"there is

nothing left

to worry about

the sun and her flowers are here."

rupi kaur

Find Inner Peace.

10 minute meditation. Live in the present moment & find inner peace & joy.

  • Creating Happiness

  • The Bell

  • Balinese Singing

Relax with Nature

Here are 7 lovely 10 minute nature meditations.

Life can be simple.

We are connected to every living thing.

When we stop and listen.

When we look closely at the details.

When we breathe in the fresh air around us.

When we feel the warmth of the sun.

When we taste what life has to offer.

We practice mindfulness

Live in beauty.

I have tried to capture some of this beauty in these visual meditations.

  • Place of Tranquility

  • Tooralee Sunset

  • Seven Stones

  • A Rainy Day