FREE MEDITATION    16th February 10.45 - 11.15 am

Each month I will be running a free learning circles class.



A couple of ladies have asked me if I will run a half hour meditation class. I would love to, so let me know if you are interested.

Anyone ready to begin a more advanced class on Friday Mornings? I will always run the gentle beginners class but will be happy to teach a stronger class beginning 10.45 am - 11.45 am


I am running 2 workshops this month. Let me know if you will be coming along.

They follow on from class so you will be warmed up if you want to try the postures.

Monday 24th Feb 7 - 8 pm and Friday 27th Feb 10.30 - 11.30 am

I will bring in one of my tea mixes and it will be very casual. You can sit and watch as I demonstrate or practice the postures yourself if you wish. I will pass on some of my knowledge of the asanas we practice in class and teach you how to make them more relaxing or harder.


I would like it very much if everyone arrives 5 - 15 minutes early for class. I may still be setting up but thats ok. You can take a mat and practice legs up the wall or sit and meditate or talk quietly. I am also going to bring in some of my many books on Herbal Medicine, Food Therapy and Ayurvedic Medicine that you might want to have a look at.

Better late than never was one of my nanas sayings and I agree. If you arrive late please wait quietly until we move onto the next asana then join the rest of the class.


Back to Butter

Is the title of a book I have just read from the library. I thought I would talk about what I have learn't over the years about fats.

Fats are very good for us. We need fat to absorb our vitamins and minerals among other things. However there are lots of fats and oils to chose from on the supermarket shelves and most are highly toxic processed rubbish.

Margerine is nothing but a chemical mix. Refined oils have been heated and are also toxic. Always choose virgin or extra virgin oils. These have been cold pressed, a natural process to extract the oil.

When fats or oils are cooked many of them burn and produce free radicals/toxins

To simplify things:

Cooking on a high temperature use ghee, butter or sesame oil.

Cooking on a medium/low temperature use ghee, butter, virgin or extra virgin coconut oil.

(Extra virgin has a strong coconut taste) Whole books have been written on the benefits of coconut oil.

Oils to use at low temperatures or in salads. Any non refined oils.

It's always good to add a dressing to salads or veggies. It helps you absorb all the goodness. Plus organic cider vinegar ( another newsletter maybe! )

Fats in a healthy natural diet are good for us. It is when refined fats, white flour and sugar are eaten that health problems occur. White flour and sugar are nothing but energy foods and if we don't need that energy our body stores it as fat for later. It is not fat that makes us fat!


Or not so easy pose if you have tight hamstrings, lower back or hip flexors.

BENEFITS Strengthens back, stretches hips, builds core strength if focusing on bandhas and calms the body and mind.

CAUTION Knee issues.

If you are finding it uncomfortable sitting on 1 blanket then try folding it or using 2. Ideally your knees should not be above your hips. Sit in a chair if you are experiencing any pain, remember that the other yoga postures will help loosen your back, hamstrings and hips safely, until you can sit comfortably.

Bolsters are excellant to give extra support.