November Newsletter



**Happy Belly Yoga begins Friday 6th November - 27th November.


**Last relax/restorative class before Christmas. Sunday 22nd November. Please fill in the form and pay in advance if you wish to come along. Cost $18


**Developing your practice / intermediate class

Begins Monday 2nd November 10.45 - 11.45 am. Cost of 8 classes $120 or $96 concessions.

After asking for your feedback, a small number of students have mentioned they would like me to run an intermediate class. I have decided to run the intermediate class for 8 weeks over term time and classes are to be paid for in advance. The commitment will make it easier for me to plan classes and I will keep the class size small. The classes are suitable for anyone who has some yoga experience and would like to work a little more strongly. 

This is very short notice as the class may have started before you recieve the newsletter! If you would like to join the class we can adjust the cost depending on when you begin. If you have a pass we can adjust the cost also.


**Ayurvedic Christmas Party. See attached slip.


The Lymphatic System is a very important part of the immune system.

It is the rubbish remover of the body and looks a bit like a series of necklaces, the beads being the lymph nodes which run through out the body. It contains waste products, debris of cells, bacteria and protein. It also contains lymphocytes (cells which fight disease.) It is a one way system which relies on gravity and movement to move the lymphatic fluid around the body and into the subclavian vein just below the collar bone. The rubbish is then filtered out of your blood by the kidneys and liver. When I was told viparita karani means fountain of youth. It made sense, what a relaxing gentle way to stimulate the lymphatic system, raise your arms and it is even more beneficial helping drain lymph nodes around the breast and arm pits. Yoga can help your body fight disease and keep you youthful.

I started the Wellness/Relaxation Class because I realised how important yoga can be for your health and most classes are not suitable for those with illness and injury. The wellness class is structered around building strength, relaxation of body and mind and lymphatic drainage. It is lovely to see some of the more experience students coming along and enjoying this class.

**Remember to drink plenty of water after practicing yoga to flush out your kidneys and help them clense your system.

Basil - Another special Ayurvedic Herb

I could use Western Science to explain Basils health benefits but I chose to use my " Yoga of Herbs " by Dr Frawley and Dr Lad Ayurvedic description.

Basil is one of the most sacred herbs of India. Its quality is sattva. It opens the heart and mind bestowing teh energy of love and devotion. It strengthens faith, compassion and clarity, clears the aura and strengthens the immune system.

A plant of basil should be kept in every home for its purifying influence.

It is a tonic for colds, flus and lung problems and helps clear the sinusus.

It improves absorption and strength of nerve tissue increasing memory.

The fresh juice can be used externally for fungal infctions.

It is an excellant herb combined with Gotu Kola for autism and senility.

It helps treat headaches, arthritis and abdo distention.

Tulsi is the Basil used in India, it has similar properties to other Basils.


I usually ignore the latest health fad but I bought a blender recently and I love it. My Mum has one and she blends fruit and berries but this misses the whole point ( although they taste lovely and aat least my kids will drink these!) The point is to add as many vitamins, minerals, good oils , greens as possible.

To make a Super Smoothie

Start with greens. I love this part. I wander the garden and add sorrel, gotu cola , endives, dandelions, kale, coriander, what ever is available. Quarter fill your cup.

Fill to three quarters with apple , banana or fruit of choice. These make it taste nice.

Then add a tablespoon of soaked nuts or seeds. For example soak sesame seeds overnight and fill up on calcium or flax seed for omega oil, pumpkin seeds for zinc, chia seeds have many nutrients.

Top up with Greek Yoghurt which contains probiotics which aid digestion and fat which is needed to absorb many nutrients. It also makes it taste good.

(You can add water or coconut milk if preferred.)

Drink 1  per day to replace a snack or if you want to lose weight a meal. I find it improves my energy levels and curbs my craving for a couple of squares of chocolate in the afternoon.

Start gradually maybe 1/2 a cup. It can cause serious gas problems !! Drink plenty of water as it sets like concrete in my container and you don't want that to happen in your bowels.

Hope you enjoyed reading this months Newsletter

Namaste Julie