NEW - Yoga Circles - Invitation to my place

Every Tuesday 9.30 - 11.30 am

Encouraging and supporting each other to live a "modern" healthy lifestyle.

Begins Tuesday 27th August. 9.30 - 11.30 am

I hope to run Bird Song Yoga Circles weekly after that. Weather permitting.

No yoga asana, there's more to yoga than the physical positions. 

Yoga means connection or yoking together and is a tool to enhance the quality and beauty of life.

Everyone welcome. A community of like-minded women.

There will be a 20 minute workshop each week.

The first will be special Ayurvedic herbs - How to use, grow & heal with them.

I invite you to my place, to share my garden, my home, a re"treat" I hope. 

Find a yoga book from my library and a place to sit alone and read.

Explore the organic veggie and fruit garden.

Swim in the pool.

Make yourself a herbal or regular tea (or byo coffee) and sit and chat.

Soak up the sunshine. 

I thought it would be lovely to end the morning with a 10 minute meditation.

Bookings needed through my website only at the moment. Send me an Email

Donations appreciated.

Yoga & Meditation Classes at Empire Bay Hall

❤ Come along as a casual - $15

I am on holiday until 1st August going to England to spend time with my Mum

I have found a lovely replacement teacher for the Monday Evening Class.


Small changes over time are lasting

Practice & time = Strength and flexibility

Turn to the East and wish yourself a lovely day

Follow your heart

The gift of yoga is the wisdom of it's teachings

Positive. Inspiring. Motivating - Yoga & Meditation.

Wendy will start teaching at Empire Bay Hall on 2nd May

Phone or Text to confirm 0423 433 781

Practice some of my free online classes while I am on holiday FREE YOGA CLASSES


Class times on Mondays at Empire Bay Hall: 

8.15 am - Gentle Yoga. Back on 1st August

9.30 am - Hatha Yoga. Back on 1st August

6 pm - Hatha Yoga with Wendy begins on 2nd May



Thunderbolt Pose

Empire Bay Hall

Earth Yantra - A Visual Meditation

My classes

We practice Hatha, Flow, Yin & Restorative Yoga.

They gradually change with the seasons, a cold day and we will be moving and flowing practicing more heating, standing postures. A hot day will find us laying down and practicing more cooling, calming yin and restorative yoga.
Usually we manage to fit in a bit of everything! A gentle flow to warm up, then strengthening Hatha. Yin for flexibility and Restorative Yoga to deeply relax.
The classes are small and friendly.
Happy to answer any questions.

Online Class the Wisdom of Yoga

Beautiful Bouddi

Balanced & Whole

The aim of yoga is to improve and enhance the quality and beauty of life.

Holistic Health - Yogic Healing

Providing for your physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. 
Understanding that all these aspects affect your overall health.
200 hrs Byron Yoga - Hatha.
100 hrs My Health Yoga - Yin.
50 hrs Rainbow Kids Yoga.

Rewind Yoga for Breast Cancer Certificate.

Ayurvedic Herbology Diploma.

Diploma of Medical Herbalism. 

Diploma Food Therapy.

Thought Field Therapy 




FREE Yoga & Ayurveda Course

A Women's Path to Health & Well-being 

An Ancient Path for Modern Women

 Yoga/Ayurveda Course

Empire Bay Yoga News - April to July

The last class before my 3 month holiday is Monday 11th April

* I have found a lovely yoga teacher to cover for the evening class while I'm away.

More details coming soon.

I have also opened the classes to casuals and to make it easier for everyone classes are $15, now and while I am on holiday.

No passes, pay on the day for my classes and for your new teacher Wendy.

Pay online until 11th April for my classes if you prefer. Online Payments

Text first before coming along, to make sure there is space.

I'm going to miss teaching and miss my life here.

But it will be lovely to see my Mum and family in England

Yoga helps you find..........

1. Peace with the body, 2. Peace with the mind, 3. Peace with the family, 4. Peace with humanity, 5. Peace with culture, 6. Peace with Mother Nature, 7. Peace with universal consciousness