October 2016

PATONGA YOGA RETREAT         Tues - Thurs.  October 18th - 20th  

Yoga, meditation, natural treatments for stress workshop, a fabulous house. Double Rooms Available $389 1 person.





1      Growing Your Own Food and Medicine followed by a Vegetarian Brunch on the veranda.                          

 Cost $35                              Saturday.  November 5th   9.30 - 11.30 am.  Bensville


2        Cooking and Enjoying Vegetarian Food. 

 Cost $35                              Saturday.  November 12th  10.00 - 11.30 am. Empire Bay Hall


3         Natural Treatments for Stress and Anxiety followed by a Yoga Class to reduce stress.

 Cost $35                              Saturday.  November 19th  9.30 - 11.30 am.  Empire Bay Hall


 4        TFT    Tapping specific meridian points mainly on the face and hands to reduce stress, anger, guilt and  depression.

 Cost $35                               Saturday.  November 26th  10.00- 11.30 am. Empire Bay Hall


Private Yoga Lessons. A special sequence just for you

In the East yoga was taught one on one. In the West it is usually taught in groups. There is so much extra you could add to your practice if we spent 30 minutes together one on one. My radiography training has made me very aware of how to improve your yoga posture and when you are ready to deepen your practice. If you have an injury or are finding some of the postures difficult I can teach you how to adapt them to keep you safe but still gain the benefits. I can write up and develop a special yoga routine for you to practice at home. Examples maybe

         -Relaxation class. Yoga for children. Yoga for teenagers.

         -Strengthening your abdominal muscles. Sequence for athletes

         -Overcoming chronic illness

         - A special sequence for the hips or the neck or the back or the lymphatic system.

         - Improving your practice. Yoga for absolute beginners.

      Cost $40     30 minutes     At my little studio in Bensville or before/after class at the Hall.





There are 5 moral/ethical codes.

AHIMSA :Non - harm. Striving to live a more compassionate life towards every living thing.

SATYA :   Truthfulness. In mind, word and action.

ASTAYA: To free yourself of possessiveness and envy.

BRAHMACHARYA : The practice of moderation in all things.

APARIGRAHA: Live simply, adopt an attitude of generosity and non- hoarding.


Food For The Cardiovascular System, including Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure.


Reduce saturated fats. This is easy if you avoid processed meats and eat meat 3 x per week maximum.

Avoid refined carbohydrates  such as bread and replace with complex carbohydrates such as oats, brown rice, quinoa.

Increase the amount of fruit and veggies you eat.

  • Eat more seafood particularly sardines, tuna and other oily fish.
  • Specific Foods. Garlic, onions and ginger
  • Flavonoids. A very special herb for the heart is Hawthorn Berry available as a fluid extract from health food stores.
  • Eat lots of alfalfa.
  • Herbal Teas. Chinese Green Tea and Fenugreek Tea

I am running a workshop on November 12th Food For Health if you would like ideas and recipes to help improve your diet.

www.learningcirclesyoga.com If you are not sure of class times through school holidays or  want to view my old newsletters then have a look at my website.

FREE YOGA! Arrive early, set up your mat and put your legs up the wall or sit and meditate or move into any posture you love. I open the Hall more than 30 minutes before class and you are welcome to come in.

FREE MONTHLY MEDITATION. Starting Monday 24th October. 7 - 7.30 pm

I have chosen the evening to give more of you the opportunity to come along, everyone welcome. We will be practicing Yoga Nidra this month.  Namaste Julie


Namaste    Julie