at home. A busy day at work, what could be better than putting your legs up the wall? Your home practice does not have to be a whole hour. It may be 5 minutes a day and it may vary according to how you are feeling. If I feel tired in the afternoon or evening I choose restorative postures. Early morning when my mind is busy and I have lots of energy. I practice strengthening and then relaxing postures. I thought I would never have the time to practice when I woke up before breakfast but I think previously I must have been running in circles because even the kitchen seems to only take a couple of minutes to tidy after the breakfast rush.

We are all wonderful              We are all the same

Don’t be afraid of failure.       Follow your dreams                                              

Namaste  Julie