Classes at Empire Bay Hall begin again November 1st!



Positive. Inspiring. Motivating - Yoga & Meditation.

Class times on Mondays: 

8.15 am - Gentle Yoga

9.30 am - Hatha Yoga

6 pm - Hatha Yoga

Class sizes are capped at 10

Which is an ideal number and gives us plenty of space for social distancing.

BYO mat and blanket at the moment. 

Please use your own hand sanitiser before coming into the Hall.

I have hand and yoga mat sanitiser and a spray if you forget and need to borrow my mats and blankets.

For bookings please phone/text Julie 0438228372


Keep it Simple. Take it Easy

Is the focus of our classes in November when we return.

My classes are carefully planned each week.
We practice Hatha, Flow, Yin & Restorative Yoga.
They gradually change with the seasons, a cold day in winter, we will be moving and flowing practicing more heating, standing postures. A hot day in summer will find us laying down and practicing more cooling, calming yin and restorative yoga.
Usually we manage to fit in a bit of everything! A gentle flow to warm up, then strengthening Hatha. Yin for flexibility and Restorative Yoga to deeply relax.
The classes are small and friendly.
Happy to answer any questions.

Cost of Classes

Click here for Online Payments


Cost is $60 and expires after 4 weeks.

After 4 weeks you can then choose from the options below.



Buy a 5 or 10 week pass anytime and guarantee your place in class. 

This pass expires after 5 or 10 weeks. If the class does not run for any reason the pass is extended.

Cost for 5 weeks is $85 or 10 weeks $150         Concessions  $70/$130 

* Most students have a pass at the moment.  



Advance bookings may not be available. 

Book and pay for classes in advance. As many classes as you want to. 

Cost $20             Concessions   $15



Casual places may not be available. 

I send a weekly text on Sunday afternoon with a little about the class focus.

If places are still available I will book you in and you can pay on the day.

If you want to be added to my weekly text please send me your mobile phone number.


Sunrise at my place

Wild Flowers

Bensville Sunset

Yoga & Ayurveda Course


 A Women's Path to Health & Wellbeing.

Yoga/Ayurveda Course

Positive. Supportive. Encouraging.

The wisdom of yoga will guide you through life's ups & downs.

For absolute beginners to advanced students.

The exercises are an important part of yoga but only the beginning......


Holistic Health

"Providing for your physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. It's rooted in the understanding that all these aspects affect your overall health, and being unwell in one aspect affects you in others. Take stress, for example."
200 hrs Byron Yoga - Hatha.
100 hrs My Health Yoga - Yin.
50 hrs Rainbow Kids Yoga.

Rewind Yoga for Breast Cancer Certificate.

Ayurvedic Herbology Diploma.

Diploma of Medical Herbalism. 

Diploma Food Therapy.

Thought Field Therapy