This is the first of my 10 minute stone meditations.
7 Meditations.
7 keys to healing.
7 days of the week.
Practice one a day and they will change your mind.

It begins with the Earth Energy.
Colour Red.
Key area - physical and emotional strength & stability.
Anti - stress & fear.
From my Heart to Heart Online Yoga & Meditation Classes -

Mental and physical strength starts in your foundations.
This is the Base Chakra and this meditation teaches you how to breathe down into your feet and feel the earth beneath you.
It helps you feel balanced, feel connected, feel you belong.
Your thoughts settle and your mind becomes strong and calm.

Seven Beautiful Meditations

Seven keys to healing.

There is much more to yoga than strength and flexibility in your body.

Each meditation is 10 minutes. 

Imagine if you practiced one each day of the week.

It would change your mind.

  • Red Stone Meditation

    Base Chakra

    Stand Tall....

  • Orange Stone Meditation

    Sacral Chakra

    Flow with your breath
    Breathe properly from your belly.
    Create the life you want...
    Find joy

  • Golden Stone Meditation

    Solar Plexus Chakra

    Build self esteem
    Improve digestion
    Learn nourishing breath
    Improve will power
    Feel full of energy

Meditation for confidence, self esteem & willpower.

10 Minute Guided Meditation

  • Green Stone Meditation

    Heart Chakra

    Ancient wisdom for your Heart
    A 5th Century Buddhist Meditation
    Loving Kindness Meditation
    Change how you feel

  • Turquoise Stone Meditation

    Throat Chakra

    Speak your truth
    Inner Peace

  • Purple Stone Meditation

    Third Eye Chakra

    Learn one of yoga's important breathing techniques.
    Nadi Shodhana
    Emotional balance
    Chant Om with me
    Or listen

  • Rainbow Stone Meditation

    Crown Chakra

    Attention is a valuable resource. Wherever you invest it that's where you'll get your return.