* Iridology Workshop and Eye Yoga       Friday 29th April 6 - 7.30 pm

* Yoga Nidra Meditation    Friday 29th April  7.30 - 8 pm


The 3 Key Principles to a Good Yoga Practice


Letting go/surrender.

My own practice moved on in leaps and bounds when I learnt to let go. Learn how to soften and yield not force and resist. When I move into an awareness of my body and focus my exhale on relaxing a tense muscle and it lets go and relaxes. It feels amazing, the posture feels easier and you automatically sink deeper. This is not easy and takes practice and patience it took me about 3 years but once you have learn't how to do this with one muscle then it becomes easier to let go of others. I am gradually learning a little more awareness of my body every time I practice yoga. The muscle that is tense and releases then allows other numerous muscles to help too. Imagine a heavy log (your arms out straight) and 1 person straining and trying to lift alone because thats the way its been done for years. Learn to soften and let go and all the other people around the log will join in and it feels much easier and amazing.


You must be aware of all your foundations when you practice yoga. Feel which parts of your body are in contact with the floor and maintain this awareness. When I first discovered my feet I felt strength moving up through my body allowing me to hold the posture for longer. Strength is something I used to sruggle with. I have always loved bush walking and last winter was powering up the hills. All I was doing was focusing on my feet pushing them into the ground and putting a spring into my step that wasn't there before.


Creates a harmonious flow of energy through the opening of the joints and muscles. My Radiography and knowledge of anatomy has helped me see where it is that your body needs to give.With lots of help and encouragement from your yoga teacher you will learn how to surrender and be grounded which leads to ease of breath.

Flaxseed/Linseed. A Food and A Medicine

Flaxseed oil is often recommended. It is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid which is responsible for brain health. It helps reduce inflammation such as arthritis in the body,it helps reduce cholesterol and helps treat skin conditions, as well as keep hair and nails healthy.

It also helps with WEIGHT LOSS it emulsifies/breaks down fat in the body and moves it along.


As well as the above benefits the seeds themselves are fantastic for health.

They help treat depression and stress due to their DHA content. Very important in the developement of brain health in children. It nourishes the brain and brings calm and mental acuity and helps treat dementia.

Lignan is a highly valuable anti-oxidant and flaxseed/linseed have it in abundance. Studies have found lignan to have special cancer fighting properties that are lost when producing the oil.

Flaxseed and Linseed are the same thing by the way so I shall just say flax. Flax contains mucilage a soothing, absorbant soluble fibre. It helps with constipation by softening stools when taken with a glass of water and with diarrhoea as it absorbs large amount of water and clenses the bowels this time taken dry with honey.

Omega 3 and lignan can inhance immune function to help treat any illness but they also calm the immune system down and reduce auto - immune diseases and asthma.

Rich in phytoestrogen they help with menopause and menstrual problems.

There was so much information on this website if you want to read more


Excellent for degenerative lung conditions.

Expectorant and Emollient and combines well with honey.

Strengthens bones and reproductive organs.

Nutritive tonic for those suffering from weight loss

Rich in protein and calcium

I add mine to my daily smoothie and make sure I drink plenty of water afterwards.

The seeds can be taken as a decoction, infusion, milk decoction or powder with honey

 250 mg - 1 g


Enjoy more flax in your diet 

Namaste   Julie