August 2016

Yoga has positive affects on the mind

Yoga is more than a physical exercise. Yoga teaches many positive “ feelings.“

 After years of practice when I move into a posture or asana, as well as being aware of how it is affecting my body, I am also aware of its affect on my mind. The list below is how I feel when practicing.

 If you are still at the “oh my good ness how long do I have to hold this for !” Beginners level.

Remember, you have to find strength of mind to keep practicing, no one is bad at yoga. Alter your position to make it easier on yourself, be patient, tell yourself you are doing well because you are and keep practicing.

* The posture that will teach you the most in Yoga Is Savasana or meditation posture. Especially if you practice Yoga Nidra. This has helped me cultivate body awareness. I can focus my attention on muscles in my body and feel if they are tense and then let go of that tension (sometimes!) As I let go I naturally sink deeper into the posture and the stiff muscle, usually one of the bigger muscles in the body is then assisted by smaller groups of muscles and it feels easier as your body relaxes your mind relaxes also. I still have lots of tense muscles to work on. I don’t think you ever stop learning. I have Yoga Nidra CDs for sale if you would like to buy one. They are $25.

YOGA - Union of the body, mind and breath.

MOUNTAIN  -  feelings of strength and power.

SUN SALUTATION  - warming, stimulating, waking and energising the mind.

TREE - Inner strength, calmness and focus.

WOODCHOPPER - energy, prana.

WARRIER - Strength, goal in life

BRIDGE -  crossing between strength , energy, heat to calm, relaxation, flexibility.

BUTTERFLY OR BOUND ANGLE - flexibility, openness, letting go, release, inner calm.

SITTING OR LIEING DOWN TWIST - Release, relaxation, calm, contentment.

CORPSE OR MEDITATION POSTURE - Inner strength, focus, simplicity, power, energy, prana, connection, goal in life, relaxation, openness, release, letting go.


Lemon Tea

A simple and effective home remedy. It is best to use home grown or organic lemons. Cut 1/2 a lemon in small chunks and place in a cup, then pour in boiling water and add 1 teaspoon of raw or Manuka honey and 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper. I leave the lemon pieces in while I drink my tea and inhale the essential oils from the lemon skin which is the most therapeutic part of the lemon.

Tissue Salts.    The chemistry of living tissue

Tissue salts are homeopathic, very safe, very effective and cheap to buy. They are available in most health food stores. They are not promoted as well as they should be as the profit margins for selling them are minimal. They worked wonders for my daughter Rosie when she was little, clearing up mucous immediately. I have been using them ever since and have a Certificate in the use of Tissue Salts.

Buy Combo 12 or Kali Mur.


Colds are a Kapha Disease an imbalance in the energies earth and water. The earth is cold and water is cool and wet. Colds and flu are more likely in cold and wet conditions usually winter conditions. The treatments are simple and make sense. Keep warm and dry, a good excuse to light the wood fire or sit regularly in the winter sunshine.

Eat warming, heating foods. Food should be cooked and salads should not be eaten too often in Winter. Add more spices to your diet and lots of black pepper.

The Earth energy is solid and can become stagnant so it is a good idea to be more active in the winter. Bushwalking, gardening, get out and enjoy the beautiful Central Coast

Yoga for winter . Practice more of the warming, stimulating postures more movement or vinyasa flows and lots of standing postures.

Drink a cup of kapha tea a day as prevention or 3 cups a day if you have  a cold.

RECIPE FOR KAPHA TEA. Add4 cups of water to a pan and bring to the boil. Stir in 3 teaspoons of ginger, 1 teaspoon of cardamom pods, 1/3 rd. teaspoon of black pepper & 1 teaspoon of cloves. Simmer covered fro 10 minutes and then add honey to taste. This will make 3 cups of tea.

To make a delicious Kapha Chai for 3, you can add this decoction to a teapot with 3 teabags of normal tea. Strain, add milk and enjoy. I made a large tin of kapha spices and it is so popular in the family there is none left. I will make up some more and you can order the mix  $10 a packet.

Namaste   Julie