Mind Yoga begins in October

July 2017

I have one more mid week Yoga Retreat this year in the fishing village of Patonga

October  24th - 26th

  1 King room with water views  $499 1 person own bathroom                    Available

  2 Queen room with water views $499 1 person own bathroom                    Available

  3 Queen room with water views $499 1 person own bathroom                    Available

  4 Double room                 $399 1 person share bathroom                  Booked

  5 Loft room                   $299 1 person share bathroom                  Maybe

  6 Twin room                   $299 1 person share bathroom                 Available

  7 Twin room                   $299 1 person share bathroom                 Available

I have been cooking and eating vegetarian food for 30 years and the food will be plentiful and delicious.     2 yoga classes, 2 restorative/relaxation classes and 2 meditations

New Class beginning Monday 9th October 7.15 - 8.45pm -     Mind Yoga                          

"Yoga is the golden key which unlocks the door to peace, tranquillity and joy"                 B.K.S. IYENGAR
Yoga is a powerful learning tool to promote physical and mental wellbeing. This class will focus on Yoga for the mind and emotional wellbeing.
I have spent many years studying and reading and I am including many different and interesting Ayurvedic and Yoga techniques and practices and bringing together all that I have learnt to create an enjoyable, interesting, relaxing and energising class.
Yoga postures will be simple, safe and can be adapted to suit everyone.

*Explore Pranayama & Meditation.                    * Prana & Chi.

*Explore essential oils and their effects on your mind.

*Learn about the Chakras and how to use the philosophy behind them to change your life along positive lines.

*Explore sound and music.

*Learn Abhyanga - self massage of the face, neck and hands.

*Learn how to adapt your practise to prevent depression and anxiety.

The class will begin on Monday 9th October  7.15 - 8.45 pm. If you already come along to the regular classes on Mondays this class will enhance your practice. Practicing a regular class, opening the physical body will help you move deeper and more easily into the mind. Places are limited and I am taking bookings now.                                 $125 for 5 Classes.     (paid in advance.)


We have been carefully practicing and linking together more heating flow asana during winter. Here are a few you might like to try at home. Make sure your alignment is correct and engage bandhas throughout  to protect your spine and keep the energy and heat flowing through your body.

1 Beginnings of salute to the sun. 

2  Child to Cobra 

3  Table top to down dog or plank to down dog    

4 Kundalini frogs      

5 Sunflower      

6 Dancing warrior.

FOOD THERAPY - ORANGES                                           

I have always loved the smell of oranges and orange essential oil but didn’t realise how powerful it is until I studied Herbal Medicine and Ayurveda.

Orange essential oil is anti- bacterial, diuretic, calmative, cholagogue, (stimulates gall bladder and liver) anti-spasmodic, sedative. Full of vitamin C oranges help combat colds and flu as well as keep our liver and gall bladders healthy. They are anti-depressant, stimulating and heating

Ayurveda: Perfect for winter a lovely oil to use in your diffuser. The oil is good for kapha and vata dosha it is one of the 3 oils added to my kapha massage oil.

I bought an interesting second hand book from the Gnostic. The Fragrant Heavens. I love the poetry and descriptions that bring another dimension to the oils and their effect upon the mind. “Orange is imbued with the energy of sunlight and radiance of the stars. It’s fragrance has the adaptability required of such a high energy. So, at times it may be gentle, at other times it may give the determination needed to enliven. Bursting with vitality, it brings happiness to the heavy-hearted. It brings newness and regeneration and conquers fears of letting go and obsession.” Place a few drops in your diffuser. Add a few drops to your bath or washing up water. Eat them! Especially those grown locally. I bought 8 kilos at the Farmers Market in Gosford and have had lots of lovely, freshly squeezed juice with breakfast. I made some delicious spicy orange and chocolate brownies last week with oranges from my garden.


Instead of adding water to your brownie mixture add freshly squeezed orange juice plus a tablespoon of grated organic orange rind. One teaspoon of cinnamon and chilli to taste. I did not add sugar to the mixture, I forgot it ! I sprinkled 1/4 cup of raw sugar on the top and this went all crunchie when cooked and the chocolate drops in the mixture added extra sweetness……..

Enjoy winter.

Namaste Julie