May Newsletter

Free Workshop   Pranayama/The Complete Breath

Please write your name on the list if you are coming along.

Working with your breath brings you into the present moment. Learning how to breath properly is a powerful tool that can help calm and stengthen your mind and enhance your yoga practice. 

Digestive Tea or Calming Tea

Herbs were not made by man for a specific purpose. They are natures medicine and one herb can have many uses. We already know our emotions can effect our digestive system, nausea in a sressful situation for example, so it makes sense that a soothing tea for the digestive system will also sooth the mind. It tastes good too.

The tea is made up of 3 common herbs. Peppermint, chamomile and lemon balm and when mixed together they make a powerful brew which will help treat anything from indigestion to crohns disease. As well as help relieve stress and mild depression.

I had to write a whole essay on the benefits of this tea for a Herbal Medicine Assignment but here is a quick overview. Peppermint helps with nausea, stimulates the liver and the production of bile. Chamomile is soothing, cooling, and calming to both body and mind. Lemon Balm is especially good for problems brought on by nervous issues. It is uplifting and anti depressant. All 3 are anti - inflammatory, anti - fungal and anti - viral.

Remember 1 cup for health and 3 to treat an illness.

My Digestive/Calming Tea Mix is $9. The peppermint was grown organically in my garden, the chamomile is also organic. All 3 dried herbs are available at Garys in Woy Woy if you wish to make your own.

The Easter Bunny

He's been and gone but I was writing this in the Easter Holiday and chocolate was on my mind. I love chocolate, I'm addicted to chocolate as a lot of us are in Western Society.

Chocolate has health benefits. It contains caffeine which is a stimulant and a pick me up. I once went to a seminar on aging and was told the antioxidents in chocolate have been proven to make you live longer. Chocolate is a mild anti depressant , it picks you up gets you moving.

Before you grab a chocolate bar---------. Chocolate bars are full of sugar - not good - the chocolate is often highly sprayed with pesticdes - not good, soya leichin should be avoided.

So enjoy your chocolate in moderation. Eat organic, fair trade. Look at the label the higher the percentage of chocolate the better it is for you. The dark stuff is best 70 % cocoa. I have just dicovered carob, I love it but have failed to convince the rest of the family it is edible - I guess that means more for me.


The More you practice your yoga the better it is for you and its great to hear that some of you are practicing at home. I have printed out a sequence that you might like to try. If you can it's good to have a designated space in your house and set the scene with music, candles , incense. This helps you to meditate also.

As the weather cools it is good to do more of the heating asanas like salute to the sun however don't forget the wonderful Viparita Karani or Fountain of Youth Pose. It is a cooling posture so put a blanket over yourself but it is great for your immune system, helping drain the veins but more impotantly the lymphatic system. Yoga for colds and flu !

Natural Treatment For Colds and Flu

Eat a healthy diet  (  see previous newsletter for advice. )

Drink a freshly squeezed orange juice every day, even better add pineapple, remember that freshly squeezed means you need a juicer not a carton ! We all know about vitamin c in orange juice but did you know about sulpher and chlorine found in pineapple these cleanse the respiratory system.

Practice Viparita karani everyday.

Feel a cold coming on

I have a lemon tree in my garden. They grow so well on the coast and I start using mine when they are the correct size but still green about now and ready for winter colds. Theres no comparing the taste of a fresh lemon to a shop bought or it's therapeutic value.

Boil the kettle, get your lemon ( organic if possible ) and cut it in quarters, the skin adds to the therapeutic value. Add two quarters to a cup of boiling water and a big dollop of preferably manuka honey and leave stand for 5 to 10 minutes. Extras add grated ginger and if you have a blocked nose add a bit of fresh chilli.

At night rub your chest with the Kapha Ayurvedic Oil

10 drops peppermint  ( essential oil)

10 drops eucalyptus oil

10 drops orange oil

Added to 30 mls of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


Wishing you health and happiness.

Namaste Julie