June 2017

Develope a strong and regular practice this winter $17 for 1 or more classes per week.

Holidays in June/July


1  NO CLASSES ON THE QUEENS BIRTHDAY choose to come along Thursday or Friday instead.


2  Yoga classes will not be running from Monday 26th June to Friday 7th July. Yoga will begin again Monday 10th July which is in the middle of school holidays.

My brother is coming  to Australia for the first time with his family. His boys are 18 and 21. They will be staying with us for only 9 days and I want to make the most of their visit.


3  I would love you to bring your children along to class during school holidays 10th - 14th July.

No charge but you will need a mat for them. 


4  Bush walk to Bullimah spur Saturday 17th June


Winter Yoga

We have been practicing gentle vinyasa and sun salutations during Autumn. These are heating and stimulating and work on muscles and strength and we will continue to practice these and add a few more as the weather cools. Yoga and any exercise or activities should change with the seasons. Winter is a time when depression and inertia can set in “the winter blues.” We need to keep warm and make sure we balance staying home and hibernating with movement, activities such as walking and soaking up the winter sunshine. We are so lucky to live in this beautiful place and the weather  is perfect for walking this time of year. I am planning a bush walk along the Bullimah Spur Track which starts at Maitland Bay car park. It is fairly flat 1.6 km each way and has the most wonderful sunny rock platforms with outlooks over Maitland Bay . Saturday 17th June 11 - 2. I thought it would be nice to share lunch on one of the rock platforms. I will bring bread and dips. Put your name on my list if you would like to come along.

I hope you are enjoying the new classes I am introducing. As well as working on the physical body with classes such as “A class to help with  a stiff neck and shoulders” I have been bringing in some new classes. MIND YOGA. We have practiced a class for stress and insomnia, a class focusing on the meaning and feelings associated with different yoga postures and a class on Chakras. I have a few others I am looking forward to teaching this winter. If you are interested in going deeper into your yoga practice in October I will be starting a MIND YOGA CLASS. Monday Evenings 7.15 - 8.30 am . Covering all sorts of interesting yoga philosophy, Pranayama/breathing techniques, self massage, the chakras, stress, depression music and all whilst practicing yoga asana.

Five Yoga Postures for Insomnia

Have a look on my desk. I have advise on Herbal Medicine and a couple of my own teas $12 per packet.

As well as essential oils and Ayurvedic lifestyle choices to help you sleep. Here are 5 yoga postures for insomnia. 1 The child. 2 The wide angled forward bend. 3 Back of the leg stretch. Stronger postures for those with yoga experience would include beginning to come forward in sitting postures such as 4The Rod and 5 Bound Angle. “Go Yin “ hold the postures for more than 2 half minutes. Royal Breath. Stay still.

Eucalyptus Oil

Used by Indigenous Australians for thousands of years the essential oil is available in our local supermarkets. For me,  it is the scent of Australia. The oil is decongestant, expectorant and a general tonic. Inhale the vapours to clear blocked nostrils and help with chest infections this winter. A couple of drops on a cleaning cloth will make your house smell lovely as well as kill germs (germs are good for us and help strengthen our immune system don’t get too caught up in the need to kill germs it’s a marketing strategy).  Eucalyptus for emotional healing. Eucalyptus encourages balance it helps concentration and centring. In Ayurveda its energy is heating, good for winter. Vata and Kapha.

The Fragrant Heavens by Valerie Ann Worwood

Ancient hearts dance to the beat of the eucalyptus. Fully aware of the past, eucalyptus is yet a fragrance of newness, renewal and the seeking of new horizons… and with a whisper, eucalyptus awakens the spirit of the healer within. I use it in my Vata Oil Mix.

Be Careful With Coffee

I am a coffee addict. I know this and I know I would be better without it. Coffee is Yang, it is heating and increases heart rate and mental activity. It is go go go ! These are all in excess in Western Society...we need more Yin… calming, quiet minds and deep rest. A cup of coffee and we become alert and get a buzz but it doesn’t last long, so we need another and maybe another. Coffee gradually drags us into exhaustion affecting the adrenal glands. Insomnia and coffee go hand in hand. Anxiety and coffee go hand in hand.

We try to make it healthier again more marketing, low fat, soy, homogenised milk, decaf. All of which make it unhealthy….another newsletter perhaps.

Once upon a time we would see people with a cigarette in their hand. Cigarettes have been replaced by a mobile phone in one hand and a cup of take away coffee in the other. Mental health problems such as  anxiety and depression are increasing, be careful with coffee.

Yoga philosophy teaches us moderation in all things. One cup per day, organic coffee, Fair Trade, organic unhomogonised milk...enjoy it, savour it, make it real, coffee culture is social.  Sit and enjoy your coffee in a lovely cup. Remember the environment - no take away rubbish to dispose of.

Brahmacharya (continence) states that when we have control over our physical impulses of excess, we attain knowledge, vigour, and increased energy. This is the 4th limb or moral code of yoga.

Namaste   Julie