February Newsletter

There are still a couple of rooms available at the Patonga Retreat on February 14th. Ask me for details.

Also if you want to come along in April or June and want your own bathroom, it is best to book early. I am advertising on BookYogaRetreats and I am already getting enquires for rooms with your own bathroom. I can offer you all a $50 discount. To book your room you will need to pay a deposit of $200.


All you need is an expanse of water. Bensville Warf is a great place to watch a sunset. Arrive 15 minutes before sunset. Sit or stand in any comfortable position and resolve to remain still and quiet. Notice that the suns rays ripple across the water and come directly to you. If you move, they will move. The water allows you to see that the sun is shining only towards you. Remain 15 minutes after sunset when the sky may choose to show you its wonderful colours. If not this evening then there is the rest of your life to enjoy the magic of a sunset. Sunglasses are recommended.



Its been a hot summer so far and in Ayurvedic Medicine there are guidelines to help keep you cool and calm.

Pitta is strongest in summer as it is made up of the elements fire and a little water.

The terminology may be strange but to me the guidelines are common sense.

An imbalance in Pitta in the body due to this fiery season may be emotional for example anger impatience and irritability. Or physical for example inflammatory skin conditions.

Keep cool. Enjoy the ocean. Hot afternoons should be spent lazing around. Don’t feel guilty about this . Our society teaches us that to be successful we must always be busy. Always doing things and we have lost the art


Relaxation is so important for our wellbeing. If you spend the afternoon relaxing you will find you can be so much more productive later in the day.

Don’t rush, walk slowly. It is not a good idea to go for a run or brisk walk in the heat and yoga should be more cooling, calming postures. Yoga and Ayurveda by Andrew Frawley recommends particular postures for balancing Pitta and we have been practicing many of them.

A cooling sequence. Time to work on flexibility and relaxation.

Start with legs up the wall which will help with puffy ankles and fluid retention.




Down Dog


Wide Angle Forward Bend

The following asanas can be held for up to 5 minutes

Supported bridge with block

Bound angle lying down. Maybe with a blanket under upper spine.

Laying down twists

5 minutes sitting practicing your favourite pranayama



Diet is also considered important. Avoid hot spicy foods and eat more raw or cool foods. Eat lots of salads and home made dips. Fruit for breakfast. Drink lots of cool water but not cold. Cold water and  ice are considered to contribute to poor digestion and absorption. Cooling teas would be peppermint and chamomile. Cooling spices cumin, coriander and fennel. All are good for digestion.

A SUPER COOL SMOOTHIE    Honey may be added sweet tastes are cooling to the body.

 1/4 cup of cucumber

A handful of berries

1 tablespoon of Greek Yoghurt

A dessertspoon of mixed seeds. I use Chia, Flax, Sunflower and Pumpkin.

Drink lots of water afterwards

Delicious and full of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein, iron and so much more. It can be substituted for a meal and will leave you feeling full. I find if I have one for lunch I no longer have a craving for a chocolate biscuit and a cuppa in the afternoon.

Stay cool and calm this February  Namaste  Julie